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ASIC and IC Design : ASIC Physical Synthesis

Product Name: CoDeSys SP RTE
Company: 3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH

When working with a PC with Windows XP operating system an adaptation of the runtime system is not necessary as the complete process of system integration has already been done in the SoftPLC CoDeSys SP RTE.

Product Name: SMX2060/2064

The SMX2064 and SMX2060 are the only 7-1/2 digit Digital Multimeters available in PXI format, are much faster than any bench-top DMM, and maintain high accuracy at high measurement rates. The SMX206x series provides a comprehensive set of DMM capabilities, including 2-wire, 4-wire, and 6-wire guarded resistance measurements; inductance and capacitance; leakage and temperature; frequency and timing; sourcing of voltage and current; and much more.

Product Name: TSIM ERC32/LEON simulator
Company: Aeroflex Gaisler AB

TSIM can be run in stand-alone mode, or connected through a network socket to the GNU gdb debugger. In stand-alone mode, a variety of debugging commands are available to allow manipulation of memory contents and registers, breakpoint/watchpoint insertion and performance measurement. Connected to gdb, TSIM acts as a remote target and supports all gdb debug requests.

Product Name: Quartus II
Company: Altera Corporation

Quartus II software delivers the most comprehensive programmable logic and structured ASIC design flows available:
   - FPGA Design Flow
   - CPLD Design Flow
   - Structured ASIC Design Flow

Product Name: cStack™
Company: Amphenol InterCon Systems, Inc.

High-speed solderless interconnect solution provides limitless flexibility for board to board mezzanine applications and board to board stackable and coplanar applications when terminated to a flex circuit. 1mm – 5mm housing heights provide a solution for any application where space is tight and speed and reliability are required.

Product Name: AASPICE
Company: Anasift Technology Inc.

AASPICE is Anasift's high performance, high accurate analog simulator integrated with AMPSO analog optimization engine as a verification tool. It supports bsim3, bsim4, SOI, hisim, mos9, other models, and HSPICE netlist.AASPICE is targeted for the analog simulation of high-performance analog circuits used in high-speed communications, networking, display, storage, consumer electronics, etc.

Product Name: AMPSO
Company: Anasift Technology Inc.

AMPSO™ is an analog optimization system based on Symbolic-Driven Optimization (SDO) for high performance analog linear amplification circuits and other analog building blocks including opamps, analog buffers, comparators, voltage regulators, line drivers/receivers and other circuit blocks. AMPSO is sold as a stand-alone analog optimization system.

Product Name: AMPSO-OADFM
Company: Anasift Technology Inc.

AMPSO-OADFM, incorporating the engine of Anasift's analog optimization tool AMPSO, is targeting at the optimization of analog design for manufacturability for all kinds of analog building circuits including opamps, analog buffers, comparators, voltage regulators, line drivers/receivers, trans-impedance amplifiers, and other analog building blocks, or the analog characteristics of small digital cells

Product Name: Atmel AVR 8- and 32-bit
Company: Atmel Corporation

Atmel® AVR® 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers deliver a unique combination of performance, power efficiency, and design flexibility. Optimized to speed time to market, they are based on the industry's most code-efficient architecture for C and assembly programming.

Product Name: Mobile Phones ASICs
Company: austriamicrosystems AG

Global leaders trust ams for special functions in mobile phones such as low-noise, high-voltage MEMS microphone interfaces. MEMS microphones offer space savings, better sound quality and reliability.

Product Name: ASIC
Company: Baegan Technologies

At Baegan we Design, Develop and mass Produce ASIC's (Chips) targeting markets of Power, Industrial, Automobile and Communication. Typical customers are Embedded System Developers and full system, discrete type, PCB solution providers. We design chips for the Indian Market as of now. Our customers are mostly Indian's – But things could change in the near future.

Product Name: Analog FastSPICE RF Periodic Noise Analyses
Company: Berkeley Design Automation, Inc.

Device noise is critical in sub-90nm CMOS processes and fundamentally limits circuit performance at 45nm and below. Analog FastSPICE RF Analyses (AFS RF) is the industry’s first full-spectrum device noise analysis for RF circuits. AFS RF accurately analyzes nanometer-scale effects for all types of pre-layout and post-layout periodic circuits.

Product Name: Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104
Company: Broadcom Limited (formerly Avago Technologies)

The Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104 is a single-chip 100Gbps gearbox PHY IC designed for high-density 100G Ethernet and Optical Transport Networking (OTN) applications. The device supports full-duplex multiplexing of ten 10/11Gbps channels and de-multiplexing of four 25/28Gbps channels. The device features Avago’s proven 28nm CMOS SerDes technology that has demonstrated compliance with IEEE CAUI and various Common Electrical Interface (CEI) standards that include CEI-11G-SR, CEI-25G-LR, and CEI-28G-VSR. The device also incorporates Avago’s unique proprietary Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE) architecture providing low overall power consumption, low data latency and best-in-class jitter and crosstalk performance.

Product Name: CADopia Professional Edition
Company: CADopia Inc.

CADopia 11 Professional Edition, is the latest release of this popular CAD software. It is an ideal tool for engineers, architects and other CAD professionals who need a full-featured solution at an affordable price. Written for the Microsoft Windows environment, it is well suited for working in conjunction with other Windows applications.

Product Name: CPXP-EP PCI Express Endpoint Controller Core
Company: CAST, Inc.

Implements a PCI Express endpoint controller that is compliant with PCI Express Base specification 1.0a, including the Transaction, Data Link, and Physical protocol layers. The scalable and flexible core has a modular architecture and a high-performance, low-latency design. It supports multiple device link widths to better match the bandwidth needs of specific applications—x1 (single lane) and x4 (four lane)—and offers bi-directional data rates from 250MB/s (x1) to 1GB/s (x4).

Product Name: AOCV FX
Company: CLK Design Automation

With its breakthrough variance engine, AOCV FX generates advanced on chip variation tables in a fraction of the time required by approaches based on Monte Carlo SPICE simulation. The FX variance engine is 1 million times faster than Monte Carlo SPICE but still easily within 2% of the results for total path delay.

Product Name: APS1
Company: Cortus

The Cortus APS1 is a native 32 bit core with a modern RISC architecture. In common with other Cortus processors, the APS1 has a 5 to 7 stage integer pipeline with out-of-order completion ensuring that most integer instructions (load and stores included) are executed in a single cycle.

Product Name: Cosmic 68HC11
Company: Cosmic Software

Cosmic's toolchain for the 68HC11 family is part of a complete and uniform product line incorporating over 20 years of innovative design and development. Cosmic's familiar and easy to use software interface is available for all Freescale microcontrollers to simplify the migration between targets.

Product Name: For SoC integrators and package designers
Company: Coupling Wave Solutions

Whatever the level of maturity of their design, whether they are in the planning stage, want to do a final check before tape-out or if need to solve a problem on silicon, WaveAnalyst™ is the tool to reduce to a minimum noise issues at system level.

Product Name: FPGA Design

DELTATEC's experience and references in both system design and FPGA development are relevant for projects in the following application. Image
Digital Signal Processing

Product Name: dSPACE Code Generator
Company: dSPACE GmbH

High-Quality Code for Mass Production
  • Automatic production code generation from MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow®
  • Seamless process integration

Product Name: 45nm NEW ASICs
Company: eASIC Corporation

eASIC Nextreme-2 is a family of NEW ASIC devices, manufactured on a 45nm CMOS process, and built using eASIC’s patented single-via customization technology. The eASIC Nextreme-2 family provides ASIC-like performance, power and low unit-cost combined with FPGA-like design flow and rapid delivery of devices.

Product Name: 4-Bit MCU for General Purpose Product
Company: Elan Microelectronics Corp.

For Remote Controller and General Purpose Application 

Product Name: Rotary Switches Division
Company: Elma Electronic AG

Elma's Rotary Switch Division encompasses a broad range of switching and indicating solutions, control knobs and other quality components from all over the world. Our rotary switches are a staple in audio and industrial markets, and Elma's coded switches and encoders are the choice of  premier two-way radio and medical equipment manufacturers globally.

Product Name: CPU Interface
Company: Eureka Technology, Inc.

Eureka Technology, Inc. provides interface cores to all the popular CPUs for SoC design.

Product Name: Smalltalk/X
Company: eXept Software AG

As a special and unique feature, ST/X provides both an interpretive development environment (with the consequence of very short turn-around times), and a true compiler, which translates Smalltalk classes into real machine code files.

Product Name: ecCST
Company: ExpertControl GmbH

Control Algorithm including a powerful technology for bumpless switching between controller parameter sets. Algorithm enables bumpless switching between parameter sets for different operating areas and different process variables (system outputs) and actuators. May be applied directly in simulation and prototyping environments as well as in ECUs. Actuator saturation is taken into account. Precise tracking of desired transitioning profiles between setpoints is ensured.

Product Name: Dual-core Cortex A9-based SoC Platform- SoCreative! IV™
Company: Faraday Technology Corp.

Highly integrated and versatile advance SoC platform for easy adoption to target applications. SoCreative! IV™, Faraday's latest SoC development platform, is based on ARM Cortex-A9 processor at UMC 40nm LP process, consisting of an ARM prototype chip, A380 SoC chip. A380 has a dual-core ARM Cortex A9, and a FA626TE, with either one configurable to be the main processor, depending on customers' application requirement. It also integrates multiple high-speed interfaces including DDR3-1600, PCIE-Gen3, SRIO, SGMII, and USB2.0 (OTG), with AHB extension bus available for connection to FPGA. With a real SoC chip and FPGA, SoCreative! IV™ allows the designer to verify the logic and perform real-time function verification and software development from early stage.

Product Name: MCU-based FPGA Platform-FIE3100
Company: Faraday Technology Corp.

Reusable Cortex - M0/M3 FPGA Platform  Faraday FIE3100 FPGA platform, featuring ARM Cortex-M0/M3 core - the smallest, lowest power consumption, most energy-efficient ARM processor, is especially developed to provide an easy and quick solution to facilitate low power SoC designs with higher scalability, lower risk, and shorter lead time. 

Product Name: SoCreative! III™ SoC Platform
Company: Faraday Technology Corp.

SoCreative! III™ is an ARM SoC development platform for Faraday's new generation SoC ASIC. It consists of an ARM prototype chip (A369) accompanied with an FPGA interface for user logic implementation.

Product Name: 16-bit Microcontrollers
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Freescale S12 and S12X MCUs provide high-performance 16-bit control for automotive and industrial applications. The S12X MCUs feature the innovative XGATE module, designed specifically to handle interrupt events without CPU intervention. As a result, the S12X controller has the high-performance capabilities you would normally expect of a 32-bit controller.

Product Name: eTPU : Enhanced Time Processor Unit
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

The eTPU is a programmable I/O controller with its own core and memory system, allowing it to perform complex timing and I/O management independently of the CPU. The eTPU is essentially an independent microcontroller designed for timing control, I/O handling, serial communications, motor control and engine control applications.

Product Name: HC05 (Legacy)
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

8-Bit Microcontroller

Product Name: HC16
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

16 Bit Microcontroller

Product Name: Low g
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Freescale’s g-Select low g acceleration sensors are designed to detect on one, two or three axes, allowing your end application the freedom of movement detection it needs. In addition, for multifunctional applications, these devices allow you to select between 1.5g to 12g levels of acceleration.

Product Name: S12 and S12X
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Introducing the S12X Family of advanced high-performance 16-bit microcontrollers—based on the popular HCS12 architecture, the S12X Family offers as much as a 5-times performance hike over previous HCS12 devices. While we have added 172 additional instructions to improve paging capability and execute 32-bit calculations, the S12X Family is designed to provide full compatibility with previously written HCS12 code.

Company: Infineon Technologies

INFINEON ASIC & POWER IC GROUP bundles technology expertise, extensive IP, system know-how and worldwide partner network to enable our customers to develop and market innovative products and solutions. Our global network of design centers and partners with program management capabilities provides custom solutions with ASIC design expertise and local support. We focus on customer needs, delivering best-in-class solutions that speed up our customers’ time-to-market. Our customer defines the business model.

Product Name: HiLo™
Company: Interconnect Systems, Inc

A new connector system with multiple applications: BGA/LGA/µPGA production socketing system Board-to-board connector system

Product Name: pLinesE-VMEb

pLinesE-VMEb is powered by a MPC8270, being part of the PowerQUICCII processor family. This embedded processor couples a 603e core with a RISC communication processor and three Fast Ethernet controllers.

Product Name: ASIC Design
Company: Intrinsix Corp.

Intrinsix ASIC designers are seasoned professionals with a track record in developing complex ASICs on schedule and within established budgets. We work as a team along side your own systems and ASIC developers. We refine the specifications and requirements to help assure first time success. We architect the chip for design reuse and deliver world-class synthesizable and verified designs.

Product Name: JMB575
Company: JMicron Technology Corp.

JMicron JMB575 is a single chip. It integrated six independent SATA channels and a micro-processor. With proper setting, the chip can be configured as 1 to 5- ports Serial ATA III Port Multiplier or a 5 to 1-port Serial ATA III Port Selector.

Product Name: CMX-USB
Company: Logic Technology BV

The company’s core business is to develop and support real-time, multi-tasking operating systems (RTOS), TCP/IP stacks, Flash File Systems, USB stacks and a CANopen stack for a wide variety of 8-bit,16-bit, and 32-bit microcomputers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors.

Product Name: ProtoMat E33
Company: LPKF Laser & Electronics, North America

Entry-level price, high-quality performance The ProtoMat E33 is LPKF's entry-level printed circuit board milling system. Capable of producing multiple boards in a single day, the system offers a small footprint and ease of use from setup through finished prototype.

Product Name: A14C - 6U VME64 MPC8540 SBC / PMC
Company: MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

The A14C is an advanced PowerPC® based single-board computer for embedded applications...

Product Name: F14 - 3U CompactPCI®/Express Pentium® M SBC
Company: MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

Equipped with the high-performance Intel® 2-GHz Pentium® M down to the 1-GHz ultra low voltage Celeron® M processor, the single-board computer F14 is a versatile 4 HP / 3U (single-slot, single-size Eurocard) CompactPCI® board, designed especially for embedded systems which require high computing and graphics performance and low power consumption...

Product Name: F601 - 3U CompactPCI® Side Card for Multimedia
Company: MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

The F601 is a multimedia extension card for 3U Intel® based CompactPCI® single-board computers such as F14, F15, F17 and further boards of the Intel® low power family...

Product Name: Precision RTL Plus
Company: Mentor Graphics

Precision® RTL Plus provides a new way to design FPGAs — enabling every designer to improve productivity, reach desired performance fast and easily, and control the allocation of dedicated FPGA resources.

Product Name: PowerWise Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS)
Company: National Semiconductor

PowerWise Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS) is a closed-loop voltage optimization technology for reducing both active and standby energy consumption of digital processors, ASICs, and SoCs

Product Name: Precision Operational Amplifiers
Company: National Semiconductor

Precision is a summation of various DC and AC parameters (e.g. low noise, low offset voltage, low input bias current and other application dependent parameters) and National optimizes these requirements for a wide variety of precision applications. The tables below highlight some of National’s industry-leading precision amplifier products by end application. 

Product Name: 360 EC-ASIC
Company: OneSpin Solutions GmbH

The OneSpin® 360 EC-ASIC Equivalence Checker thoroughly proves, without simulation, that design functionality is maintained through all implementation phases of a design, such as design revisions, synthesis and optimizations, made from RTL to the final netlist – RTL-RTL, RTL-gate and gate-gate – in ASIC/SoC designs. The solution fully automates state and phase mapping via proof-based sequential analysis. A design conditioning component and highly accurate design modeling detect synthesis bugs, synthesis/simulation mismatches and RTL coding bugs that often escape conventional equivalence checking.

Product Name: PCAN-miniPCI
Company: PEAK-System Technik GmbH

The PCAN-miniPCI card enables the connection of embedded PCs and laptops with Mini PCI slots to CAN networks. The card is available as a single or dual-channel version. The opto-decoupled versions also guarantee galvanic isolation of up to 300 Volts between the PC and the CAN sides.

Product Name: PCAN-USB Hub
Company: PEAK-System Technik GmbH

The PCAN-USB Hub provides multiple hardware interfaces through a USB connection. It offers the user one CAN, two RS-232 and two further USB interfaces.

Its robust aluminum casing makes the PCAN-USB Hub suitable for mobile applications.

Product Name: SymTA/S
Company: Symtavision GmbH

Symtavision's scheduling analysis tool suite SymTA/S is used for budgeting, scheduling verification and optimization for processors, electronic control units (ECUs), communication buses, networks and complete integrated systems.

Product Name: FloorDirector 3.0
Company: Teklatech

FloorDirector 3.0 is the latest member of the FloorDirector family. Ground-breaking new features enable ASIC designers to actively shape the power grid noise spectrum of digital circuits. Designs within the wireless and mobile applications segments with tough EMI/EMC requirements in the RF range, as well as noise sensitive mixed-signal ICs, benefit particularly by using FloorDirector's noise shaping ASIC design optimization capabilities, which enable full control over the power noise spectrum of digital circuits. But all digital designs with dynamic power integrity challenges enjoy significant improvements over existing solutions, by fine-grained control over the softening of dynamic power current response curves.

Product Name: DLP Discovery
Company: Texas Instruments Inc.

DLP® Discovery kits enable innovative application development with DLP technology, which is known for its proven reliability, fast switching speed, and high contrast. DLP technology is the only spatial light modulator in production that works with visible, near-infrared and ultraviolet light.

Product Name: I²C
Company: Texas Instruments Inc.

The inter-integrated circuit (I²C) bus consists of two active wires; the bidirectional serial data (SDA) line and the bidirectional serial clock (SCL) line.

Product Name: Signal Switches
Company: Texas Instruments Inc.

Texas Instruments Signal Switches provide high-performance, low-power replacements for standard bus-interface devices when signal buffering (current drive) is not required. TI Signal Switches optimize next-generation datacom, networking, computing, portable communications, and consumer electronic designs by supporting both digital and analog applications, including; PCI interface, USB interface, memory interleaving, bus isolation, and low-distortion signal gating.

Product Name: VCA-4 Low Power , Low Noise
Company: Triad Semiconductor

The VCA-4 combines very low power, low-noise analog resource with low-power digital and EEPROM memory resources on a single ASIC array to address a wide range of precision portable applications.

Product Name: ARM based SoC
Company: TRIAS Mikroelektronik GmbH

ARM Cores are widely used in the automotive, consumer entertainment, imaging, networking, and storage applications. Partners of the Chip Alliance provide a full range of ARM core-based SoC design services with the extensive experience in multi-million gates integration you can be assured that your next ARM based SoC will be a success.

Product Name: Chip Alliance
Company: TRIAS Mikroelektronik GmbH

A Network of ASIC Design Centers offer all types of ASIC & FPGA Solutions one-stop.
Chip Alliance
• One Partner Interface solving all your needs for your ASIC requirements.
• from Turn-key to every individual design services until shipping the final ASIC product.
• get access to a wide range of ASIC/FPGA Design Services and ASIC Technologies.
• A Network of over 400 ASIC/FPGA Design Experts.

Product Name: Physical Design Tools
Company: Zeni EDA

Zeni Physical Design Tool (Zeni PDT) is a fully hierarchical, multi-window, full-custom IC layout editing environment. It supports the physical implementation of custom digital, analog and mixed-signal designs at the device, cell, block and full chip levels.

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