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System Level Design (ESL) : HW/SW Co-Design

Product Name: CODESYS PLCHandler: API / Software Interface (SDK) to the PLC data
Company: 3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH

CODESYS PLCHandler: Compact software interface (API) for easy access to the PLC variables in CODESYS controllers from external systems.

Product Name: CODESYS Service Tool – Maintenance your IEC 61131-3 application
Company: 3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH

The CODESYS Service Tool has been especially designed for service technicians or plant operators for uploading updated controller applications, starting or stopping the PLC for maintenance purposes, device status requests or the like.  

Product Name: PXI-3488

ADLINK PXI-3488 GPIB controller interface card, fully compatible with the IEEE 488 instrumentation control and communication standard, is capable of controlling up to 14 stand-alone instruments via IEEE 488 cables. It is designed to meet the requirements for high performance and maximum programming portability

Product Name: PXI-3800

ADLINK PXI-3800 is the state-of-the-art 3U PXI controller of the ADLINK PXI product line. This product is designed to meet the highest performance requirements for embedded computing

Product Name: Altia Design
Company: Altia, Inc.

Altia Design is the centerpiece of Altia's tool-chain. If you need a detailed, functionally complete, fully integrated user interface that can be simulated and turned into deployable code, then Altia Design is for you.

Product Name: DeepScreen
Company: Altia, Inc.

Altia DeepScreen is a graphics code generator that converts your prototype graphics into deployable graphics code. Altia DeepScreen uses the same Altia design that has been a part of the project from the very beginning. To generate code, you simply select the design objects that represent the display portion of your product and click on the "Generate Code" menu. ANSI C or Java code is generated in seconds rather than months.

Product Name: PhotoProto
Company: Altia, Inc.

You’re a talented graphics artist. Photoshop trembles at your touch. Take your art to the next level by turning static graphics into interactive prototypes with a few mouse clicks. That’s what PhotoProto does. It walks through your Photoshop file, exports all those carefully crafted images and references them in a file that the PhotoProto player displays. But this goes way beyond graphics. You simply name and arrange your layers and PhotoProto automatically assigns the appropriate behavior.

Product Name: Tachyon 2.5
Company: Brion Technologies

Tachyon 2.5 builds upon the pioneering technology of Brion’s Tachyon, the industry’s first high-performance, image-based, dense-simulation computational lithography platform.

Product Name: FlexRay™ Monitoring--Kit
Company: CRST GmbH

The CRST FlexRay™ Monitoring-Kit is a comprehensive "ready to run" hardware/ software solution for all users who want to get familar with the new FlexRay Technology.

Product Name: PSTN, Mini-M and E1 Link Encryptor
Company: D Crypt Private Limited

The D’Cryptor  PE is also integrated into other D’Crypt products such as the PSTN and mini-M phone encryptor as well as the E1 Link Encryptor.
D’Crypt’s E1 Link Encryptor provides end-to-end protection on a 2.048 Mbit/s data link. The encryptor intercepts data in a protocol-independent manner and does not introduce any overheads due to synchronization. The encryptor also has the ability to check and detect the data link for integrity and quality. It re-synchronizes in the face of channel errors or erasures.

Product Name: TelePort
Company: D Crypt Private Limited

TelePort is a pure hardware solution for seamless secure remote access to your corporate intranet. This means no more messy software set-ups and maintenance, and minimal or no change to your network infrastructure.

Product Name: Tiger Shark
Company: D Crypt Private Limited

TigerShark is a card neutral reader that consists of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified cryptographic core (Certificate No. 637) and integrates interfaces to contactless Type A, B and C cards. The reader is designed to connect easily to existing POS terminals for secure contactless payment or mercgant loyalty programs. TigerShark employs advance cryptographic algorithms including DES, 3DES and AES to provide high data security assurance.

Product Name: LVCS12
Company: Elektronikladen

LVCS12 is an easy applicable, credit card-sized Controller Module, based on the 16-bit microcontroller family HCS12 by Motorola. The LVCS12 module provides an easy way to evaluate the microcontroller. It is a versatile tool for rapid prototyping and a very cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution for low- and mid-volume series applications.

Product Name: eXpecco
Company: eXept Software AG

Software programming - focuses on the controlflow of the computation by connecting and controlling procedural blocks. It takes a specialist to model the interactions, data paths, organise parallel progressions, etc. The greater the number of interdependencies and iterations of the development, the greater the difficulties, when test procedures are designed that way.

Product Name: XASS-V Series
Company: Gaio Technology, Inc.

GAIO offers a comprehensive range of self-developed cross development tools including: IDE, C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker, debugger and MPU simulator.

Product Name: Starter kits
Company: IAR Systems AG

IAR Systems provides completely integrated kits for development of embedded applications based on ARM, 8051, ColdFire, R8C/M16C/M32C and AVR32.

Product Name: chronSim
Company: INCHRON GmbH

chronSim is the central INCHRON tool for design, visualization, quality testing and analysis of embedded systems. chronSim allows your engineers to perform the most powerful real-time simulation, analysis and in-depth forecast of your embedded software?s dynamic performance.

Product Name: SimDE™ WAVEFORM V4.2 Release 201309
Company: IO Methodology Inc.

Signal Integrity and design engineers deal with Waveforms and Signals every day. An effective and powerful waveform and signal post-processing tool is important for increasing working efficiency and capability for your next high-speed system design.

Product Name: LPKF CircuitCAM 6.1
Company: LPKF Laser & Electronics, North America

LPKF's CircuitCAM 6 offers powerful editing options for data modification, as well as the ability to import practically every major file type. Modify designs on-the-fly to take advantage of the special abilities of LPKF ProtoMat circuit board plotters.

Product Name: ME-1000
Company: Meilhaus Electronic GmbH

  • ME-1000/64: 64 TTL digital I/O channels (2x 32 bit ports).
  • ME-1000/128: 128 TTL digital I/O channels (4x 32 bit ports).
  • Each port programmable as input/output. Port configured as output with readback function.

Product Name: ME-1600
Company: Meilhaus Electronic GmbH

12 bit output board with current/voltage channels ME-1600
  • 12 bit D/A conversion.
  • 4, 8, 12 or 16 voltage outputs or 16 voltage outputs, 8 of them also working as current outputs.
  • Product Name: ME-6x00
    Company: Meilhaus Electronic GmbH

    • 4, 8, PCI also 16 voltage outputs. Range ±10 V (max. ±15 mA per channel). ME-6200 and ME-6300: 1 additional channel 0…50 V.
    • All channels opto-isolated, available as:
    • ..."p"/"island" channels: Full opto-isolation with no common ground. All individual channels opto-isolated from the PC and from each other.

    Product Name: ME-8200 and MEphisto Opto
    Company: Meilhaus Electronic GmbH

    • A total of 48 digital channels: Opto and TTL I/O.
    • High-drive for levels up to 50 V. Load 700 mA.
    • 2 USB versions: MEphisto Opto or combination with ME-Synapse.

    Product Name: ME-Jekyll ME-4610
    Company: Meilhaus Electronic GmbH

    • 16 single-ended analog inputs. Range ±10 V.
    • High-precision 16 bit/500 kHz A/D conversion. External digital trigger.
    • 32 TTL digital I/O channels, grouped in 4x 8 bit ports. Each port programmable as input/output.

    Product Name: VisualSim Processor and Peripheral Modeling Toolkit
    Company: Mirabilis Design Inc.

    VisualSim Processor and Peripheral Modeling Toolkit enables users to create processor models for performance anlysis and architecture exploration. Current generation Instruction Set Simulators offer very little visibility into the processor internals- a huge requirements for both Processor Architects and software designers.

    Product Name: Craneboard
    Company: Mistral Software Inc

    Craneboard, from Mistral, is a hardware development platform that enables customers to develop general purpose computing and other applications based on the Sitara AM3517 ARM Cortex - A8 microprocessor device. Craneboard is a low cost, open source reference platform to help the developer community leverage the benefits of the AM3517 processor while leveraging a host of exciting peripherals.

    Product Name: SatLab
    Company: MLDesign Technologies, Inc.

    SatLab is a software laboratory for mission and system level design, animation, and analysis of wireless mobile communication and navigation systems. SatLab models the dynamics of communication nodes (orbits of satellites, trajectories of cars, ships and aircraft) and the environment (terrain, propagation effects, blocking, coverage).

    Product Name: SFI - Simulator / Framework, Interface
    Company: MunEDA-ChipMD

    The setup of WiCkeD´s simulation environment is supported by specific integration software for design capture systems (aka frameworks) which provide the user with a graphical setup depending on the design capture system, simulators and libraries.

    Product Name: UDE MemTool
    Company: pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH

    UDE MemTool is designed for On-Chip FLASH programming and On-Board FLASH / OTP programming with microcontroller hardware systems using SAB C16x, C166CBC, C166S-V2, XC16x, ST10F275, ST10F276, TriCore, ARM7, ARM9 derivatives.

    Product Name: Bluetooth Application Kit
    Company: Rabbit Semiconductor (acquired by Digi)

    Rabbit-based applications now have even more ways to communicate. Rabbit Semiconductor has added Bluetooth® support for selected core modules, the BL2500 and the BL2600 single board computers.

    Product Name: Serial-to-Ethernet Application Kit
    Company: Rabbit Semiconductor (acquired by Digi)

    Ethernet designers now have a Serial-to-Ethernet Application Kit that is easy to use out of the box. The simple 3-Step Setup for transmitting data from a digital volt meter via a serial port to a TCP/IP stream enables even the newest user to quickly develop a Serial-to-Ethernet application.

    Product Name: HyperPlot
    Company: Shearwater, Inc.

    HyperPlot is the world standard for complex plotting of integrated circuit designs. HyperPlot includes a wide variety of input formats and output drivers for direct printing of Cadence DF-II database, Oasis, GDSII, Mebes, PostScript, JPEG and other file formats.

    Product Name: HyperXpress
    Company: Shearwater, Inc.

    HyperXpress is a high performance software raster image processor (RIP) designed to enhance your productivity by dramatically decreasing the time it takes to print large, complex raster and vector images. HyperXpress is seamlessly integrated into your design environment to enable fast, high quality printing to any desktop or wide format output device.

    Product Name: CoDesign Studio
    Company: SIGRITY, Inc.

    CoDesign StudioTM, part of Sigrity's highly acclaimed set of power and signal integrity solutions, is a comprehensive chip and package co-design environment for analyzing and optimizing the performance of the entire power delivery system. It simultaneously co-simulates the complete package and the complete chip, in an integrated design environment, considering the critical package effects that impact the correct operation of the chip.

    Product Name: Platform IP for ARM Cortex-M0 Processor Based Systems
    Company: SoC Solutions

    The PIP-M0 provides the essential IP cores and infrastructure software needed for systems usin the g ARM® Cortex™-M0 microprocessor. Ready for software development out of the box but also easy to customize and extend, it serves as a basic platform for the rapid development of a variety of system-on-chip (SOC) applications.

    Product Name: USB 2.0 PHY IP Cores
    Company: Soft Mixed Signal Corporation

    · Fully compliant with latest USB 2.0 specification. · Fully Integrated HOST / DEVICE / OTG ( On-The-Go ) Transceiver when all optional features are included. · Innovative technique for clock recovery from 480 Mbps data. · High frequency PLL · Advanced high-speed transmitter and receiver. · Support High-Speed HS and Full-Speed FS modes (Also Low Speed LS with OHCI Interface in Host Mode) · Implements UTMI and/or UTMI+ with optional features, both 8 bit and 16 bit Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional Data Bus.

    Product Name: D/AVE 2D
    Company: TES Electronic System Solutions Ltd.

    D/AVE  is a Hardware IP Core, optimized for easy integration into FPGAs and ASICs. Focus of D/AVE 2D is to provide a high quality vector graphics with subpixel processing and an extended antialiasing functionality.

    Product Name: D/AVE 3D
    Company: TES Electronic System Solutions Ltd.

    D/AVE 3D is an IP core for 3D graphics applications. This core is available in 2 versions FPGA and for ASIC. This IP has been specifically designed for embedded, automotive and infotainment market with a big emphasis on flexibility both in hardware and the software. Accompanying the core would be an OpenGL-ES 1.1, EGL 1.3 and OpenVG 1.0 1 API.

    Product Name: Real-Time Workshop7.4
    Company: The MathWorks, Inc.

    The Real-Time Workshop® product generates and executes stand-alone C code for developing and testing algorithms modeled in Simulink® and Embedded MATLAB™ code. The resulting code can be used for many real-time and non-real-time applications, including simulation acceleration, rapid prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop testing

    Product Name: Terbium Integrated Development Environment (TIDE) User Guide
    Company: The Western Design Center, Inc.

    The Terbium Integrated Development Environment (TIDE) integrates the WDC 65xx tool suite to maximize and ease your use of our tools and is included with our ProSDK. TIDE will help you get started and in no time at all you will be writing, compiling, and debugging your 65xx code!

    Product Name: TTP-Tools
    Company: TTTech Computertechnik AG

    TTP-Tools – now available in the 7th generation – are a unique development environment for fault-tolerant real-time systems in the embedded area. These tools allow a rapid and systematic development, which guarantees a seamless integration in the existing process. The consistent TTP-Tools cover the complete development process, ranging from rapid model-based prototyping to serial code generation. The resulting application can be loaded into the control units and can be put to distributed testing.

    Product Name: ODB++
    Company: Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd.(acquired by Mentor Graphics)

    ODB++ is the most intelligent CAD/CAM data exchange format available today, capturing all CAD/EDA, assembly and PCB fabrication knowledge in one single, unified database. Originally developed by Valor Computerized Systems for use in its own PCB CAD/CAM systems, Genesis 2000, Enterprise 3000 and Trilogy , ODB++ has already become widely accepted as the de facto industry standard, providing unprecedented power to PCB design, fabrication and assembly, with the flexibility to expand as required.

    Product Name: XJAPI
    Company: XJTAG

    The XJAPI gives you low-level access to the JTAG chain via either the XJLink or the PXI hardware, allowing easy integration with a wide range of other systems such as development/evaluation boards, test systems...

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