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ASIC and IC Design : Analog & Mixed Signal Simulators

Product Name: Analog ND-6013

  • Channels: 3
  • Input Type: Pt-100, Ni-100 or Ni-120 RTD
  • Isolation Voltage: 2500 VRMS

Product Name: SpiceCreator
Company: Advanced Microcomputer Systems Inc

SpiceCreator  is a popular 32-bit analog, digital, mixed signal circuit design and simulation program, sporting the same or more advanced features  at a fraction of the cost of other simulator

Product Name: LVDT Sensor Amplifiers
Company: Analog Devices

Analog Devices’ signal conditioning ICs, together with Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs), can be used to convert mechanical position to a dc voltage. The IC provides both the excitation for the LVDT as well as converting the output to dc level with a user selectable gain. ADI’s LVDT signal conditioners are available to interface with a wide range of LVDTs, including half bridge and standard 4- and 5-wire.

Product Name: RS-232
Company: Analog Devices

The RS-232 specification allows for reliable data transmission from one transmitter to one receiver at data rates of up to 20K bits/second over relatively short distances (up to 50 feet). On more recent RS-232 Transceiver chips, data rates of up to 1Mbps are achievable over shorter distances (up to 5 feet). The most common applications for RS-232 Transceivers are computers and peripherals, mobile phone data cables and diagnostic data ports. Analog Devices offers a wide range of RS-232 Transceivers to suit many applications

Product Name: ANSYS Icepak
Company: ANSYS, Inc.

ANSYS Icepak software provides robust and powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for electronics thermal management. Based on the renowned ANSYS FLUENT solver, ANSYS Icepak combines advanced solver technology with robust meshing options designed to provide fast and accurate thermal results for electronics cooling applications.

Product Name: FFT
Company: Athena

Athena's remarkable patented arithmetic technology, complex signal processing algorithms such as the Athena FFT have been implemented with unprecedented efficiency.

Product Name: AS3415 Active Noise Cancellation
Company: austriamicrosystems AG

Integrated Active Noise Cancelling solution with integrated bypass function addressing feedforward architecture for Stereo wired headsets, suitable for music, video or mobile use.

Product Name: B2 Logic Version 3
Company: Beige Bag Software

B2 Logic allows you to build the circuit on the screen and test it by placing probes in the circuit. As the simulation progresses, the signal values change in the probes in the circuit, as well as in a timing diagram and in a spreadsheet. You can change the input values by clicking directly in the inputs in the circuit.

Product Name: B2 Spice v5
Company: Beige Bag Software

B2 Spice v5 has two modes for analyzing a circuit, an non-interactive Test mode with defined parameter for each Test, and a interactive Simulation, which runs indefinitely until reset by the user. The Simulation mode is controlled by the main toolbar and consists of the Reset, Pause, Step, Walk, and Run buttons. These control the progress of operation of the Simulation. The Step Ceiling and Update Interval settings control how the Simulation progresses and how often the results are updated.

Product Name: Analog FastSPICE AMS Mixed-Signal Simulator
Company: Berkeley Design Automation, Inc.

The Analog FastSPICE™ AMS mixed-signal simulator (AFS AMS™) delivers the industry’s simplest, fastest, most-accurate verification of today’s complex nanometer-scale mixed-signal circuits. AFS AMS combines the Analog FastSPICE circuit simulator with any leading Verilog® simulator to provide full Verilog-AMS language support. AFS AMS follows the successful deployment of AFS Co-Simulation.

Product Name: PLL Noise Analyzer™
Company: Berkeley Design Automation, Inc.

PLL Noise Analyzer™ is the industry’s first noise analysis tool for phase-locked loops (PLLs). PLL Noise Analyzer addresses a leading cause of silicon re-spins - analog noise and jitter - enabling circuit designers to reliably meet cost, performance, and schedule goals. PLL Noise Analyzer is based on Berkeley Design Automation’s proprietary Precision Circuit Analysis™ technology which delivers fast and accurate circuit analysis results.

Product Name: UHAB
Company: BitSim AB

The UHAB has both analog to digital and digital to analog converters on board as well as the new large Virtex-4 SX FPGAs. The 2 channel ADC has a bandwidth of 1.7 GHz and up to 1.5 GS/s with an 8-bit resolution (ENOB 7,0-7,4 bits). This makes it capable of continuous acquisition at up to 3.0 GS/s. The analog inputs have adjustable attenuators, so the inputs can be adjusted 0-31 dB in 1 dB steps.

Product Name: Virtuoso® AMS Designer Simulator
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence® Virtuoso® AMS Designer is a mixed-signal simulation solution for the design and verification of analog, RF, memory, and mixed-signal SoCs. It is integrated with the Virtuoso full-custom environment for mixed-signal design and verification. It is also integrated with the Cadence Incisive® functional verification platform for mixed-signal verification within the digital verification environment.

Product Name: Virtuoso® Multi-mode Simulation
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence® Virtuoso® Multi-Mode Simulation meets the changing simulation needs of designers as they progress through the design cycle--from architecture exploration to analog and RF block-level development and to final analog and mixed-signal full-chip verification.

Product Name: Virtuoso® Spectre® Circuit Simulator
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence® Virtuoso® Spectre® Circuit Simulator provides fast, accurate SPICE-level simulation for tough analog, radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal circuits. It is tightly integrated with the Virtuoso custom design platform and provides detailed transistor-level analysis in multiple domains. Its superior architecture allows for low memory consumption and high-capacity analysis.

Product Name: Virtuoso® UltraSim Full-chip Simulator
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

The Cadence® Virtuoso® UltraSim Full-Chip Simulator is a high-performance transistor-level FastSPICE circuit simulator for verifying large custom, analog/mixed-signal, RF, memory and SoC designs. It uses true hierarchical simulation with patented isomorphic and adaptive partitioning algorithms to provide the capacity, accuracy, and speed required for design and verification, regardless of design type or stage in the design cycle.

Product Name: CEVA-TeakLite Family
Company: CEVA, Inc.

Digital signal processing is a key technology that is powering many of today’s fastest growing electronics markets. CEVA is the world's leading licensor of programmable DSP cores and Platforms and Solutions.

Product Name: CEVA-VoP
Company: CEVA, Inc.

With the increasing adoption of broadband connectivity, the required infrastructure is now in place for Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) services to finally reach critical mass. Responding to market demand, wireless communications carriers, software vendors and device manufacturers are striving to develop a range of products and services that exploit this technology.

Product Name: CEVA-X1622
Company: CEVA, Inc.

The CEVA-X family of cores is based on a unique mix of Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) and Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD)architectures. The VLIW architecture allows a high level of concurrent instructions processing, thereby providing extended parallelism and low power consumption. The SIMD architecture allows single instructions to operate on multiple data elements, thereby resulting in code size reduction and increased performance.

Product Name: Path FX
Company: CLK Design Automation

Are there paths where static timing analysis is too pessimistic?Are there timing failures that static timing missed?Path FX helps to close timing for critical paths. The FX variance engine is 1 million times faster than Monte Carlo SPICE but still easily within 2% of the results for total path delay.

Product Name: CX93510
Company: Conexant Systems Inc

Conexant's CX93510 encoder is a mixed-signal Application-Specific Standard Product (ASSP) specifically designed for motion sensors with visual verification and image and video monitoring applications. The CX93510 supports JPEG and MJPEG image compression and processes both color and black and white images up to 30 fps. Combined with an external CMOS sensor, the CX93510 retrieves and stores compressed JPEG and audio data in an on-chip 256 KB/128 KB frame buffer so no external memory is required. The ASSP is controlled through a simple register set via the microprocessor interface and allows for wide flexibility in microprocessor selection. The device is a flexible, cost-effective, and low-power ASSP ideally suited for security applications requiring visual verification.

Product Name: For analog / RF designers (mixed & custom)
Company: Coupling Wave Solutions

Analog/RF IPs can both inject noise and be sensitive to external noise (from other blocks).   The WaveModeler™ tool creates a complete noise model capturing noise signatures obtained from Spice simulations, with internal impedance modeled as S-parameters or lumped devices. The designer can also specify analof IP, electrical nodes and place observation points in key areas (particularly sensitive to external noise).

Product Name: DQ80251
Company: Digital Core Design

The DQ80251 is a revolutionary Quad-Pipelined ultra high performance, speed optimized soft core of a 16-bit/32-bit embedded microcontroller. The core is fully configurable and allows selection of its features and peripherals, to create a dedicated system. It has been designed with a special concern of performance to power consumption ratio. This ratio is extended by an advanced power management PMU unit.  

Product Name: AutomationDesk
Company: dSPACE GmbH

AutomationDesk offers a powerful and convenient test automation environment to meet the requirements of automotive development for today and tomorrow. Automated testing can be done during early function development as well as in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation

Product Name: EMS
Company: EMWORKS

EMS is a 3D electromagnetic field simulator software suite, based on the powerful finite element method. Currently, it is the only electromagnetic Add-in to SolidWorks®, the #1 CAD package. EMS is Gold Certified by SolidWorks® and targets four main areas: electromechanical, electromagnetic, power electronics, and electromagnetic behaviour.

Product Name: ecVERSIM
Company: ExpertControl GmbH

In large Simulink projects several engineers work on the same model and they often want to edit subsystems of the same mdl-file at the same time. Conventional version control software products do not support syntactical correct merging of mdl-files together with version control management for single subsystems. ecVERSIM treats each Simulink subsystem as a separate module and so allows for parallel development inside the different subsystems as if they were separate files. The user-friendly GUI allows to maintain control even over large and complex Simulink™ models. The modular philosophy of ecVERSIM allows for highly parallel development even of large single Simulink models.

Product Name: Integrated
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Integrated Sensors

Product Name: VeloceRaptor/x
Company: Helic, Inc.

VeloceRaptor/X is a breakthrough RLCK extraction tool with unparalleled capacity and speed in the modeling of integrated passives such as transmission lines, interconnects, digital high-speed lines, spiral inductors and metalinsulator-metal (MIM) capacitors.

Product Name: Tanto2 multiTEST
Company: Hitex Development Tools

For Tessy – the software tool for automated, dynamic unit test for embedded software – an extension module Tanto2 multiTEST for Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing is available. This extends the testing of embedded software from pure software testing to the testing of the hardware environment and the physical interfaces of the application system.

Product Name: OSIRIS
Company: IN2FAB Technology

IN2FAB's OSIRIS porting software provides the most advanced design migration software for analog and mixed signal designs. Fully integrated with design tools from Cadence design systems, OSIRIS works with parameterised cells and process design kits to translate designs while maintaining the integrity of the library data.

Product Name: chronVAL
Company: INCHRON GmbH

chronVAL is a real-time analysis tool to analyze, optimize and validate single and distributed embedded systems with regard to worst case scenarios. The integrated design, diagnosis and test tool chronVAL enables designers to analyze the dynamic behavior of embedded systems' software and bus communication including multi processor configurations.

Product Name: Advanced Design System
Company: Keysight Technologies

Advanced Design System is the world’s leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications. In a powerful and easy-to-use interface, ADS pioneers the most innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters* and 3D EM simulators, used by leading companies in the wireless communication & networking and aerospace & defense industries. For WiMAX™, LTE, multi-gigabit per second data links, radar, & satellite applications, ADS provides full, standards-based design and verification with Wireless Libraries and circuit-system-EM co-simulation in an integrated platform. Watch our ADS 30-Second Demos to see the powerful and easy-to-use ADS interface in action.   Key Benefits of ADS
  • Complete, integrated set of fast, accurate and easy-to-use system, circuit & EM simulators enable first-pass design success in a complete desktop flow
  • Application-specific DesignGuides encapsulate years of expertise in an easy-to-use interface
  • ADS is supported exclusively or months earlier than others by leading industry and foundry partners

Product Name: GoldenGate RFIC Simulation & Analysis Software
Company: Keysight Technologies

GoldenGate RFIC Simulation and Analysis Software is an advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated mixed signal RFIC designs that is fully integrated into the Cadence Analog Design Environment (ADE). GoldenGate is part of Keysight's RFIC simulation, analysis and verification solution that also includes Momentum for 3-D planar electromagnetic simulation, SystemVue & Ptolemy wireless test benches for system-level verification, and the Advanced Design System (ADS) Data Display for advanced data analysis. This suite links the RF system, subsystem, and component-level design and analysis as part of a unique and comprehensive RFIC design flow. Key Benefits of GoldenGate
  • Best performance, capacity and accuracy to complete your RFIC designs on time with the highest level of designer productivity
  • Delivers increased manufacturability using powerful Monte Carlo, Corners and Yield analysis capability
  • Uniquely verifies 3G and 4G RF performance using standards-based system level test benches

Product Name: LayPAR
Company: LayTools

The LayTOOLS Place and Route package (LayPAR) may be used as a stand-alone tool or as an integrated component of the LayTOOLS Suite. Although initially targeted at medium-sized designs (more than 100,000 gates) for mixed-signal application, it does integrate advanced algorithms which allow it to handle even larger numbers of cells and macros in an efficient manner without manual intervention.

Product Name: MSIM
Company: Legend Design Technology, Inc.

MSIM is a matrix-inversion based circuit simulator with optimized algorithms to deliver unparalleled accuracy, performance and value.

Product Name: MSIM API
Company: Legend Design Technology, Inc.

MSIM API is a matrix-inversion based circuit simulator module with optimized algorithms and extensive modeling support. Since MSIM API and application software modules are integrated in one single executable program, it promotes significant improvement in overall system performance, robustness, stability and consistency.

Product Name: Turbo-MSIM
Company: Legend Design Technology, Inc.

High-Speed and High-Capacity Circuit Simulator. Turbo-MSIM is a high-speed and high-capacity circuit simulator with SPICE-like accuracy.Turbo-MSIM is ideal for full-chip circuit simulations.

Product Name: NitroSIM™
Company: Liga Systems, Inc.

NitroSIM™ is a Hybrid Simulator powered by a revolutionary custom VLIW processor, optimized for software simulation, capable of delivering dramatic performance improvements to the desktop while enabling scalability of RTL software simulation to unparalleled capacity levels.

Product Name: PeakView HF Designer
Company: Lorentz Solution

PeakView HFD™ is an interconnect design tool for understanding EM coupling in high-speed analog, RF and custom digital designs. PeakView HFD works early in the design cycle, before DRC / LVS and LPE can be utilized. Working directly from inside the Cadence® Virtuoso® layout environment, PeakView HFD quickly extracts EM-accurate parasitic models of critical interconnect structures that are ready for circuit simulation.

Product Name: Master & Slave AMBA AHB / VCI bus wrappers
Company: Magillem Design Services

The Master and Slave AMBA AHB bus wrappers are used to connect bus independent Intellectual Properties (IPs) to an AMBA AHB  bus controller. They let system designers seamlessly integrate VCI compliant IPs in their system core, enabling a practical reuse methodology.  Two versions of the wrapper are available, one for masters and another for slaves. They both manage burst transfers in order to increase the bus throughput.

Product Name: M199 - USM Main M-Module™
Company: MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

USM Universal Submodules make M-Modules™ more flexible than ever...

Product Name: M35N - 8/16 Analog Inputs, 14 Bits
Company: MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

The M35N is a 14-bit analog M-Module™ for a wide range of standard input requirements such as 16 channels single-ended voltage or current and 8 channels differential voltage or current...

Product Name: M62N - 16 Analog Outputs
Company: MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

The M62 is an analog output device with as many as 16 channels on one single M-Module™...

Product Name: Eldo RF
Company: Mentor Graphics

Third generation RF IC algorithm highly optimized for both capacity and performance  Multi-tone, steady-state analysis for large RF IC designs containing thousands of elements Modulated steady-state analysis and digitally modulated sources covering all wireless standards

Product Name: Questa ADMS
Company: Mentor Graphics

The Mentor Graphics Questa ADMS ™ (ADMS) simulator gives designers acomprehensive environment for verifying complex analog/mixed-signal (AMS)System-on-Chip (SoC) designs. ADMS combines four high performancesimulation engines in one efficient tool: Eldo™ for analog large-signal andfrequency domain simulations, ModelSim® for digital simulations, Mach™ for fasttransistor-level simulations and Eldo-RF™ for modulated steady state simulation.

Product Name: I2C Bus/SMBus Analyzer Software
Company: Micro Computer Control Corporation

Developers working with the I2C Bus, SMBus, or Smart Battery Systems no longer need to guess at bus traffic. In addition to seeing your Smart Battery messages in engineering units, this package allows you to see your data in ASCII or Hex, with options to control the display of Start, Stop, Read/Write.

Product Name: I2C Message Center for Linux
Company: Micro Computer Control Corporation

Use Message Center to send up to 50 messages to I2C Bus slave devices. Enter, edit, save, load and auto-repeat message lists. Create messages with a click of your mouse.

Product Name: NOD - Nominal Diagnosis
Company: MunEDA-ChipMD

NOD enables the user to perform powerful analyses based on typical (nominal) process characteristics. The designer gets insight into dependencies between performances and parameters with very small simulation effort.

Product Name: RSM - Model Generation
Company: MunEDA-ChipMD

RSM generates Response Surface Models of the analysed circuit. This enables the designer to speed up simulations and therefore the circuit analysis and optimization steps. Furthermore sub-blocks of larger systems can be modelled.

Product Name: MyAnalog Station V6.3
Company: MyCAD, Inc.

MyAnalog Station V6.3 is the schematic capture with circuit-level simulator solution for circuit design. MyAnalog Station V6.3 enables the efficient circuit design and manipulation of hierarchical structured circuits from analog library subsets that are mostly frequently used device in SPICE and user-defined compositions. Schematics are created in schematic editor interpreting through MySPICE. MySPICE is a circuit simulator based on Berkely SPICE.

Product Name: MATRIXx
Company: National Instruments Corp.

Engineers worldwide in aerospace, defense, automotive, and academia rely on the industry-proven National Instruments MATRIXx product family for model-based design, simulation, and embedded code generation. With the NI MATRIXx software suite, you gain a complete solution from initial design to final production for your dynamic embedded control system.

Product Name: SignalExpress
Company: National Instruments Corp.

SignalExpress is interactive software for quickly acquiring, comparing, automating, and storing measurements. Use SignalExpress to streamline your exploratory and automated measurement tasks for electronics design, validation, and test

Product Name: Low Noise Op Amps
Company: National Semiconductor

Low noise op amps from National Semiconductor offer ultra low noise specifications combined with precision specifications such as low offset voltage, low offset voltage drift, low input bias current, and low power consumption.

Product Name: OptEM Inspector
Company: OptEM Engineering, Inc.

OptEM Inspector is a software tool that screens the physical IC layout, extracts the resistance and capacitance of the interconnects and devices, and reports any potential crosstalk and time delay problems found in the design. What is unique about OptEM Inspector is its capability to extract device substrate resistance in addition to the interconnect resistance and fringe, area, and lateral capacitances

Product Name: Arana
Company: Orora Design Technologies, Inc.

Arana is an industry-first tool for the automated analysis, behavioral modeling, visualization, design exploration and debugging of analog and RF mixed-signal circuits. Starting with a Cadence schematic or HSPICE/Spectre netlist, Arana automatically derives the analytic equations of circuit characteristics in terms of design, layout and process parameters.

Product Name: Arsyn
Company: Orora Design Technologies, Inc.

Arsyn is a powerful design space search and tradeoff analysis tool for analog/RF mixed-signal circuit design and behavioral modeling. It enables analog/RF design reuse, and the ability to gain design insights and efficiently explore the design space. A designer starts with a parametric design (e.g. a circuit where some transistors are unsized or some topologies have multiple options), and a set of design specifications (gain, noise, power). Arsyn searches the design space and produces a set of design solutions that represent the best possible design tradeoffs among design specifications.

Product Name: Single TMS320C40 Processor MIX Baseboard
Company: Pentek Inc.

Model 4284, is a powerful platform on which to configure a custom VMEbus MIX subsystem. It incorporates TI’s TMS320C40 which acts as a controller and performs high-speed signal processing.

Product Name: SmartSpice Analog Circuit Simulator
Company: Silvaco

Delivers the highest simulation performance and accuracy required to design complex analog circuits, analyze critical nets, characterize cell libraries, and verify analog mixed-signal designs. SmartSpice is compatible with popular analog design flows and foundry-supplied device models.
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris

Product Name: UTMOST Spice Modeling Software
Company: Silvaco

Generates the most accurate, high quality SPICE models for analog, digital, mixed-signal, and RF applications. Leading IDMs, foundries, and fabless companies use UTMOST III to perform data acquisition, device characterization, parameter extraction, and model verification
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris

Product Name: SymTA/S Network
Company: Symtavision GmbH

In embedded networks, hundreds of signals and messages are sent over shared buses under the control of arbitrating protocols (CAN, FlexRay …) Verifying and optimizing network configurations for throughput and worst-case delay are key to reliable, cost-effective and extensible communication architectures.

Product Name: Analog Layout Integrated Synthesizer
Company: SynCira Corp.

The art and practice of analog IC layout has not changed significantly in over 30 years. Sure, LVS is near perfect, DRCs cover almost every rule and SDL eliminates Pcell generation; but placement and routing are still manual efforts. Furthermore, the electrical layout constraints (ie. matching, routing capacitance, ground drops, current density, antenna effects), require experts to properly lay out. 

Product Name: T-Spice
Company: Tanner EDA

Tanner EDA T-Spice provides fast, accurate simulation for large circuit analog and mixed-signal IC designs.  T-Spice not only simulates large circuits quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, but integrates easily with your other design tools and is compatible with industry leading standards. T-Spice includes improved accuracy with advanced modeling, multi-threading support, device state plotting, real-time waveform viewing and analysis and a command wizard for simple SPICE syntax creation, saving you time and money. FEATURES & BENEFITS:
  • Fast, accurate analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation (Additional T-Spice Engine licenses can boost your innovation and experimentation capability with greater simulation capacity.  Perform simultaneous runs and increase simulation run-time by adding up to ten (10) more engines).
  • Multi-threading support
  • HSPICE® and PSpice® compatible syntax
  • Foundry Proven: RTL to GDSII, PDKs, and foundry process support
  • Advanced Modeling support:  Create customized models of any device & Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS support
  • Accurately characterize circuit behavior using virtual data measurements, Monte Carlo analysis, parameter sweeping, DC/AC analysis, transient/noise analysis, Levenberg-Marquardt non-linear optimizer, plot statements and parameter definitions and bit or bus logic waveform inputs.
  • Foundry Model support:  T-Spice supports the latest industry foundry models, including PSP, BSIM3.3, BSIM4.6, BSIM SOI 4.0, EKV 2.6, MOS 9, PSP, RPI a-Si & Poly-Si TFT, VBIC, and MEXTRAM models to allow easy integration of legacy designs and foundry models.

Product Name: Logic Analyzers
Company: Tektronix, Inc

Tektronix, the market leader in Logic Analyzers, provides breakthrough digital systems analysis tools that enable digital hardware and software designers to capture and analyze the source of elusive problems that threaten product development schedules.

Product Name: Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
Company: Tektronix, Inc

RF signals change over time, often unpredictably. To effectively characterize these signals, engineers need next generation tools that help them solve unexpected problems. Tektronix Real-time spectrum analyzers offer the unique capability

Product Name: Automotive : Analog and Mixed Signal
Company: Texas Instruments Inc.

Cost-effective total board system solutions, conformance to specifications, product documentation, superior quality standards and on-time delivery are important to the automotive community. TI supports the requirements defined by the automotive industry, and continues to add to the analog and mixed signal automotive portfolio

Product Name: VCA-1 Platform
Company: Triad Semiconductor

The VCA-1 platform contains 34 Op-Amps and analog building blocks to create a wide range of analog circuits with bandwidths from DC to 10 MHz. The op-amps on the VCA-1 support via-configurable gain bandwidths from 2 to 25 MHz.

Product Name: VCA-3 Low-Cost Analog Array
Company: Triad Semiconductor

The VCA-3 via-configurvble mixed-signal array is targetd at cost-senstive applications requiring analog functionality. The VCA-3 array has sufficient digital resources for state machines or serial communications link such as 12C or SPI.

Product Name: VCA-5 Wideband Mixed Signal
Company: Triad Semiconductor

The VCA-5 combines digital, EEPROM, analog, and analog resources on a signal ASIC array to address a wide range of high speed mixed signal applications.

Product Name: CANextender
Company: Vector Cantech, Inc.

The CANextender is a programmable input/output device for CAN systems that can be used where analog and digital measurements must  be  acquired and transmitted to the CAN bus via CAN mes-sages.  For  this  purpose,  the CANextender reads in digital and analog signals and evaluates them according to  a  configuration program  created by the user. The configuration program thus specifies via which CAN messages and how often the measurement values are transmitted on the CAN bus. 

Product Name: AMSvkit

YOGITECH's Analog Mixed Signal Verification Kit (AMSvkit) enables an automated, coverage-driven verification environment and methodology for top-and block-level mixed-signal designs. The AMSvKit comprises an extensible set of configurable, plug-and-play pre-verified verification components that unify Specman Elite and a mixed-signal simulator to create an Object-Oriented mixed-signal functional verification environment.

Product Name: Signal Integrity
Company: Zeni EDA

In deep sub-micron technology, interconnect delays and the impact of crosstalk due to parasitic coupling have exceeded gate delays in becoming the main concerns of IC designers on circuit functionality and performance. Zeni SI is a fast and precise signal integrity tool dealing with signal delay analysis, noise analysis and RC reduction.

Product Name: SPICE Simulator
Company: Zeni EDA

Convergence is often a problem with many simulators especially in power electronics. This is because the wide range of currents, voltages and conductances present in power circuits stretches the precision of the underlying algorithms. Many other products have to be coaxed into completing such designs by requiring the user to experiment with various option settings.

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