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Product Name: Mass Storage Boards
Company: Acromag

Acromag's line of Xembedded mass storage boards provide a variety of high-performance embedded computing solutions for defense, aerospace, scientific, transportation, and manufacturing applications. These storage modules are available in VME, VPX, and CompactPCI platforms with a range of SATA/SAS, RAID, DVD, and CompactFlash configurations to satsify your unique application requirements.

Product Name: Serial EEPROM
Company: Atmel Corporation

Atmel is a leading supplier of Serial EEPROM devices and has shipped over 12 billion devices in the past decade. Because of the ability to alter single bytes of data, Serial EEPROM devices are used to store personal preference and configuration data in a wide spectrum of consumer, automotive, telecommunication, medical, industrial, and PC applications. Atmel offers Serial EEPROM devices in I2C, Microwire and SPI compatible protocols. The devices come in a number of industry-standard package types including space saving DFN, VFBGA, SOT23, and WLCSP packages. Atmel Serial EEPROM devices feature low pin count and are optimized for use in automotive and industrial temperature applications where low-power and low-voltage operation are essential.

Product Name: Beyond DDR2/DDR SDRAM Memory Controlle
Company: Beyond Semiconductor

Increasing SoC/ASIC devices' complexity also demands increase in memory bandwidth. Single data rate devices are being replaced by double (and more) data rate devices in applications where memory bandwidth is essential. The development trend in DDR2, DDR, SDRAM devices is biased towards higher clock frequencies and higher latencies. Beyond DDR2/DDR SDRAM Memory Controller IP Core was developed with this trend in mind. It interleaves accesses when possible, maximizing utilization of memory control and data buses. This reduces overall memory access latencies while utilizing its higher bandwidth capabilities.

Product Name: Beyond SDRAM/FLASH/SRAM Memory Controller
Company: Beyond Semiconductor

Almost every SoC produced today uses some kind of external memory, because large embedded memories can be costly in terms of price, overall die size and power consumption. Beyond SDRAM/FLASH/SRAM Memory Controller IP Core provides access to external asynchronous static and synchronous dynamic memory devices for SoC designs using AHB or WISHBONE SoC interconnect bus as internal bus. A wide variety of different memory device organizations and speeds are supported. The Beyond SDRAM/FLASH/SRAM Memory Controller IP Core also uses a lot of optional, pre-synthesis parameters, which makes it configurable for use in a wide variety of applications.

Product Name: Storage
Company: Broadcom Limited (formerly Avago Technologies)

Avago is a leading supplier of 2G,4G,8G and 10G storage transceiver solutions. Avago's Fibre Channel transceiver and ESCON products are offered in SC duplex, MT-RJ, SFF LC and SFP LC platforms for computing, switching, and host bus adapter applications in storage area networks.

Product Name: Embedded Memory Solutions
Company: ChipStart LLC

ChipStart is your one-stop for embedded memory solutions, from our revolutionary Algorithmic Memory to embedded SRAM's. Silicon proven and qualified memories in many standard processes as well as macros for less common fabs and process nodes.

Product Name: CX92125
Company: Conexant Systems Inc

The CX92125 (DC1250) is a comprehensive solution for low-end to mid-range color inkjet and laser multi-function printers (MFPs). The highly integrated SoC features very high-speed hardware image processing accelerators, system I/O and powerful 32-bit microprocessor core with a memory management unit a vector floating point processor.

Product Name: CX92162
Company: Conexant Systems Inc

The CX92162 is a highly integrated multi-function printer controller for mid-range tandem color laser MFPs featuring a powerful ARM926EJ-S microprocessor core with MMU, DDR3 SDRAM support, memory card controller, LCD controller, touchscreen support, Ethernet MAC, boots from serial and NAND Flash, and has an enhanced image processing pipeline that improves the performance as well as the image quality. A complete hardware and software development kit is offered to simplify product-development efforts and allows designers to deliver product to market more quickly.

Product Name: DSDRAM
Company: Digital Core Design

The DSDRAM is an IP Core of a configurable SDRAM controller. Naturally, it is fully compliant to JEDEC PC100/133 standards. Our infallible soft Core can operate with any SDRAM memory device, in terms of size and required timing parameters. All access timing parameters - such as CAS latency, refresh interval etc. - can be easily programmed. Thanks to this useful feature, the DSDRAM can support different speed grades of SDRAM devices and different operating frequencies.

Product Name: bRAMs / Distributed RAMs
Company: eASIC Corporation

The eCores contain custom decode logic that together with the eCell LUTs, can be configured into a dual-port memory. Any rectangular arrangement of eCell™ within the eCore™ can be combined to form an eRAM. Dedicated software tools assist the designer in configuring both a single block of memory and multiple blocks of eRAM memories by connecting the eRAM memories together with additional logic.

Product Name: JEM_DIMM/SODIMM Module
Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

StarTest (JTAG.TECT), our distributor for Israel, Russia and former USSR, developed a wide array of memory modules for use in JTAG test.

Product Name: FS2800 DDR Detective
Company: FuturePlus® Systems

The DDR Detective® is the most comprehensive DDR Memory compliance, validation and performance monitoring tool on the market.  It provides: ·         Real Time all the time JEDEC compliance violation detection ·         Traditional deep transaction trace capture ·         Thousands of Real Time all the time Performance counters ·         System characterization using real time counters not traditional trace, stop, compute method which misses valuable bus traffic ·         Passive, physically small probing supports cell phones to servers

Product Name: ACC-5595
Company: GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Inc.

The ACC-5595  is a managed hub designed to operate with the GE Intelligent Platforms 5565 family of   Reflective Memory real-time network products. The Reflective Memory hub can automatically bypass ports when it detects a loss of signal or the loss of valid synchronization patterns, allowing the other    nodes in the network to remain operational.

Product Name: H5GQ1H24BFR
Company: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

The GDDR5 SGRAM is a high speed dynamic random access memory designed for applications requiring high bandwidth. GDDR5 devices contain the following number of bits:1Gb has 1,073,741,824 bits and sixteen banksThe GDDR5 SGRAM uses a 8n prefetch architecture and DDR interface to achieve high speed operation.   The device can be configured to operate in x32 mode or x16 (clamshell) mode. The mode is detected during device initialization.

Product Name: H5TC1G83EFR
Company: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

The H5TC1G83EFR-xxA(I) and H5TC1G63EFR-xxA(I) are a 1Gb low power Double Data Rate III (DDR3L) Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the main memory applications which requires large memory density, high bandwidth and low power operation at 1.35V. SK Hynix DDR3L SDRAM provides backward compatibility with the 1.5V DDR3 based environment without any changes. (Please refer to the SPD information for details.)

Product Name: H5TC2G83DFR
Company: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

The H5TC2G83DFR-xxA(I) and H5TC2G63DFR-xxA(I) are a 2Gb low power Double Data Rate III (DDR3L) Synchronous DRAM, ideally suited for the main memory applications which requires large memory density, high bandwidth and low power operation at 1.35V. SK Hynix DDR3L SDRAM provides backward compatibility with the 1.5V DDR3 based environment without any changes. (Please refer to the SPD information for details.)

Product Name: A2 - Serial ATA Solid State Disk (SSD) controller
Company: Hyperstone GmbH

The Hyperstone A2 family of Flash Memory Controllers together with provided application and flash specific firmware offers an easy-to-use turnkey platform for high endurance robust flash disks of various form factors and interface standards.

Product Name: F3 - Flash Memory Controller
Company: Hyperstone GmbH

The Hyperstone F3 family of Flash Memory Controllers together with provided application and flash specific firmware offers an easy-to-use turnkey platform for high endurance flash disks of various form factors and interface standards.  

Product Name: F4 - Flash Memory Controller
Company: Hyperstone GmbH

The Hyperstone F4 family of Flash Memory Controllers together with provided application and flash specific firmware offers an easy-to-use turnkey platform for high endurance flash disks of various form factors and interface standards.

Product Name: S8 - Flash Memory Controller
Company: Hyperstone GmbH

The Hyperstone S8 family of Flash Memory Controllers together with provided application and Flash specific firmware offers an easy-to-use turnkey platform for industrial high endurance robust Flash Memory Cards or modules compatible to host systems with (e)SD or (e)MMC interfaces.

Product Name: JMF667
Company: JMicron Technology Corp.

JMF667 is a single chip, supports external DDR3 DRAM, SATA III to NAND flash interface. It is native design to provide higher bandwidth for flash memory access. JMF667 can support the maximum read and write speed to drive the limit of flash memory. JMF667 has the best supporting to the latest NAND flash memory, including Toshiba 32nm/24nm HBL/ABL, 19nm Flash, Intel/Micron 20 nm and 25 nm. It also provides the embedded hardware error correction code (ECC), wear leveling, and bad block management technology in this chip. In order to resolve compatibility issue, JMF667 provides the on line firmware upgrade ability.

Product Name: MBISTArchitect
Company: Mentor Graphics

Embedded memory continues to represent a larger portion of today’s challenging designs. Because of this trend, and the nature of a memory’s small geometries, implementing a sound memory testing strategy is one of the most significant design decisions.

Product Name: µC/OS-III
Company: Micriµm Technologies Corporation

µC/OS-III is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive, real-time, deterministic, multitasking kernel for microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs.

Product Name: μC/FS
Company: Micriµm Technologies Corporation

µC/FS can access multiple storage media through a clean, simple API. It supports the FAT file system for interoperability with all major operating systems. An optional journaling component provides fail-safe operation, while maintaining FAT compatibility.

Product Name: 10M/10G Anyspeed MAC
Company: MorethanIP

Low-Latency Anyspeed Ethernet MAC Core designed to comply with the IEEE802.3 specifications for 10/100/1000Mbps and 10Gbps meeting the requirements for both WAN / MAN and LAN connectivity. Its flexible rate design also allows for industry standard 2.5Gbps operation.

Company: Northwest Logic

Northwest Logic provides high-performance, silicon-proven easy-to-use Memory Interface solutions including HBM2, DDR4/3, LPDDR4/3, and MRAM IP cores. These solutions support a full range of platforms including ASICs, Structured ASICs and FPGAs. Each core is available in source code and netlist formats and is provided with a testbench and expert technical support. For additional information, visit or contact us directly.

Product Name: AVR
Company: OLIMEX Ltd.

The AVR is an 8-bit RISC single-chip microcontroller which was developed by Atmel in 1996. The AVR was one of the first microcontroller families to use the on-chip flash memory for program storage, as opposed to the one-time programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM used by other microcontrollers at the time. Recently a lot of enthusiasts become acquainted with the AVR microcontrollers thanks to the Arduino project.

Product Name: Memory Request Optimizer
Company: Performance-IP, LLC

The Memory Request Optimizer™ will reduce the read latency of your memory sub-system, allowing you to recover lost system performance. Based on Performance-IP's patent-pending Memory Tracker Technology™, which allows the Memory Request Optimizer™ to operate at greater levels of efficiency. This greater efficiency produces large reductions in latency, which means greater reductions in power or larger increases in performance. The Memory Request Optimizer™ can also reduce the number of reads that reach the memory sub-system. Further improving the performance/watt of your design. The Memory Request Optimizer™ is completely programmable, allowing customer's to dynamically tune the desired request optimization to best match their applications performance and power requirements. Support for single or multiple clients allows the Memory Request Optimizer™ to reside at any level of a memory sub-system, making it ideally suited for today's multi-core or multi-client SoC designs.

Product Name: PX1500-4
Company: Signatec, Inc.

The PX1500-4 is a four channel waveform capture board that can acquire up to 1500 MSPS on each channel or up to 3000 MSPS for dual channel operation when ADC data is interleaved. The PX1500-4 can be set up to use either a transformer coupled front end or an amplifier connection. The transformer connection can only be set for AC coupled operation and has a frequency capture range of 5 MHz to 2 GHz. The amplifier can be set for either AC or DC coupled operation with a frequency range of up to 1 GHz.

Product Name: R5WT-979 Series
Company: Taiwan Commate Computer Inc.(COMMELL)

COMMELL's R5WT-979 is the value industrial 5U 19" rackmount with 10.4” TFT LCD Intel Pentium 4 LGA 775 level industrial workstation platform. Based on Intel socket 775 Pentium 4 / Celeron architecture and PICMG industrial standard, R4WT-979 features the Intel's latest Pentium 4 / Celeron LGA 775 CPU @ 800/533 MHz FSB and DDR II memory solution, integrated with Intel 915GV built-in Intel GMA 900, 3 x Giga LAN, AC97 3D audio and high speed USB 2.0, M-systems DiskOnChip embedded flash disk interfaces and high expansibility of multiple PCI/ISA expansive slots with optional configuration.

Product Name: R.S.T. Pro 3 PCI-Express
Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

Introducing the world’s first and only PCI Express RAM memory diagnostic and validation tool, R.S.T. PRO PCI Express (R.S.T. Pro PCIe). R.S.T. Pro PCI Express is the definitive memory diagnostic and validation tool designed for the rigorous testing needs of desktop & server memory manufacturers, system builders, design engineers, and service professionals.

Product Name: DDR SDRAM
Company: Virtium Technology, Inc.

DDR SDRAM also known as DDR1 SDRAM became a JEDEC standard in 2000 for industrial OEM's and was the successor technology to SDRAM. It was followed by the subsequent generations of DDR2 and DDR3. DDR SDRAM provides a lower voltage level and higher data transfer compared to SDRAM. The voltage level is reduced from 3.30 volts down to 2.50 volts and the memory module provides a data transfer on both transitions of the clock signal. This produces more data transfers for a given clock speed, but with the drawback of increased latency. The DDR Generation was the first to feature Very Low Profile Registered DIMMs (VLP RDIMM) with reduced height to support space-constrained applications.

Product Name: DDR2 SDRAM
Company: Virtium Technology, Inc.

The memory clock speed of the industrial DDR2 SDRAM was reduced by half compared to the DDR1 generation for a given bus speed. This change resulted in higher bus speed for an equivalent memory clock rate at the cost of increased latency. The operating voltage was reduced from 2.5 Volts to 1.8 volts to reduce power consumption and facilitate the use of smaller semiconductor fabrication processes. The DDR2 generation also saw the introduction of additional form factors such as the 214 pin MicroDIMM with ECC, the 244 pin Mini-DIMM, and features such the Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM), Low profile DIMM and ECC SODIMM.

Product Name: Flash Storage Solutions
Company: Virtium Technology, Inc.

The Virtium TuffDisk Compact Flash (CF) VCF Series is an industrial temperature -40°C - +85°C Flash storage solution that provides rugged storage solutions for single board computers and industrial systems. It is designed to solve a broad range of OEM concerns from compatibility, booting and power cycling issues to speed, cost and long-term supply as well as wear leveling support. The TuffDisk industrial CF VCF product family is available in a broad range of densities from 128 MB to 16 GB and features speeds up to 80 MB/s read and 75 MB/s write.

Product Name: SODIMM / Mini-DIMM
Company: Virtium Technology, Inc.

Virtium?s has a proven history of small form factor (SFF) memory module product development, which is demonstrated with our long list of first-to-market SO-DIMM and Mini-DIMM new technology form factors. Virtium was the first company to introduce ECC SODIMM products and SORDIMM in 2006. In 2010, Virtium introduced the first 4GB DDR3 ECC UNBUFFERED MiniDIMM in advanced Ultra-Low Profile (ULP) 17.78mm (.700 inch) form factor. The company was also first to market with ECC SODIMM, SORDIMM and VLP DIMM products.

Product Name: Stacked Chips/TwinRAM
Company: Virtium Technology, Inc.

Utilizing our sophisticated BGA and TSOP chip stacking technologies as well as flash stacked components, Virtium leverages the advantages of lower cost components and quicker integration times while maintaining the functionality of lower volume specialty DRAM configurations. Virtium reduces the cost of sourcing hard to find configurations and densities by using high-volume products in stacked configurations to reduce the height of Low Profile DIMM, VLP DIMM and VLP SODIMM applications. The use of mainstream DRAM enables Virtium to offer its customers shorter lead times when supply is tight or on allocation.

Product Name: 563xx-System
Company: X-SPEX GmbH

Flexible DSP-System based on the DSP56321 by Motorola/Freescale incorporating FlashROM, SDRAM and various external interfaces.

Product Name: BF53x-System
Company: X-SPEX GmbH

Flexible DSP-System based on the BlackFin family by Analog Devices incorporating FlashROM, SDRAM and various external interfaces.

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