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ASIC and IC Design : Design Libraries

Product Name: Liberate
Company: Altos Design Automation Inc. (Acquired by Cadence)

Liberate is an ultra-fast standard cell and I/O library creator. It generates electrical cell views for timing, power and signal integrity including advanced current source models (CCS and ECSM). It uses a unique “inside view” approach where each cell undergoes a pre-characterization circuit analysis that determines all the necessary stimulus and internal logic states to ensure a complete, accurate and highly efficient characterization of that cell.

Product Name: Liberate LV
Company: Altos Design Automation Inc. (Acquired by Cadence)

Liberate LV provides a collection of utilities for validating libraries including functional equivalence checking, data consistency checking, revision analysis and correlation with various electrical analysis tools for timing (including statistical timing), noise and power. Using Liberate LV a complete validation of a library can be completed overnight on a small number of multi-core computers. For library providers, this assures the library quality before the library is shipped.

Product Name: Liberate MX
Company: Altos Design Automation Inc. (Acquired by Cadence)

Liberate MX extends Altos’ ultra-fast standard cell and I/O library characterization capabilities to cover larger macro blocks such as memory, mixed signal and custom digital cores. Macro blocks require additional pre-analysis steps in order to make fast and accurate characterization feasible. Leveraging a network of distributed CPUs and utilizing Altos’ unique “inside view” technology for optimizing characterization runtime, memories and cores can be characterized quickly and easily with the same accuracy and methods as standard cells, including the generation of timing constraints and modeling of current source models for timing and noise.

Product Name: SiCanvas's Laker-AMS
Company: Analogue Integration Ltd

SiCanvas's Laker-AMS Schematic Capture Software  for IC design allows designers to develop and manage projects of growing complexities. As an individual contributor or manager of a design team, you can define and manage your overall specification and design implementation with hierarchical modules. Laker-AMS has been developed to allow you to leverage the design methods that best meet your needs, and to support topdown design techniques that are increasingly required to shorten design cycles.

Product Name: Nand Flash Controller
Company: Barco

The BA315A is a configurable Single-Port AHB Nand-Flash Controller developed, validated & licensed by BARCO-Silex. It supports both SLC & MLC Nand-Flash memory devices in 8-bit or 16-bit configuration.

Product Name: BADGE
Company: BitSim AB

BADGE – BitSim’s Accelerated Display Graphics Engine IP block for ASIC & FPGA, is an advanced graphic controller. It is an adaptable IP-block for ASIC and FPGA.

Product Name: CADopia Standard Edition
Company: CADopia Inc.

CADopia 11 Standard Edition, is an ideal tool for engineers, architects, and others who need comprehensive drafting features, but do not need advanced features; such as photo realistic rendering, solid modelling, and programming features.

Product Name: MEMS ANALYSIS (CoventorWare)
Company: Coventor

MEMS devices are designed to take advantage of many mutli-physical phenomena. CoventorWare is a comprehensive suite of software tools for MEMS design and product development that lets you simulate the physcial coupled fields of MEMS devices. With CoventorWare, MEMS developers can quickly and easily design new devices, adapt designs to different requirements and study the impact on yield.

Product Name: INDX
Company: Intercept Technology Inc.

The Library Management product line enables "plug & play"by way of Intercept's existing library translator suite for importing Mentor Graphics, VeriBest, and Viewlogic library formats. A powerful conversion engine supports import of an entire third party vendor library, and through the documented ESPEC plus Symbol and Geometry Generators, enables businesses to transition multiple libraries to a common format which reflects a CONSISTENT standard for symbols, geometries, and part map descriptions

Product Name: INTERFACES
Company: Intercept Technology Inc.

Intercept understands the various requirements a typical design process may use to reach production. To this end, we offer many interfaces to keep the design process flexible and easy. If an interface is not currently available for a particular software package, Intercept can quickly develop additional interface software to meet your design needs.

Product Name: PowerTeam
Company: Library Technologies, Inc.

PowerTeam is a dynamic power simulator. It is integrated with Verilog and provides power simulation and analysis capabilities to Verilog on top of Verilog's functional and timing simulation capabilities. Interface to Verilog is through PLI. Verilog-XL and VCS are supported. In addition to PLI interface, power simulation requires a power library which describes different power dissipation modes of the library elements. Various power dissipation parameters are also contained in this library.

Product Name: SolutionWare
Company: Library Technologies, Inc.

Solutionware library generation tools offer the most comprehensive set of tools for characterization and model generation. They are optimized for speed and efficiency. They can cover even non-standard cells like one-hot muxes, semi-synchronous flops, synchronizers, clock gating cells, dynamic flops and dual edge flops, and even cells which mux between flip-flop and latch behavior. Characterization time for a flip-flop could be as small as 2 minutes for 7x7 tables generated without interpolation.

Product Name: UnBlock and RcBack
Company: Library Technologies, Inc.

UnBlock is a library generator for Structured Custom Layout Blocks. These blocks are usually handcrafted, don't use an ASIC library, and usually take advantage of circuit and layout techniques which are normally avoided in standard cell designs. The main problem with these blocks is the difficulty of functional and timing verification. Transistor level timing and functional simulators are the only available tools designers can rely on.

Product Name: LDRAcover
Company: Logic Technology BV

For more than 40 years, LDRA has developed and driven the market for software that automates code analysis and software testing for safety-, mission-, security- and business-critical markets. Working with clients to achieve early error identification and full compliance with industry standards, LDRA traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and verification for a wide variety of hardware and software platforms.

Product Name: Tessent BoundaryScan
Company: Mentor Graphics

The boundary scan logic can be accessed throughout the life of the IC, including manufacturing test at all package levels, silicon debug, and system verification. The result is both I/O cell defects and inter-IC board interconnect problems are detected before shipment, reducing field support costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Product Name: The best solutions for audio / video products
Company: NXP Semiconductors

Choose the best solution from a multitude of audio / video products, ideal for automotive and consumer applications. Our broad portfolio includes everything from display amplifiers to decoders, with video and radio processors.

Product Name: AMBA 2.0 Infrastructure "Fabric" IP Library
Company: SoC Solutions

The PIP-AMBA provides the essential SPIRIT IP-XACT compliant  "Fabric" IP cores and infrastructure needed for systems using a microprocessor with the AMBA 2.0 bus system, a de facto, open standard. Ready for software development out of the box but also easy to customize and extend, it serves as a basic platform for the rapid development of a variety of system-on-chip (SOC) applications. The platform is well suited to a variety of AMBA-based SoC designs. It includes the features of the high-performance AHB bus, and a bridge to the slower APB peripherals bus. The architecture makes it straightforward to add additional IP cores or custom logic to either bus. The platform includes synthesizable HDL cores for the AHB and APB buses, plus various timers, controllers, interface functions, communications functions, and an internal SRAM block. (FPGA netlist versions are also available.) Generous standard deliverables include device drivers, boot code, and support for an embedded real-time operating system (RTOS).

Product Name: S3220
Company: Sonics, Inc.

Sonics3220 SMART Interconnect solution is a  non-blocking peripheral interconnect that guarantees end-to-end performance by managing data, control and test flows between all connected cores.

Product Name: 3D Planar High-Frequency Electromagnetic Software
Company: Sonnet Software, Inc.

Sonnet's suites of high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) Software are aimed at today's demanding design challenges involving predominantly planar (3D planar) circuits and antennas. Predominantly planar circuits include microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide, PCB (single and multiple layers) and combinations with vias, vertical metal sheets (z-directed strips), and any number of layers of metal traces embedded in stratified dielectric material.

Product Name: Fan Display System
Company: Sri Veda EmSys Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This electronic device can be attached to any rotating device (Residential Fans, Industrial fans, Wind mills etc.) to display a programmed message.  The display message can be programmed remotely. The device will receive the message via wireless dongle or using a mobile and the display will be updated on the fly.

Product Name: Parking Lot Management System
Company: Sri Veda EmSys Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • This innovative intelligent system will help a driver quickly identify an empty slot for parking his car.
  • This intelligent system works on a 3 pronged approach
  1. Sensors in each parking space
  2. Repeaters to transmit the signal from the individual parking slots to the central monitor.
  3. A central monitor which will display the availability of parking space in each floor.
This system will drastically cut the time spent by a driver looking for a parking space, reduce the fuel burnt by each car and cut down fuel emissions leading to a clean environment.

Product Name: Restaurant Ordering System
Company: Sri Veda EmSys Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • This revolutionary ordering system will help restaurants increase the efficiency of their operations and reduce the time gap between the order placed and order executed.
  • This ordering system works on tetra cyclic pattern:
  1. Orders will be taken by a handheld device
  2. Repeaters transmit the orders
  3. An LCD monitor will display the order in the kitchen or it can generate a printout.
  4. A Central System will store all the order information and can generate variety of reports including the order bill printout. These reports will serve as a snap shot of the current business status and will assist the management in making  strategic decisions. Management can easily monitor the cash-flow!

Product Name: Wireless RF Automotive Interface for Automotive Diagnostic Tools
Company: Sri Veda EmSys Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • This interface eliminates the need of Automotive  diagnostic tools to be wired to the PC.
  • Legacy diagnostic tools can be hooked up to this device and the application can communicate to the Engine wirelessly via the diagnostic tool.
  • Solves the problem of technicians sweating out/ shivering in Garages in extreme weather conditions for collecting diagnostic data from vehicles.

Product Name: SymTA/S System
Company: Symtavision GmbH

Combining ECU and network scheduling analysis creates new, powerful tools for optimized system integration. Dependencies between ECU scheduling, network scheduling and COM-layer configuration can be analyzed to verify local and end-to-end deadlines, to identify bottlenecks, and to explore and optimize ECU scheduling, bus protocols and their configuration, buffering  and synchronization on nodes and gateways, and other relevant parameters.

Product Name: Symtavision TraceAnalyzer
Company: Symtavision GmbH

The Symtavision TraceAnalyzer enables engineers to visualize and analyze the timing of controllers and buses, find the cause of timing problems and create timing models for SymTA/S. Understanding system timing and performance are key challenges when testing real-time systems. Tracing is regularly applied today to log the timing of relevant events. A challenge is to efficiently analyze such trace data and quickly identify timing problems and their root causes.

Product Name: FlexPIC16
Company: Technology Bazaar Ltd

FlexPIC16 is a fully configurable, efficient and high performance, technology and vendor independent 8-bit microcontroller supplied as a synthesisable IP core. It is software compatible with the industry standard PIC16xxxx family of 8-bit PIC ® microcontrollers.

Product Name: iPOS3602 and iPOS3604 Intelligent Drives

The iPOS line of drives is based on a new design concept that has resulted in cost-effective, compact, modular solutions for the control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of powers of up to 144 W, with 36 V nominal voltage.

Modularly designed to cover from low-volume to high-volume applications, iPOS3602 and iPOS3604 integrate all the basic motor control functions and motion control features on a single plug-in module. A series of I/O signals, both digital and analog, are available for easy interfacing with the application.

Product Name: TSMC PowerTrim™ Service
Company: Tela Innovations

The TSMC PowerTrim Service takes advantage of the exponential relationship between gate length and source drain leakage enabling small increases or biases in gate length to significantly reduce leakage power. Give that Ion has a linear relationship with gate length and is proportional to speed, these small biases in gate length have minimal impact on a designs performance and can be applied to transistors that are not on timing critical paths.

Product Name: Think2D Bitmap Graphics Engine
Company: Think Silicon Ltd

The Think2D Graphics Accelerator Engine is a Graphics subsystem IP Core for SoC and Mobile Devices for the acceleration of 2D content. It is a very powerful accelerator, capable of targeting multiple types of surfaces, seemlessly move raster images, accelerate drawing of lines and filled boxes and perform alpha blending in all target modes.

Product Name: ThinkVG 2.5D Vector Graphics Engine
Company: Think Silicon Ltd

Think Silicon is currently developing a 2.5D Vector Graphics Accelerator Engine for use in SoC devices targeting the low power Mobile Informantion Device Market. The product is being developed to support OpenVG and provide a compact and low power solution for device that require fast 2D Vector Rasterization.

Product Name: Wind River Hypervisor
Company: Tilcon Software (acquired by Wind River)

Wind River Hypervisor is deterministic, event driven, small, and scalable. It provides direct access to devices and is processor, architecture, and OS agnostic. A Type 1 hypervisor, it runs directly on the hardware, with a small memory footprint. Wind River Hypervisor is custom developed with the demands of real-time and safety systems in mind.

Product Name: Wind River Simics
Company: Tilcon Software (acquired by Wind River)

Wind River Simics is a full system simulator used by software developers to simulate any target hardware from a single processor to large, complex, and connected electronic systems. This simulation enables the target software (board support package, firmware, real-time operating system, middleware, and application) to run on a virtual platform the same way it does on the physical hardware.

Product Name: Wind River VxWorks
Company: Tilcon Software (acquired by Wind River)

Innovative real-time embedded systems need a robust real-time operating system (RTOS) that leverages the latest and greatest enhancements in processor and hardware technology. Why is VxWorks the RTOS for your next project?

Product Name: Wind River Workbench
Company: Tilcon Software (acquired by Wind River)

Most proprietary development solutions limit flexibility, restrict interoperability of systems and tools, and actually increase the costs of development. Wind River has taken a different approach to helping our clients succeed. Based on the Eclipse platform, Wind River Workbench is a collection of tools that accelerates time-to-market for developers building devices with VxWorks and Wind River Linux. Through tight integration with the industry's leading RTOS and the leading device Linux distribution, Workbench offers the only end-to-end, open standards–based collection of tools for device software design, development, debugging, test, and management.

Product Name: True Circuits
Company: True Circuits, Inc.

True Circuits provides five general categories of low-jitter PLL hard macros: Clock Generator PLLs, Deskew PLLs, Spread Spectrum PLLs, Low Bandwidth PLLs, and High Resolution PLLs. We also offer low-jitter DDR DLL hard macros. These hard macros have excellent jitter performance while operating in the hostile mixed-signal noise environment present in today's ICs. They span nearly all performance points and features typically requested by ASIC, FPGA and SoC designers.

Product Name: How to Make Chip
Company: UMC Group

UMC's core services as a pure play foundry involve delivering the world's leading-edge technology through advanced research & development while providing the most advanced manufacturing capabilities. This includes 40nm production on 300mm wafers in fabs in Taiwan and Singapore. In addition, UMC employs a comprehensive IP program, protected by a security policy to guard the intellectual property rights of our customers and vendors. View UMC's complete SoC Solutions, or for other foundry services and general customer engagement procedure, please refer to the page containing the company's Service Flow chart.

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