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Design Verification

Product Name: Headless Gateway Platforms
Company: Abilis Systems

Abilis headless gateway platforms are the best optimized designs for retailers and operators to provide a complete solution to deliver high quality television to mobile devices and IP based receivers in the house.

Product Name: Model Quality Assurance
Company: Accelicon Technologies

MQA (Model Quality Assurance) is to automate Model QA procedure and to link advance process technologies and design success.

Product Name: GRLIB IP
Company: Aeroflex Gaisler AB

The LEON3 processor core is a synthesizable VHDL model of a 32-bit processor complaint with the SPARC V8 architecture. The core is highly configurable and particularly suitable for system-on-a-chip (SOC)desgins.The configurability allows designers to optimize the processor for performance, power consumption, I/O throughput, silicon area and cost. The core is interfaced using the AMBA-2.0 AHB bus, and supports the IP plug& play method provided in the GRLIB IP Library

Product Name: AllowSim
Company: Allowtech

AllowSim is a comprehensive simulation and verification suite that provides a flexible environment for testing packet based, data path and protocol processing FPGA designs. AllowSim is the ideal tool for testing designs such as packet switch/routers, packet/network processors, and data paths for voice and video over IP.

Product Name: 4 um 12 GHz BiCMOS
Company: Alpha Industries International, Ltd.

-Single poly BiCMOS -Salicide for lower series resistance -non-recessed LOCOS isolated -SOG Planarization -2 layer A1Cu metalization -TiSi Schottky -Tungsten Plug contact/via fill -85 Ang. Gate oxide -TiN contact barrier metalization -Large Angle Tilt LDD's for Hot E performance

Product Name: 65 Volt BCDMOS
Company: Alpha Industries International, Ltd.

Technology: Smart power BCDMOS
Process: 1.2-um
Interconnect Layers (poly/metal): 2/2
Maximum Gate Count: 100,000
Operating Voltage (V): 65
I/O Voltage (V): 65
Maximum I/O Count: Die size-limited
Memory Types: Not available

Product Name: 7 um 12 GHz BiCMOS
Company: Alpha Industries International, Ltd.

-Twin Well BiCMOS -Gate oxide 150 Ang. -LOCOS isolated - 6550 Ang. -Composite pitch: 2.16um -2 Layer A1 0.5% Cu -Drawn Poly: 0.8um, pitch 1.6 um -W plugs with Ti/TiN liner -Contact:0.8um -PtSi Schottky (Y) -M1 pitch: 2.0um, M2 pitch:2.5 um -High Voltage MOS xtors (H)

Product Name: H.V. Modular cmos
Company: Alpha Industries International, Ltd.

  • Designs and manufactures cost effective CMOS ICs for a wide range of customer applications.
  • Includes products for digital, mixed signal, full analog, high voltage or moderate power.
  • Utilizes mature process for very high volume automotive needs since 1994.
  • Provides low cost modular CMOS solutions with high voltage 30V continuous, 40V transient or add DMOS for up to 1A.

Product Name: High Voltage Bipolar
Company: Alpha Industries International, Ltd.

  • High accuracy analog ASICs
  • Robust high-voltage analog
  • Smart control of high power and voltage
  • Ignition and voltage regulator ASICs

Product Name: Variety
Company: Altos Design Automation Inc. (Acquired by Cadence)

Variety is an ultra-fast standard cell characterizer of process variation aware timing models. It generates libraries that can be used with multiple statistical timing analyzers without requiring re-characterization for each unique format. It supports both linear and non-linear sensitivity accounting for systematic and random variation for any set of correlated or uncorrelated process parameters.

Product Name: Design and Verification Tools (DVT)
Company: AMIQ EDA

DVT is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the e language, SystemVerilog, Verilog, and VHDL.  It helps design and verification engineers increase the speed and quality of code development and simplify the maintenance of reusable libraries and legacy code. 

DVT is built on the Eclipse Platform and is similar to well-known programming tools like Visual Studio and IntelliJ. It comprises an IEEE standard-compliant parser, a smart code editor, an intuitive GUI, and a comprehensive set of features that help with code inspection, navigation, documentation, and debugging. It integrates with all major simulators, revision control systems, and bug tracking engines.

DVT supports the popular verification methodologies UVM, OVM, and VMM and provides automated UVM/OVM compliance checking. 

Product Name: DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Company: AMIQ EDA

DVT e Language IDE User Guide

Product Name: Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter
Company: AMIQ EDA

SystemVerilog is a rich object-oriented programming language that provides powerful constructs and a high level of programming flexibility. Such capabilities meet the needs of today's complex design and verification requirements, but at the same time introduce new challenges in code development. For example, the possibility of implementing the same functionality in multiple ways may impact the simulation performance or lead to unexpected behavior.

Product Name: Copper PCB
Company: Amitron Corp.

Demand for heavy copper-clad circuits in automotive, computer, industrial controls, and military is growing very fast. More than 90% of the existing circuit board manufacturing is limited or not capable of producing reliable heavy copper printed circuit boards.

Product Name: Hotspot Pattern Analyzer
Company: Anchor Semiconductor, Inc.

Hotspot Pattern Analyzer provides powerful solutions for analysis and dispositioning of different types of violations found from design verification to manufacturing process characterization and monitoring. Integrated in NanoScope™ pattern-centric DFM platform, the hotspot analyzer takes hotspot reports from tools such as OPC verification or layout process sensitivity checking, as well as hotspots detected in manufacturing.

Product Name: NanoScope-DFP
Company: Anchor Semiconductor, Inc.

NanoScope-DFP is manufacturing-aware design verification tool. It is used at pre-tapeout design stage and complementary to DRC to ensure lithographic-friendly layout. Please contact Anchor specialists for more information.

Product Name: NanoScope-DPL™
Company: Anchor Semiconductor, Inc.

NanoScope-DPL™ (Defect Pattern Library) is built on Anchor’s pattern-centric NanoScope platform. DPL provides patterning knowledge sharing and reuse, allows users to save patterns from different sources: litho-unfriendly patterns in OPC verification, problematic patterns in mask making, and yield limiting patterns in wafer printing.

Product Name: NanoScope-PRV
Company: Anchor Semiconductor, Inc.

NanoScope-PRV (PRV) is a market-leading OPC/RET inspection tool. It is a software-based solution which has superior advantages in full-chip accuracy and performance. Together with its unparalleled analysis capability and ease-of-use, PRV provides our customers the fastest ROI and lowest COO (cost of ownership). It is silicon-proven at 0.15um, 0.13um, 0.11um, 90nm and below. It has successfully helped many of our customers around the world to cut down their OPC/RET development cycle time and avoid the costly mask making and wafer fabrication.

Product Name: ESP-CV™
Company: ArchPro Design Automation Inc. (acquired by Synopsys)

ESP-CV verifies that two different design representations are functionally equivalent. These designs may be described as Verilog behavioral models, RTL, UDP’s, gates, transistors, or SPICE netlist views.

Product Name: MVRC
Company: ArchPro Design Automation Inc. (acquired by Synopsys)

MVRC is a voltage-aware static checker that allows engineers to rapidly verify the designs that use voltage control techniques for power management. Additionally MVRC enables verification of the correct implementation of protection circuitry from an architectural and structural perspective.

Product Name: MVSIM
Company: ArchPro Design Automation Inc. (acquired by Synopsys)

MVSIM is the world’s first EDA solution for verification of power-managed designs and supports ARM® Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) technology. Multi-voltage chip designers today have to settle for verification of power management schemes after the silicon has been created. Bugs are often found in power management schemes after silicon is spun causing time and cost-consuming revisions to silicon, system and software. MVSIM, for the first time, changes this paradigm to enable verification prior to silicon spins. MVSIM enables the user to bring any system level architectural decision on voltage scaling into RTL and verify it.

Product Name: Dual Row QFN Test Sockets
Company: Ardent Concepts, Inc.

With RC Spring Probe™ technology, Ardent Concepts has made a quantum leap in testing connectivity. The RC Spring Probe™ architecture is designed to accommodate a variety of applications and package types. Ardent contactors are designed for high-performance over extended cycles for QFN/MLF/DFN and other package types.

Product Name: RC Scrub-R
Company: Ardent Concepts, Inc.

This revolutionary new 'wiping' action RC contact technology is a Patented Ardent Solution for ATE testing of Chipscale, QFN, MLF, MLP and other small leadless devices. RC Scrub-R technology provides: Exceptional Signal Integrity, Long Life, Lower Co mponent Costs and Lower Overall Costs 

Product Name: ACADto3Di
Company: Artwork Conversion Software, Inc.

ACADto3Di is 3D modeler for IC packages that have been "drawn" inside of AutoCAD. It enables any package designer to create a 3D model from a simple bond document. Once converted to the 3Di format, the package can be viewed in 3D and the wires can have a full 3D DRC performed.

Product Name: Active-HDL 8.2
Company: ASICSoft, Inc.

Active-HDL is an integrated easy-to-use FPGA Design and Simulation solution, providing a robust design creation tool suite, a high-performance mixed-language simulator and a multi-vendor FPGA flow manager that controls Simulation, Synthesis and Implementation for industry leading FPGA devices, such as Actel™, Altera®, Lattice®, Quicklogic®, Xilinx® and over 87 popular EDA tools, all-in-one common environment.

Product Name: Quad V7 Prototyping System
Company: ASICSoft, Inc.

The proFPGA quad V7 system is an complete, scalable, and modular multi FPGA solution, which fulfills highest needs in the area of FPGA based Prototyping. It addresses customers who need an scalable and most flexible high performance ASIC Prototyping solution for early software development and real time system verification. The innovative system concept and technologies offer highest flexibility and reuseability for several projects, which guarantees the best return on invest.

Product Name: Anti Tamper (AT) Platform for Secure SoCs
Company: Athena

The Athena Group solves the costly problem of deploying AT solutions. The first product of its kind, TeraFire AT circumvents the NRE, manufacturing, and time to market costs of conventional AT approaches. TeraFire AT uniquely combines the AT, design, and cost strengths of single-
chip cryptographic modules with information assurance (IA) techniques, and delivers them as a standardized platform that includes both hardware and software. This approach finally bridges the return on investment gap for AT technology in digital electronic systems.

Product Name: AVXCOR
Company: Athena

Athena delivers the world's fastest video cross correlator powered by the world's most efficient Fast Fourier Transform core. Cross correlation systems using matched filters is the methodology of choice for automatic target recognition (ATR), surveillance, and advanced visual identification friend or foe applications. Whatever your application, the Athena AVXCOR delivers unprecedented performance, low power, and a small footprint. Scalable in both performance and image size, the AVXCOR has the flexibility and throughput to tackle nearly any video cross correlation task.

Product Name: 8051 Architecture
Company: Atmel Corporation

Atmel offers a broad range of microcontrollers based on the 8051 instruction set, enabling developers to leverage proven technology combined with the latest features and functionality. Our rich portfolio includes devices ranging in code density from 2K bytes to 128K bytes.

Product Name: CAN/VAN Networking
Company: Atmel Corporation

Controller Area Network (CAN) networking is widely used in electronic architectures for today’s modern vehicles. Atmel® offers a wide range of solutions for CAN networking, including AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers and transceivers. Atmel Flash-based microcontrollers are compliant with V2.0A and V2.0B of the CAN protocol, and offer flexible in-system programming capabilities.

Product Name: MCU Wireless
Company: Atmel Corporation

In an increasingly connected world, wireless connectivity is more essential than ever. Consumers demands are escalating as wireless extends from PC peripherals and home entertainment applications to the Smart Grid and beyond.

Product Name: Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC Experts
Company: austriamicrosystems AG

With almost 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of analog and mixed signal ASICs, ams offers high quality products to the automotive, consumer, industry and healthcaremarkets.  

Product Name: AIEC9DVB
Company: Automotive Integrated Electronics Corporation

The AIEC9 System on Chip (SoC) Development Board (AIEC9DVB) provides an environment for
developing production intent, custom SoCs that are based on the AIEC9 microprocessor (mP) core.
Typically, an SoC contains a mP core, associated memory, digital peripherals, and an analog to digital converter. The AIEC9DVB provides provisions for all of these functions such that the SoC can be completely prototyped before committing to silicon. In this way, a custom SoC can be developed to meet the requirements of a specific application while optimizing the system for performance and cost.

Product Name: APIC
Company: Automotive Integrated Electronics Corporation

The ARM Processor Interrupt Controller (APIC) prioritizes and submits interrupt requests to the
microprocessor for servicing. The APIC is compatible with ARM7TDMI and ARM9TDMI microprocessor cores and allows expansion of ARM’s two interrupt sources to thirty-two interrupt sources with extremely low software overhead. One interrupt source can be routed to the ARM’s nFIRQ line for an extremely low latency interrupt source. Each interrupt source can be configured as a software or hardware interrupt.

Product Name: J1850VB
Company: Automotive Integrated Electronics Corporation

The Real Time Engine Controller (RTEC) is an intelligent peripheral that is used in conjunction with a microprocessor for the control of internal combustion engines. RTEC has been specifically designed to increase engine performance and reduce emission output through precise delivery of ignition and injection pulses. RTEC’s advanced design features significantly reduce the servicing of interrupts by the controlling microprocessor, which effectively increases throughput allowing more complex control algorithms. The intelligent hardware contained within RTEC simplifies software development with the removal of many low-level routines normally required to control less intelligent peripherals.

Product Name: NIROC
Company: Automotive Integrated Electronics Corporation

The Non-Intrusive RAM Overlay Calibration (NIROC) macrocell is designed to provide a real-time calibration solution for ARM9 microprocessor cores. Automotive powertrain applications involve large amounts of data which are used to define the operating parameters of the engine. These data are stored in “calibration tables” in instruction space. The values to be programmed into these tables are chosen during calibration. Traditional approaches to calibration have used parallel memory emulation technology.

Product Name: Serial Communications Interface (SCI)
Company: Automotive Integrated Electronics Corporation

The Serial Communications Interface (SCI) is an asynchronous full duplex serial communication
interface that uses standard Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) data formatting. The data format includes a single start bit, either 8 or 9 data bits, and a single stop bit. The last data bit can be programmed as either an odd or even parity bit. When enabled, parity is automatically generated by the transmitter and checked by the receiver. Parity errors detected by the receiver are indicated with the parity error flag.

Product Name: SolidAC™
Company: Averant

SolidAC™  is a program that automatically checks a circuit for a number of common design problems. Reading only the design source, and with very little input from the user, AutoChecks tracks down such problems as clock domain crossing problems, and a host of other problems that cause a design to function improperly.

Product Name: Solidify™
Company: Averant

Solidify™ Static functional verification is a unique form of analysis applied to RTL design descriptions. The strength of this analysis is that it is exhaustive by nature, and quickly uncovers hidden design flaws and corner cases.

Product Name: SolidPC™
Company: Averant

AMBA compliance in a snap. Built upon formal technology, SolidPC employs a pre-defined set of technology rules to verify compliance with the AMBA protocol specification. SolidPC has an easy, flow-oriented interface, and requires no vectors to run. Leveraging the Solidify core engine, the tool efficiently executes a series of exhaustive proofs, automatically generating testbenches for rules that fail.

Product Name: SolidSEC
Company: Averant

SolidSEC verifies that two versions of a circuit are functionally equivalent after sequential optimizations are performed on one circuit. Examples of such optimizations are clock gating and retiming which occur during power reduction optimizations.

Product Name: SolidTC™
Company: Averant

Confidence with timing analysis. SolidTC is a timing constraint verifier that checks the validity of False-paths and Multi-cycle paths declared in an SDC file. Built upon the Solidify engine, it uses formal techniques to quickly and exhaustively verify correctness of these timing exceptions.

Product Name: XAUI Capture and Playback Board
Company: Baykal Technology, Inc.

XAUI (Extended Auxilary Unit Interface) real-time Capture/Playback, with on board 4Giga Byte memory and High Speed USB 2.0 interface, to host computer for data retrieval and upload. Integrated Host PC Application to interface with XAUI Board through Hi-Speed USB Cable. Point-to-point baseband data transmission over 50 ohm controlled-impedance media. Selectable instant Tx Test Pattern generation and corresponding expected Rx data integrity check in real-time.

Product Name: B2 Spice A/D v4
Company: Beige Bag Software

A fully featured mixed mode simulator that builds upon B2 Spice A/D 2000's ease of use and adds its own powerful and innovative features to make it the simulator of choice for power SPICE users.

Product Name: Analog FastSPICE Mega Circuit Simulator
Company: Berkeley Design Automation, Inc.

Analog FastSPICE™ Mega is the industry’s first silicon-accurate circuit simulator for memories and other mega-scale circuits such as CMOS image sensors. AFS Mega™ extends the company’s foundry certified Analog FastSPICE Platform with the capacity, performance, and features required for mega-scale circuit verification and characterization down to and including FinFET-based process nodes.

Product Name: Analog FastSPICE Transient Noise Analysis
Company: Berkeley Design Automation, Inc.

Device noise is critical in sub-90nm CMOS processes, and it limits circuit performance at 45nm CMOS and below. Only Analog FastSPICE Transient Noise delivers nanometer SPICE accurate device noise analysis for every type of circuit. Transient noise analysis injects random white and flicker noise for each device noise source at each timestep during transient simulation to produce output waveforms that include realistic device noise effects. Post-processing the waveforms transforms the device noise effect into frequency domain for comparison to specifications.

Product Name: Spartan3 -MXS3FK-DSP
Company: BitMapper Integration Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SPARTAN-3 DSP Protoboard provides user friendly development platform, useful to physically verify DSP algorithms or simple digital designs around SPARTAN3 FPGA.

Product Name: Virtex-6 Giga ADC Board
Company: BitMapper Integration Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The Xilinx Virtex-6 Giga ADC Board is a unique development board targeting the applications in the RF domain e.g. RADAR and SDR (Software Defined Radio). The Virtex-6 FPGA, XC6VLX75T-1FF784 device with the capacity of 74,496 logic cells is interfaced with the wide bandwidth ADC AD08D1500 from National semiconductor. The board includes onboard interfaces like Ethernet and USB for PC communication. The rocket IO interface can transfer data between the board as high rate as 3.125 Gbps.

Product Name: Electronic Warfare
Company: BitSim AB

Electronic Warfare is an area that traditionally has been shrouded in secrecy. If one searches for books covering the topic one won’t find very many titles. This is per definition a military field involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Is it necessary to have electronic warfare equipment or is it better to spend the money on other types of weapons?

Product Name: fiXtress ASR - Automated Schematic Review
Company: BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.

fiXtress™ Automated Schematic Review detects schematic design errors based on component parameters and good engineering practices defined by rules. Typical engineering practices result in a manual, complex design review process, and fiXtress ASR automates this procedure. It increases design efficiency, robustness and quality and verifies proper implementation of reference design as specified by the IC and ASIC manufacturers.

Product Name: fiXtress MTBF Pro + Stress Derating Analysis
Company: BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.

BQR’s fiXtress™ MTBF performs Mean Time Between Failure prediction and Component Electrical Stress Derating analysis. The MTBF module uses two methods: The first is Parts Stress using stress values such as power, voltage and current, which are automatically retrieved from fiXtress Rapid or Precise to calculate component failure rate based on stress.  The second method is Parts Count, using a stress level of 50% as default, for MTBF estimation before performing Parts Stress analysis. The software includes best practices for derating which helps create more realistic stress derating and component rating selection, increasing product robustness. The Stress Derating analysis includes a feature which estimates the average temperature rise of the PCB, even before layout, for an accurate stress derating analysis.  With this information, the designer can select the proper size of the component rating, and place hot components in a cooler area. Additionally, assumptions can be made regarding required Air Flow (i.e. fan capacity) for reducing the temperature of the entire PCB.

Product Name: fiXtress Precise Electrical Stress Analysis
Company: BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.

fiXtress™ Precise is a comprehensive Design for Reliability (DFR) tool that optimizes the final design before production. BQR’s fiXtress Precise uses Kirchhoff laws for DC & AC stress analysis with an automated and innovative process, while accounting for component operation modes. The analysis results, including operational power, voltage and current are then fed to the MTBF Pro for electrical components derating analysis.

Product Name: fiXtress Rapid Electrical Stress Analysis
Company: BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd.

fiXtress™ Rapid is a simple, effective Design for Reliability (DFR) tool that accelerates and optimizes the design process. fiXtress Rapid enables the user to reduce development time by performing stress analysis during the design process. It helps select the correct component rating based on stress analysis. fiXtress Rapid uses Ohm’s law, propagating the voltage potential via all nets in order to calculate the operational DC power, voltage and current of each connected component. This method can be used even when the design is incomplete. The analysis results, including operational power, voltage and current are then fed to the MTBF Pro for electrical components derating analysis.

Product Name: Tachyon™ OPC+
Company: Brion Technologies

Built on the ultrafast and scalable Tachyon platform and enabled by Tachyon's highly accurate, production-proven focus-exposure modeling (FEM) model, Tachyon OPC+ delivers accurate and efficient process-window optical proximity correction (OPC), while meeting throughput and cost of ownership requirements for volume production at the 45nm technology node and below.

Product Name: Tachyon™ RDI and LMC
Company: Brion Technologies

Tachyon RET Design inspection (RDI) and Lithography Manufacturability Check (LMC) are production-proven full-chip, full process window, model-based verification tools that deliver the speed and accuracy to meet the deep subwavelength (or low-k1) photolithography verification challenge of today and tomorrow.

Product Name: Cadence 3D Design Viewer
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence® 3D Design Viewer provides a realistic visualization of how the design will look when fabricated. Engineers can pan and zoom in on the image from any angle to explore the design in detail. For design reviews, engineers can take a snapshot of the screen and use the built-in annotation tools to add shapes, arrows, and text. 3D Design Viewer also provides interactive 3D wirebond design rule checking.

Product Name: Cadence QRC Extraction
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence® QRC Extraction includes a full spectrum of technologies for all nanometer-scale design styles including RF, analog, mixed-signal, custom digital, and cell. These advanced capabilities include RLCK extraction, advanced process modeling, multi-corner and statistical extraction, distributed processing, netlist reduction, substrate parasitics extraction, an integrated field solver, and hierarchical extraction. With Cadence QRC Extraction, designers have an easy-to-use solution for rapid analysis to achieve faster timing closure and higher quality of silicon.

Product Name: Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer automates the generation, validation, and refinement of constraints to ensure that timing constraints are valid throughout the entire design process, helping designers achieve rapid timing closure.

Product Name: Incisive Enterprise Specman Elite®
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Part of the Cadence® Incisive® functional verification platform, Incisive Enterprise Specman products blend leading-edge process automation technology with the comprehensive Plan-to-Closure Methodology to simplify and speed verification. Specman® products automate the entire verification process, from individual blocks to full chips to the project level. With Specman technology, designers benefit from increased productivity and a predictable path to high-quality silicon.

Product Name: Incisive Palladium® series
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

The Cadence® Incisive® Palladium® series delivers high system throughput, verification automation, and advanced debug to perform plan- and metric-driven system-level hardware/software co-verification. Capable of handling chip designs of up to 256 million gates, it also enables software to be developed and verified on a real hardware implementation using live data.

Product Name: Incisive Xtreme series
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

The Cadence® Incisive® Xtreme® series of high-performance, high-capacity accelerators/emulators speeds the functional verification of designs at the behavioral, RTL, and gate levels. Designed for multi-user, multi-site, multi-purpose systems, the Xtreme series integrates with the Incisive simulation environment to perform advanced verification planning and drive coverage-based, metric-driven verification closure.

Product Name: Incisive® Formal Verifier
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Cadence® Incisive® Formal Verifier allows design teams to start RTL block verification months earlier than when using traditional simulation-based techniques. Its formal, assertion-based approach and exhaustive analysis capabilities ensure verification quality by pinpointing the source of bugs and detecting the corner-case errors that other methods often miss.

Product Name: Condor 900
Company: Camtek

Designed for the high production volume environment, the Condor 900 product series is the ideal choice for inspection and metrology addressing the most demanding semiconductor market applications and the emerging 3D-IC market.

Product Name: Falcon 600
Company: Camtek

Camtek’s Falcon 600 is a versatile and flexible inspection platform designed to enable easy customization for a wide variety of non-standard applications. Designed to handle both unframed and frame-mounted wafers, while maintaining  superb detection ability, high throughput and ease of operation, the Falcon family is known for. Customized Application Examples include: Bonded MEMS wafers (especially with glass tops); transparent and translucent materials (with or without pattern); wafers mounted on expansion rings (hoops); Perforated wafers, used to manufacture MEMS sensors, optical devices and inkjet print heads; thin wafers that tend to sag under their own weight.

Product Name: Gannet
Company: Camtek

Gannet is the first submicron macro M&I solution at high throughput enabling inspection of all wafers at all lots. Gannet helps customers to significantly reduce inspection costs without compromising 100% inspection. Using Gannet for 100% inspection covers all killer defects above 1µm and ensures yield improvement and high ROI.

Product Name: Schematic Capture for Electronic Design
Company: Capilano Computing System

  • Dockable toolbars give instant access to schematic editing functions and status information.
  • Modeless operation lets you perform most schematic operations like part placement and repositioning, wire editing and  selection without using a single menu or typed command.
  • Product Name: CEVA-MM2000
    Company: CEVA, Inc.

    Today’s mobile devices – from smartphones to tablet computers – are required to perform a tremendous variety of compute-intensive multimedia tasks while consuming as little power as possible. These tasks include capturing, processing, and displaying high-definition images and videos, capturing and playing high-definition audio, voice processing, and advanced capabilities such as face detection and gesture recognition. Embedded cameras in mobile devices require significant Image Signal Processing (ISP) in order to create quality images and video clips and to support embedded vision applications.

    Product Name: CEVA-SAS
    Company: CEVA, Inc.

    The enterprise storage industry remains heavily committed to the SCSI protocol. With ever-increasing requirements for higher performance, the enterprise storage market is rapidly evolving from SAS2.0 to SAS3.0, doubling the line rate to 12Gbps.

    Product Name: Multi-Image Super-Resolution on CEVA‑MM3101
    Company: CEVA, Inc.

    The CEVA Super-Resolution (SR) algorithm increases quality of still images for mobile devices. In today’s world, where smartphones are the most commonly used camera devices, image quality is still limited due to slim form factor and strict power constraints. Super-Resolution is an important breakthrough, enabling systems manufacturers and OEMs to increase the quality of images on any device, regardless of these factors.

    Product Name: SoC Design Platform
    Company: ChipStart LLC

    With more than 800 employees, Faraday is the largest fabless ASIC design service company in Asia. It is also a leading vendor of silicon-proven semiconductor IP. Faraday has already completed over 5,000 successful designs and helps customers ship billions of chips. Providing the most comprehensive IP portfolio and the most competent SoC design services, Faraday is a design partner of choice.

    Product Name: Turnkey Design Services
    Company: ChipStart LLC

    DELTA has been at the forefront of the microelectronics industry for over 25 years, providing IC design, testing, distribution, and complete supply chain services to some of the world’s bestknown OEMs/ODMs and fabless semiconductor companies.

    Product Name: Wide-Band High-Frequency Digital PLL
    Company: ChipStart LLC

    In an effort to continually offer our customers the most advanced, highly differentiated solutions on the market, we are proud to introduce this revolutionary Wide-Band High-Frequency Digital PLL.

    Product Name: Analogue TWR
    Company: CML Microcircuits

    CML's two-way radio products address both the full baseband and individual communication requirements of analogue military, PMR/LMR, trunked and leisure radio systems.

    Product Name: Digital PMR - DPMR
    Company: CML Microcircuits

    CML offers a wide range of voice, signalling and data processing ICs for digital communications systems, dPMR, integrating baseband processing and systems specific Air Interface.

    Product Name: AD1989A
    Company: Conexant Systems Inc

    The AD1989A audio CODEC and software provide superior HD audio quality and high performance. The AD1989A has eight 101 dB DACs and six 92 dB ADCs, three stereo headphone ports, C/LFE swapping, a 2-channel digital microphone interface, digital and analog PCBeep, two independent S/PDIF outputs, and a S/PDIF input, making the AD1989A the right choice for PCs where performance is the primary consideration. The jack retasking feature on this product supports various configurations including 5.1 on 3 jacks, and front panel jack retasking. The AD1989A is available in a 48-lead RoHS compliant lead frame chip scale package in both reels and trays.

    Product Name: CX20665
    Company: Conexant Systems Inc

    Conexant's CX20665 Audio CODEC with integrated mono Class-D speaker amplifier is specifically designed for 2.0 channel audio entertainment. The System-on-chip (SoCs) is a low-power, 102 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), high-performance audio CODEC with two independent pairs of DACs and two independent pairs of ADCs that support Multi-Streaming and Real Time Communications applications. High-performance analog audio performance is achieved with an integrated 5-volt to 3.3-volt low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator, which lowers external Bill of Materials (BOM) cost. The device features dual ProCoustic™ capless headphone drivers and dual digital microphone interfaces, which further reduces BOM cost by eliminating the need for external amplifier and DC-blocking capacitors.

    Product Name: PCB Testing & Inspection
    Company: Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services: Kingfield Electronics UK

    This activity builds on our box build activity to provide complete manufacturing solutions. Not only are we capable of building individual instruments, but many of our customers applications require the build of multiple instruments, and the configuration of individual units to form systems. These are configured to the individual requirements of each contract or sales order.  

    Product Name: Design Environment COSIDE®
    Company: COSEDA Technologies

    The Design Environment COSIDE® is the first tool which permits the design of electronic hard- & software components in the context of the whole system. It is easy to adapt and enables a cross-domain optimization of the system concept & architecture and thus the design of next generation products. COSIDE® is intuitive to use for experienced soft- and hardware designers, while reducing the effort for modelling and simulation by the factor of 10.
    We provide the reference implementation for the SystemC AMS part of the standard. Which can be downloaded for free at On top of this standard we developed models, libraries and IP's, which are integrated within our design environment COSIDE®.

    Product Name: MEMS+IC DESIGN (MEMS+)
    Company: Coventor

    MEMS products require a tight integration between the MEMS device and the accompanying circuit, wheter it's an ASIC, Custom-IC, or other circuit. The advanced tools and features in MEMS+ automate the tasks for generating MEMS models for IC Design software, optimizing mems + ic's together, simplifying design entry in 3-D, enabling companies to reduce their MEMS product turn around time and avoid many human related errors.

    Product Name: Antenna Magus
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    Antenna Magus is a software tool to help accelerate the antenna design and modeling process. It increases efficiency by helping the engineer to make a more informed choice of antenna element, providing a good starting design. Validated antenna models can be exported to CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®from a huge antenna database which means that the engineer can get to the customization phase of an antenna design quickly and reliably. Antenna Magus is a product of Magus (Pty) Ltd. It can be purchased through CST distribution channels.

    Product Name: CST BOARDCHECK™
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST BOARDCHECK™ is an EMC, SI and PI rule checking program that reads popular board files from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Zuken as well as ODB++ (e.g. Altium) files and checks the PCB design against a suite of EMC or SI rules. The kernel used by CST BOARDCHECK is the well-known software tool EMSAT.  

    Product Name: CST CABLE STUDIO®
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST CABLE STUDIO® (CST CS) is dedicated to the three-dimensional analysis of signal integrity (SI), conducted emission (CE), radiated emission (RE), and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) of complex cable structures in electrically large systems. It provides powerful import filters from popular MCAD and ECAD tools for smooth integration into the industrial workflow.

    Product Name: CST DESIGN STUDIO™
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST DESIGN STUDIO™(CST DS) is a powerful and easy-to-use schematic design tool that radically speeds up the analysis, synthesis, and optimization of complex structures and electromagnetic systems. How does it work? CST DESIGN STUDIO™ (CST DS) enables the synthesis of complex systems from simulation blocks This blocks may represent circuit components, Ibis or Touchstone models, or analytic models from an inbuilt library. Particularly valuable are parametric models from various members of the CST STUDIO SUITE®, such as CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®, CST PCB STUDIO®, or CST CABLE STUDIO®. All the simulation blocks can be synthesized in CST DS. The simulation task concept enables the rapid analysis of various aspects of the complete system's behavior.

    Product Name: CST EM STUDIO®
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST EM STUDIO® (CST EMS) is dedicated to the simulation of static and low-frequency devices.  Embedded in the same CST user interface, CST EMS features a variety of solver module to tackle electrostatics, magnetostatics, current flow and low-frequency problems and can be coupled to other CST STUDIO SUITE® modules for charged particle and multiphysics simulations. Applications include: actuators, brakes, EMC, generators, motors, sensors, transformers measurement instrumentation, and shielding effects.

    Product Name: CST EMC STUDIO®
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST EMC STUDIO® (CST EMCS) is a specialized software package for analyzing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) using 3D electromagnetic field simulation. The solvers and tools in CST EMCS have been selected to be especially relevant to EMC engineers, and are drawn from the mature technology of CST STUDIO SUITE and CST BOARDCHECK. The range of solvers allows emissions and susceptibility to be investigated across a range of different components. Alongside the general purpose time and frequency domain solvers, CST EMCS also includes cable harness solvers, EDA and CAD import tools, circuit simulation tools, PCB design rule checking and compact models for simulating vents and seams efficiently. With CST's System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) framework, simulations of individual components can also be combined for a hybrid simulation. Through its dedicated EMC workflows, including the Interference Task for analysis of multiple RF systems on a platform, CST EMCS can be integrated into a wide range of product design processes.

    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®(CST® MWS®) is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high-frequency components. CST MWS' unparalleled performance makes it the first choice in leading R&D departments. CST MWS enables the fast and accurate analysis of high frequency (HF) devices such as antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures and SI and EMC effects. Exceptionally user-friendly, CST MWS quickly gives you an insight into the EM behavior of your high-frequency designs. CST promotes Complete Technology for 3D EM. Users of our software are given great flexibility in tackling a wide application range through the variety of available solver technologies. Besides the flagship module, the broadly applicable Time Domain solver and the Frequency Domain solver, CST MWS offers further solver modules for specific applications. Filters for the import of specific CAD files and the extraction of SPICE parameters enhance design possibilities and save time. In addition, CST MWS can be embedded in various industry standard workflows through the CST STUDIO SUITE® user interface.

    Product Name: CST MPHYSICS® STUDIO
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST MPHYSICS® STUDIO (CST MPS) is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for thermal and mechanical stress analysis. Systems and devices very rarely fall neatly into just one area of physics, and multiphysics simulation is often necessary for a complete simulation of the device’s characteristics. High-frequency fields, currents, and particle collisions are all sources of heat that EM engineers frequently encounter, and so CST MPS is fully integrated into CST STUDIO SUITE® to enable coupled EM-multiphysics simulation with other tools such as CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®, CST EM STUDIO®, and CST PARTICLE STUDIO®. With the CST MPS thermal solver, the changes in temperature generated by these interactions can be modeled, and heat flow within the device simulated to test the performance of heat sinks and ensure the reliability of temperature-sensitive components. The thermal solver can even simulate bioheat effects, to calculate how fields will interact with the body.

    Product Name: CST PARTICLE STUDIO®
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST PARTICLE STUDIO® (CST® PS) is a specialist tool for the fast and accurate analysis of charged particle dynamics in 3D electromagnetic fields. Powerful and versatile, it is suitable for tasks ranging from designing magnetrons and tuning electron tubes to modeling particle sources and accelerator components. The particle tracking solver can model the behavior of particles through static fields, and with the gun iteration, space charge limited emission. The particle-in-cell (PIC) solver, which works in the time domain, can perform a fully consistent simulation of particles and electromagnetic fields. For relativistic applications, the wakefield solver can calculate how the fields generated by particles traveling at (or close to) the speed of light interact with the structure around them.

    Product Name: CST PCB STUDIO®
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    CST PCB STUDIO® (CST PCBS) is a specialist tool for signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis on printed circuit boards (PCB). It integrates easily into the EDA design flow by providing powerful import filters for popular layout tools from Cadence, Zuken, and Altium. Prior to modeling and simulation, the imported layout is automatically checked in order to correct potential geometric errors. The intuitive workflow of CST PCBS and its accurate and modern simulation techniques allow for investigations of any kind of PCBs, from single-layer boards up to multi-layer high-speed designs. Effects like resonances, reflections, crosstalk, power/ground bounce and simultaneous switching noise (SSN) can be simulated at any stage of product development, from pre-layout to post-layout phase.

    Product Name: CST STUDIO SUITE 2018
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    Product Name:  CST STUDIO SUITE 2018
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology   CST STUDIO SUITE 2018 builds on industry-leading CST electromagnetic simulation technology with a range of new features for the design, simulation and optimization of components and systems. These tools increase the versatility of CST STUDIO SUITE for modeling and simulating complex systems, and strengthen workflows for applications such as antenna placement and installed performance, co-site interference mitigation, and SAR and exposure analysis. 

    Product Name: Optenni Lab
    Company: CST - Computer Simulation Technology

    Easy-to-use matching circuit optimization and antenna analysis software Optenni Lab is a novel software with innovative analysis features that increases the productivity of antenna designers and speeds up the antenna design process. Optenni Lab offers fast fully automatic matching circuit optimization tools, estimation of the obtainable bandwidth of antennas and calculation of the worst-case isolation in multi-antenna systems. Optenni Lab is a product of Optenni Ltd. It can be purchased through CST distribution channels.

    Product Name: Async SRAMs
    Company: Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

    Cypress is the industry leader in the Fast Asynchronous SRAM market with the industry's widest portfolio (4 Kb to 32 Mb and with 64Mb – sampling Now and production by August 2011). Fast SRAM’s are available in industry-standard voltage, bus-width, and package options along with Fast access time of 10ns, making it appropriate for applications such as networking equipment, high-end computing etc.

    Product Name: 1394 Bus Analyzers
    Company: DapTechnology B.V.

    When developing products based on complex bus systems, use of the correct development tools is the crucial factor in achieving quality and reducing time to market. FireSpy analyzers are such tools and their abilities go way beyond those of a pure IEEE1394 bus analyzer. This paper explains the requirements for a state‐of‐the‐art IEEE1394 development tool and the great advantages such a tool can offer to a developer.

    Product Name: FireTrac™ - Advanced I/O adapter
    Company: DapTechnology B.V.

    FireTracTM is a new product to complement DapTechnology’s successful FireSpy® and Mil1394OHCI host adapter product lines. It clearly is the next generation Mil1394 (SAE AS5643) data processing, simulation and testing solution. DapTechnology has seen an increasing demand for more streamlined hardware systems for the processing of AS5643 (and generic 1394) data streams. Customers get more and more involved in monitoring the actual data content rather than the 1394 layer. And for simulation purposes they require advanced error insertion capabilities that can only be accomplished with non-off-the-shelf Link Layer implementations. IRIG time-stamping of monitored events on the bus is a typical requirement.

    Product Name: NAND Flash Programming
    Company: Data I/O Corporation

    Because of the efficient architecture of NAND flash, its cell size is much smaller than a NOR cell. This, in combination with a simpler production process, enables NAND architecture to offer higher densities with more capacity on a given die size. The cost per bit is much lower than NOR.  As a result, more bits of NAND memory have been sold than any other type.

    Product Name: Communication Interface/ IP Cores / 16550 Multi Channel UART
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    The Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) core provides a means of serial communication between system implemented on FPGA and external device. The core implements RS-232 protocol. The UART supports separate FIFOs in transmit and receive paths. The UART core does not provide flow control.

    Product Name: Communication Interface/ IP Cores / UART to SPI
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    SPI is a full duplex, serial bus that is very common in the embedded world. SPI devices are normally smaller in size, compared to parallel interface devices, mainly because of its lesser I/O count. With this IP, the user can interface a PC that has a UART port, to communicate to SPI slave devices.

    Product Name: Data Acquisition / Digital Data Capture Card
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    PCI Data Acquisition Card receives high speed data in a serial form and transfers to storage media or other like devices through 64-bit 66MHZ PCI PC interface. The card supports two serial channels each up to 105 MHz serial data rate. Very useful for real-time high speed data transfer from external devices or data collection equipments and store into HDDs attached to PCs.

    Product Name: Data Acquisition / Portable Data Acquisition & Recorder System
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    The portable data acquisition system form Dexcel is a very small from factor CPU with a PCI based data capture card. The PCI card can be customized as per user needs or any user board can be plugged on to the PCI card for data capture. The PCI card supports both data capture and data playback. The captured data is stored on the hard disks. The complete unit can work from the internal battery. The unit is controlled with the hand held/ desktop USB LCD.

    Product Name: Encryption / 3DES VHDL/RTL IP Core
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    Dexcel provides engineering services to customers that are creating products for the Media over IP market.In order to reduce the engineering time and thereby reduce the time to market for our customers, Dexcel is continuously creating design objects that can be quickly re-engineered and integrated into customer defined projects. The ProStax™ series is an evolving set of software modules that comply with protocol standards defined by ITU-T, IETF, etc. The DesignCore Series are IP cores developed in VHDL which can be easily targeted to various FPGAs and ASICs to quickly realize Media over IP products for our customers. DesignCore-3DES is Dexcel's implementation of the Triple DES Encryption Algorithm.

    Product Name: Encryption / DES VHDL/RTL IP Core
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    The Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm is a block cipher that transforms 64-bit data blocks under a 64-bit secret key, by means of permutation and substitution. It is officially described in FIPS PUB 46. A new encryption algorithm, Triple DES was proposed as an alternate to DES.

    Product Name: Single Board Computer / ARM Based
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    Dexcel Spark SBC is a generic Single Board Computer using Cirus Logic 9302-IQ2 processor with ARM920T based system on a chip. The SBC is loaded with Linux kernel ver 2.6 for application software and system management. This SBC is targeted to a variety of applications in the automation, data capture and media centric tasks. The SBC can be plugged on to custom developed boards for distributed data acquisition boards.

    Product Name: Single Board Computer / FPGA Based PC104 SBC
    Company: Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    PC104 and PC104 plus are very common form factor PCBs used for industrial application. Dexcel has designed a Single Board Computer (SBC) which is based on FPGA, which can interface with PC104 and PC104 plus boards. With this board, user can make use of the on-board FPGA logic for user defined / custom application , and also make use of standard PC104 and PC104 plus add-on boards for added functionality. With this flexibility user can reach the target market in a very short time span.

    Product Name: Sherlock - Automated Design Analysis Tool
    Company: DfR Solutions

    DfR Solutions is proud to provide their customers with a robust analysis package right out of the box. The greatest potential for improvement is also when the cost is lowest: before the first prototype is ever built. DfR has taken the most requested qualification tests and packaged them for the designer.

    Product Name: Dialogic® SPCI2S and SPCI4 SS7 Boards
    Company: Dialogic

    The Dialogic® SPCI2S and SPCI4 SS7 boards are entry-level products offering support for up to 4 SS7 links and 4096 ISUP circuits.  The SPCI2S and SPCI4 combine SS7 protocol support with up to four digital line interfaces (T1/E1/J1) and an H.100 PCM highway.  

    Product Name: Card Racks
    Company: Douglas Electronics, Inc.

    Chassis mount card racks; 6 card slots on .500" centers. Pre-drilled mounting flange on bottom of rack. Racks are compatible with Douglas DE-1 and DE-3 series breadboards. 44-pin connectors, can be pop riveted to the backs of the racks and wired to form a mother board. Specify number of connectors desired when ordering.
    For DE-1 series boards CR-6-DE-1 $21.20
    For DE-3 series boards CR-6-DE-3 $21.20

    Product Name: Professional Layout
    Company: Douglas Electronics, Inc.

    A very mature product that has enjoyed continuous development and support since it's debut in 1984, Professional Layout is a rich suite of printed circuit board design tools that uses the graphical excellence of the Macintosh to bring true WYSIWYG performance to electronics CAD/CAM. That same level of performance is now offered for Windows users. The program supports any number of circuit board layers (limited only by available memory), a working area of 32" x 32", a database resolution of 0.001" and the ability to switch back and forth between inch and metric units easily, on the fly.

    Product Name: ADAC250
    Company: DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH

    The ADAC250 FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) is designed around the high-performance A/D and D/A conversion technology from Texas Instruments — it integrates one dual, 14-bit, 250 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADS62P49) and a dual, 16-bit, 1 GSPS digital-to-analog converter (DAC5682Z; also capable of a 2–4× interpolation mode). Combined with multiple clocks and synchronization modes, the ADAC250 is at its best in DSP applications such as software-defi ned radio (SDR), advanced telecommunications (MIMO systems, cognitive radios, beamformers, LTE, WiMAX), signal intelligence (SIGINT), radar, sonar, and medical imaging applications.

    Product Name: Measuring systems
    Company: DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH

    Our DSP boards and algorithms are the starting point for various measuring systems. Whether you want to measure the velocity of industrial fumes, carry out gearbox vibration analyses or do acoustic measurements in concert halls, we have the suitable components or device to complete the measuring job at hand.

    Product Name: Memory module
    Company: DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH

    The memory module offers an additional 2 GB of SDRAM to carrier VHS-ADCs and VHS-DACs.
    When installed on a carrier board, its eight ADC or DAC channels can easily be recorded or played
    back at full rate (input 105 MSPS, output 480 MSPS). What’s more, the FPGAs of VHS-ADCs and
    VHS-DACs can preprocess data before recording it through the selected channels of the module or
    post-process the data after playback from the module.

    Product Name: Nutaq 2x10GE SFP+
    Company: DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH

    The 2×10GE SFP+ FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) is designed around the NetLogic Microsystems AEL2005 PHY, which interfaces to the FMC’s I/Os with the XAUI protocol and creates SFP+ 10 Gbps interfaces using four, 3.125 Gbps FPGA transceivers. The AEL2005 is a physical layer transceiver with an integrated electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) engine that complies with the IEEE802.3aq specifi cations.

    Product Name: Task Tiger (Beta)
    Company: Dyumnin Technologies

    Task management software for getting things done(GTD).

    Product Name: 90nm NEW ASICs
    Company: eASIC Corporation

    The eASIC Nextreme family drastically reduces development cost, and turn-around times compared to standard cell ASICs, while significantly reducing power consumption and unit cost for designs that start off as FPGAs.

    Product Name: easicopy ASIC Migration
    Company: eASIC Corporation

    easicopy ASIC provides OEMs with a seamless path from a eASIC Nextreme or Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC to a, cell-based, easicopy ASIC thereby enabling OEMs to further reduce device cost and power consumption, or increase performance.

    Product Name: ASIC Design
    Company: Easics NV

    Easics offers design services for both digital and mixed-signal chips: system-on-chip, ASIC, ASSP and structured ASIC. Being an independent design services company, Easics can provide you with unbiased technology and system architecture advice that perfectly matches your project requirements. Easics has worked with many different technology vendors (TSMC, UMC, LSI, etc.) and can thus leverage this experience for your project.

    Product Name: FPGA Design
    Company: Easics NV

    Easics offers design services for digital FPGAs. Being an independent design services company, Easics can provide you with unbiased technology and system architecture advice that perfectly matches your project requirements. Easics works with FPGA devices of all vendors, including the use of the IP provided by those vendors.

    Product Name: Crystal FLOW C/C++
    Company: EASYCODE GmbH

    EASYCODE is extending its range of tools for efficient embedded software development and analysis with the Crystal C/C++ tool set from SVG SARC. Crystal C/C++ is available in the versions Crystal FLOW and Crystal REVS with a selectable range of functions. Dependent upon your requirements and environment, Crystal C/C++ can be a valuable enhancement or alternative for your existing IDE.

    Product Name: Crystal Revs
    Company: EASYCODE GmbH

    EASYCODE is extending its range of tools for efficient embedded software development and analysis with the Crystal C/C++ tool set from SVG SARC. Crystal C/C++ is available in the versions Crystal FLOW and Crystal REVS with a selectable range of functions. Dependent upon your requirements and environment, Crystal C/C++ can be a valuable enhancement or alternative for your existing IDE.

    Product Name: EasyCODE 9 PLC
    Company: EASYCODE GmbH

    EasyCODE was one of the first development tools that provided a graphic development interface for procedural programming languages and systematically applied the benefits of Nassi-Shneiderman structure diagrams. EasyCODE PLC pursues the idea of structured programming, and in doing so intentionally incorporates a technology that has proven itself on countless projects and which today is as up-to-date and efficient as it has ever been. In the 1990s, SIEMENS was already offering an initial version that enabled SCL files to be generated from structure diagrams. Some of our customers are still using it to write their PLC programs even today.

    Product Name: Vishay: EBVchips - Genesis
    Company: EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

    Genesis is a complete power stage integrated on a module for single phase photovoltaic inverters. With 50 Amps and 600 V ratings is targeted for residential applications (2.5 to 6 KVA ).

    Product Name: Con­trollers
    Company: Eckelmann AG

    ECK­EL­MANN de­vel­ops and pro­duces con­trollers for ma­chine au­toma­tion. The close in­te­gra­tion of hard­ware de­vel­op­ment, man­u­fac­ture and test­ing guar­an­tees so­phis­ti­cat­ed func­tion­al­i­ty and sus­tain­able qual­i­ty.

    Product Name: I/O mod­ules
    Company: Eckelmann AG

    The three mod­el ranges FBM, LBM and XBM of­fer the ap­pro­pri­ate I/O mod­ules for the fast, safe and ap­pli­ca­tion-spe­cif­ic con­nec­tion of all ma­chine in­puts and out­puts.

    Product Name: Belledonne – LPE Flow Qualification
    Company: EDXACT SA

    • Accelerates the creation, update and delivery of PDK
    • Increases robustness of DK.
    • Compares different LPE tools.
    • Certifies the accuracy of different LPE tools.
    • Visualizes impact of different settings of LPE tools.
    • Finds bugs in LPE tools.

    Product Name: Jivaro
    Company: EDXACT SA

    • Speeds up simulation time, increases  accuracy and, reduces memory footprint.
    • Integrated into all major design flows, several graphical user interfaces
    • Used in production for memory, mixed-signal, analog, RF flows, timing.
    • Many customer references.

    Product Name: Printed Circuit Boards(PCB)
    Company: Eleclink Inc

    Our PCB manufacturing  and our PCB assembly manufacturing areISO9002 certified.  And provide RoHS Product. Many  years experience of PCB and PCBA manufacturing, and got IS014000 and UL certificates.

    Product Name: SORTmanager: Test Floor Management Applications
    Company: Electroglas, Inc.

    Expand SORTmanager with SORTware Higher Level Management Tools. SORTware is a suite of value-added, semiconductor industry specific applications and application modules. These tools are continually being developed and released in response to customer and industry needs. Each SORTware application can be used as purchased or customized using the TFMS scripting language.

    Product Name: SORTware: Higher Level Management Tools
    Company: Electroglas, Inc.

    Map Level Bin Monitor (MLBM)
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Allows process experts to implement process rules
    • Triggers built-in messaging to notify process owner when rule is violated.

    Product Name: ACPRD
    Company: Elektronikladen

    The main purpose of the ACPRD is to show, how the MC9S12DP256 MCU (microcontroller unit) can be used for a real-world industrial application, namely an Alarm Control Panel. The project is intended to help software developers and hardware designers understanding the MC9S12DP256 by demonstrating a large number of features of this new MCU.

    Product Name: USB08
    Company: Elektronikladen

    The USB08 Project demonstrates, how data can be transferred between a Microcontroller and a Windows-PC over the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

    Product Name: Si2-DR API
    Company: Elgris Technologies, Inc

    Si2-DR API is an extension of CFI-DR API specification and implementation. CFI-DR API covers Netlists. Si2-DR re-uses renamed CFI-DR functions to cover netlists. It has been extended to cover EDA Schematics and Symbols. A future release of Si2-DR API will include PCB/MCM designs and Footprints.

    Product Name: Enclosures & Components
    Company: Elma Electronic AG

    Elma manufactures tens of thousands of tooled components for enclosures which can be purchased individually or in kits for customer assembly.  We also can quickly and expertly modify these components to suit your specific application, please call to discuss your application.

    Product Name: Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame® Technology
    Company: Eltan B.V.

    Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame® Technology is the sixth evolution of Phoenix Technologies’ firmware SDK solution for embedded x86 designs. Working with Eltan, manufacturers can use the product for a customized Bios solution that meets their specific design requirements.

    Product Name: File System Filter Library
    Company: Eltan B.V.

    Jumpstart your File System Filter development by using our File System Filter Library.   We have created a Framework and a library of supporting routines that allow you to create a File System Filter driver without the usual learning cycles

    Product Name: TimingDesigner
    Company: EMA Design Automation, Inc.

    The timing's right. That's what designers expect and deserve. TimingDesigner® is the interactive timing analysis tool users trust to deliver fast and accurate results for timing critical designs. TimingDesigner is ideal for high-speed, multi-frequency designs where it is essential to accurately model and analyze signal relationships between devices on a board or between embedded functions on an ASIC or programmable IC. It can evaluate comprehensive sets of timing alternatives and provide direction to the most complex of timing challenges, enabling designers to manage and monitor timing margins through the design process.

    Product Name: XJAnalyser
    Company: Embedded JTAG Toolsmiths

    XJAnalyser is a visual analysis and debugging tool for devices in your JTAG chain. It provides instant chain verification as part of the simple 3-step set-up, and then gives you an interactive graphical view of the pins on your JTAG devices.    

    Product Name: NeoBit
    Company: eMemory Technology Inc.

    NeoBit is a programmable logic device offering the industry’s most silicon-proven path to embedded OTP and Pseudo-MTP (PMTP) functionality.

    Product Name: NeoBit HD
    Company: eMemory Technology Inc.

    OTP HD is a high-density, one-time programmable memory solution built upon eMemory’s proprietary NeoBit technology.

    Product Name: NeoBit HR
    Company: eMemory Technology Inc.

    NeoBit HR can be used as a multi-time programmable embeddable memory with limited endurance and full logic process compatibility. NeoBit PMTP provides flexibility for trimming, function selection and parameter setting applications without expensive or specialized technology demands.

    Product Name: NeoEE
    Company: eMemory Technology Inc.

    NeoEE is a single-poly embedded memory device offering the industry’s lowest NVM implementation cost at 100K program /erase cycles.

    Product Name: NeoFlash
    Company: eMemory Technology Inc.

    NeoFlash is a new simple, low-cost embedded flash device. By adopting innovative flash memory technology, NeoFlash can be embedded in a 0.18 um CMOS logic process with only 3 additional non-critical masks. Compared to floating gate flash technology, which requires a complex and expensive double poly process, the single poly architecture and reduced fabrication complexity of NeoFlash give it powerful advantages in the embedded flash category.

    Product Name: NeoFlash HD
    Company: eMemory Technology Inc.

    NeoFlash HD series is the full-featured, embedded flash memory solution for system-on-a-chip (SoC) applications such as MCUs, DSPs, cellular communications, smart cards, DVDs, and speech/voice ICs.

    Product Name: Product Line CST
    Company: EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche

    The CAN modules of the CST product line are built for decentralized input/output in measuring, control and automation uses. Their compact and rugged structure with completely enclosed electronics allows the use not only in a control box but also in proximity of the process. The way of building in connection with fine clarity offers the possibility to implement decentralized control solutions consistently. Through the integrated microcontroller CST modules can perform preprocessing functions independently.

    Product Name: DXL222-1
    Company: Engineering Dataxpress, Inc.

    The DXL100™ ECS Schematic Translator is one of a series of optimized data links that is part of the DataXpress Integrator™ product line. The DataXpress Integrator was developed as a solution to the problem of moving design data from one step in the design process to another. This usually involves going from one EDA vendor’s tools to another’s. These tools are fundamentally different in terms of function and data formats.

    Product Name: DXL822-1
    Company: Engineering Dataxpress, Inc.

    The DXL100™ ECS Schematic Translator is one of a series of optimized data links that is part of the DataXpress Integrator™ product line. The DataXpress Integrator was developed as a solution to the problem of moving design data from one step in the design process to another. This usually involves going from one EDA vendor’s tools to another’s. These tools are fundamentally different in terms of function and data formats.

    Product Name: eSi-Modules
    Company: EnSilica Limited

    It enables low-risk and fast time-to-market hardware development without sacrificing differentiation, integration or flexibility. Combining a powerful dual-core ARM® A9 subsystem running embedded Linux together with the Xilinx Series-7 FPGA fabric means you can design smarter systems demanding real time hardware performance.

    Product Name: ESI-1010
    Company: Ensphere Solutions Inc.

    10 Gbps Shunt Laser Diode Driver

    Product Name: ESI-1110
    Company: Ensphere Solutions Inc.

    12-Port 10 Gbps Shunt Laser Diode Driver

    Product Name: Optima
    Company: Entasys Design, Inc.

    With semiconductor process technology scaling into nanometer regime, SoC (System-on-Chip) requires more robust power network than ever. However, due to the absence of proper design automation solution, every modification of pad configuration causes extra design iterations or requires excessive power pads increasing chip size. OPTIMA is an optimal pad configuration solution to minimize painful design iterations.

    Product Name: Pillar-DP®-SVP
    Company: Entasys Design, Inc.

    Pillar-DP®-SVP is a comprehensive pre-RTL silicon virtual prototyping (SVP) solution, including micro architecture level power and area estimation, hierarchical floorplanning, package aware IO pad configuration, and automatic power network prototyping. In addition to the SVP capability, the chip level IP integration feature and the constraints interface feature to the integrated chip (IC) implementation help designers achieve the fist-silicon-success and the time-to-market.

    Product Name: EScala Design Platform
    Company: Esencia Technologies

    EScala is a design platform that accelerates the implementation of complex, compute intensive algorithms in SoC/ASSP/FPGA. It targets low power deeply embedded applications with high performance and bandwidth requirements, conventionally reserved to ­xed function logic implemented with RTL. EScala uses C/C++ as a design entry language and automatically generates application speci­c cores and allows to optimize and scale the generated core to best ­to the application’s area, low power and performance pro­le.

    Product Name: Security-Box
    Company: eXept Software AG

    The Security Box of eXept Software AG stores cryptographic certificates and secret keys and protects them from manipulation and theft. The master key of the Security Box is encrypted via a USB token, so that the keys that are saved in the Security Box cannot be utilized without the respective token. Data backups of the Security Box are also encrypted with this master key. The Security Box can be placed in a safe and its door shall be safeguarded via door contacts. The keys cannot be read from the Security Box without decoding; all operations which require a key - such as decoding and encoding, creation and validation of signatures - operate within the Security Box. Keys that have been created in the Security Box can be written to USB tokens or on chip cards if necessary.

    Product Name: ecSIM
    Company: ExpertControl GmbH

    ecSIM is a graphical user interface for independent simulation programs (standalone EXE) generated from Simulink models.

    Product Name: ecUTILITIES
    Company: ExpertControl GmbH

    The ecUTILITIES™ Toolbox constitutes a powerful extension for Matlab® and provides interactive, flexible and high quality tools helping engineers to save time for development, calibration and more.

    Product Name: NP-4
    Company: EZchip Technologies Ltd.

    NP-4 is a 100-Gigabit network processor that features integrated hierarchical traffic management, OAM processing offload and enables direct connection from the line card to Ethernet-based switching fabrics. The NP-4 provides groundbreaking levels of integration and functionality for equipment vendors building the next generation of Carrier Ethernet Switches and Routers (CESR). It provides a total of 100-Gigabit throughput and features a 100-Gigabit port, 40-Gigabit port, ten 10-Gigabit ports and twenty-four 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    Product Name: FV264
    Company: FastVDO LLC

    As a leading provider of software and hardware based H.264/AVC video solutions, FastVDO offers cost-effective and well-suited technology to our customers that enable them to achieve measurable improvements in their business performance.

    Product Name: Advanced Flexibilis Ethernet Controller (AFEC)
    Company: Flexibilis Oy

    The Advanced Flexibilis Ethernet Controller (AFEC) is a triple-speed (10Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps) Ethernet controller IP block that can be employed with programmable hardware and ASICs. Together with an Ethernet Physical layer device, AFEC provides the functionality of an Ethernet Network Interface Controller. For connecting to an Ethernet PHY device, AFEC implements a standard MII/GMII interface.

    Product Name: Flexibilis PTP Protocol Stack
    Company: Flexibilis Oy

    The Flexibilis PTP Protocol Stack is an IEEE 1588-2008 compliant implementation of the Precision Time Protocol for clock synchronization over IP and Ethernet. The implementation is written in pure C language, and it is ready to be used in Linux based systems. Hardware and operating system specific details are hidden behind an abstraction layer, so that porting to other operating systems and environments is relatively easy.

    Product Name: HSR/PRP Supervision
    Company: Flexibilis Oy

    The Flexibilis HSR/PRP Supervision is an IEC 62439-3:2011 compliant implementation of the HSR and PRP Supervision Protocol Stacks. HSR/PRP Supervision generates, transmits, receives and processes HSR and PRP supervision frames. Based on the information in the supervision frames received, HSR/PRP Supervision updates NodesTable that contains information on the other HSR/PRP nodes in the network. This information can be used by other entities including network management and monitoring systems. HSR/PRP Supervision itself does not use the information it collects.

    Product Name: Allegro
    Company: FlowCAD Schweiz AG

    Implementing design intent with collaborative, constraint driven power. Allegro PCB design solutions enable shorter, more predictable design cycles with constraint driven flow, from concept to manufacturing.

    Product Name: OrCAD
    Company: FlowCAD Schweiz AG

    Full-featured, scalable PCB design. Cadence OrCAD technologies comprise a complete, cost-effective PCB design solution, from design capture to final output. To successfully meet project goals, PCB designers and electrical engineers need powerful, intuitive, and integrated technologies that work seamlessly across the entire PCB design flow. Cadence® OrCAD® solutions offer fully integrated front-end design, analog/signal integrity simulation, and place-and-route technologies that boost productivity and shorten time to market.

    Product Name: Timing Designer
    Company: FlowCAD Schweiz AG

    TimingDesigner® is the industry standard tool for interface timing design. It provides an easy to use and intuitive method for defining and analyzing interface timing requirements. TimingDesigner can generate SDC timing constraints from a timing diagram. This enables users to visually define design requirements and then automatically generate SDC to drive place and route.

    Product Name: 10 Gb/s Ethernet Media Access Controller(XMAC)
    Company: Flowgic Inc.

    XMAC core from Flowgic Inc. is a full-duplex, 10-Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller(MAC) IP designed to meet IEEE 802.3ae-2000 specification. XMAC is an efficient, flexible and robust implementation of the MAC and RS layers.

    Product Name: AXI Bus Extender IP Core
    Company: Flowgic Inc.

    AMBA AXI from ARM Holdings is an high performance on-chip bus architecture. Wide datapath versions of of the AXI are not amenable to extensions beyond a single chip/FPGA. Flowgic's AXI Bus Extender(ABE) core makes it possible to extend AXI bus across two chips with very few package pins. ABE core is built using Flowgic's Interlaken Controller(IL) core, which is a flexible, high-bandwidth, packet transport mechanism for chip-to-chip communication.

    Product Name: onTAP DLL
    Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

    Whether plugging into a test executive, or running as a plug-in to your own interface, onTAP’s DLL can be linked to and run from third party test executives such as, National Instruments’ LabVIEW™.  Flynn Systems provides GUI demo programs written in C and Visual Basic showing you how to link the onTAP DLL to your test executive.   

    Product Name: onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board
    Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

    The need to organize and test multiple boards or JTAG chains individually is a common challenge for engineers.  Flynn Systems has created the onTAP Serializer and GPIO Board as a cost effective utility board to deliver onTAP users the organization and flexibility required to easily test and program multiple JTAG chains.

    Product Name: TAP CONNECT JTAG Cable – onTAP’s High Speed Cable
    Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

    The TAP CONNECT JTAG test and programming cable is the latest piece of boundary scan test hardware from Flynn Systems, providing a dual channel, 28.8 MHz link between onTAP and your application(s), using flying leads, Xilinx Ribbon Cable, or Altera type adaptors.

    Product Name: FlexRay MCU
    Company: Fujitsu Microelectronics

    Fujitsu launched the MB91F465XA, next-generation microcontroller with embedded FlexRay™ interface in January, 2007. This MCU enables implementation of the FlexRay protocol in a single-chip solution without the need for companion devices. Fujitsu is growing the family of FlexRay MCUs, for the F²MC-16FX Family in addition to the FR Family.

    Product Name: DisplayPort Analysis Probes
    Company: FuturePlus® Systems

    The FS4439 (DP 1.2) and FS4430 (DP 1.1) are logic analyzer Analysis Probes that non-intrusively probe the High Speed Main Link and the Auxiliary channel of a DisplayPort via a high impedance tap. The FS4439 and FS4430 connect to the system under test with various probe adapters (FS4430  FS4439) and monitor traffic in real time. Included software decodes and displays DisplayPort traffic using a Agilent logic analyzer.

    Product Name: GEB PCI Express Family Overview
    Company: geb enterprise s.r.l.

    The Geb PCI Express cards family add to the PCI Express architecture the powerfull of Altera FPGA that allow a flexible I/O system. The I/O speed capability goes up to 260Mbytes/sec (Full Duplex Read/Write DMA Burst Access).

    Product Name: GEB VME RDK (Rapid Development Kit)
    Company: geb enterprise s.r.l.

    The VME Bus family have the target to make available at low cost the resources to build a fast prototype of a VMEmaster/slave/controller subsytem. The modularity of the resources, both hardware board and firmware VHDL IP allows to compose many types of application with a low effort and cost.

    Product Name: ProcSoC systems
    Company: GiDEL

    As a module of the ProcSoC™ Verification System the ProcSoC10™ provides scalability for multiple systems to be interconnected and used to verify SoC designs with 360 million+ gates. GiDEL's ProcSoC10 is itself a modular and scalable ASIC verification system.

    Product Name: GigaTest Engineering Services
    Company: GigaTest Labs

    GigaTest Labs is an expert in High Bandwidth product development. We pioneered the use of RF techniques in Signal Integrity engineering, and have the experience and resources to handle the most challenging engineering problems. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory with the most recent measurement and probing equipment for high frequency testing. We also have the latest versions of the Agilent's ADS software for RF and high speed digital design, simulation and modeling. Our engineering staff includes some of the industry's most well-respected names, and has over 130 man-years of experience in high frequency and signal integrity engineering. Whether your application is a Bluetooth package, OC-768 backplane, Infiniband connector or DDR module, GigaTest can help you measure, model, simulate or troubleshoot it. We can even help you design it.  

    Product Name: Signal Integrity Measurement Systems
    Company: GigaTest Labs

    As an Agilent Technologies Solution Partner, GigaTest Labs offers fully configured measurement systems for high bandwidth signal integrity characterization, consisting of Probe station, Vector Network Analyzer and ADS simulation software.  

    Product Name: CE-ATA eVC
    Company: Globetech Solutions

    The Consumer Electronics Advanced Technology Attachment (CE-ATA) eVC is a complete verification environment capable of verifying CE-ATA compliant Host or Device implementations. Based upon a flexible architecture, the CE-ATA eVC can be instantiated in several different configurations. Use the Device Agent to verify a CE-ATA Host design, the Host Agent to verify a CE-ATA Device design, or a monitor-only configuration to ensure correct operation of a complete-HDL environment.

    Product Name: IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) eVC
    Company: Globetech Solutions

    The JTAG eVC is a complete verification environment based on the IEEE 1149.1-2001 (JTAG) standard. From developing a JTAG TAP controller to designing a complete chip-level test architecture, the JTAG eVC is a valuable tool for identifying design bugs, emphasizing protocol compatibility issues and ensuring smooth interoperability of testability features.

    Product Name: IEEE 1500 (SECT) eVC
    Company: Globetech Solutions

    The IEEE 1500 Standard for Embedded Core Test (SECT) is a newly released standard defining the blueprint for building complex test infrastructures within large SoCs. The IEEE 1500 SECT comprises a comprehensive set of guidelines for building such an infrastructure, including the hardware architecture, information model (implemented in the IEEE P1450.6 Core Test Language proposal) and definitions of levels of compliance. The eVC provides automatic vector generation and control signal manipulation while monitoring all test and functional inputs and outputs for correct protocol behavior. The eVC collects coverage metrics on the functionality of the test logic that has been exercised and is used to identify test plan holes and estimate time to closure.

    Product Name: IrDA eVC
    Company: Globetech Solutions

    The Infrared Data Association (IrDA®) interface eVC is built around the IrDA Physical Layer Specification which can be used with any IrDA SIR/MIR/FIR device. The eVC provides a powerful verification environment to help designers either implement or integrate an IrDA core in conformance to the IrDA 1.0 SIR and 1.1 MIR/FIR Physical Layer specifications. The eVC’s extended capabilities make it easy to exercise a variety of designs-under-test, providing full metrics for error conditions and functional coverage.

    Product Name: UART 16x50 eVC
    Company: Globetech Solutions

    The UART 16x50 eVC is a complete device-level verification environment capable of validating industry standard 16550 through 16950 A-D UART designs. The UART 16x50 eVC is a core or module level eVC. It includes a 16x50 reference model which allows it to fully track activity in the device, providing full functionality coverage including protocol & data interface cross-checking as well as internal register coverage.

    Product Name: UART eVC
    Company: Globetech Solutions

    The UART eVC is a universal, highly reusable verification component, providing advanced capabilities for generating UART frames, driving and monitoring a UART interface, detecting errors and estimating functional coverage. Adopted by companies worldwide as a building block for reusable verification platforms, it can be integrated in a variety of testing scenarios involving a UART peripheral. It makes no assumptions about internal device architecture; instead, it focuses on driving traffic to the UART interface of the device-under-test (DUT) and observing its behavior. This makes it applicable to virtually any kind of UART DUT.

    Product Name: X86/Pentium Windows Native Family
    Company: Green Hills Software, Inc.

    The Green Hills Optimizing Compiler for x86/Pentium utilizes a common code generator with architecture-specific optimizations. Each supported x86/Pentium model has its own particular pipeline and instruction set characteristics.

    Product Name: API/Hardware Explorer
    Company: GÖPEL electronic GmbH

    G–API (GOEPEL electronic Application Programming Interface) represents therefore a special software interface which is supporting different GOEPEL electronic hardware and which allows the users to embed it into their own applications. To get further and more detailed function description for working with the programming interface please refer to the manual of the corresponding device or contact us directly.

    Product Name: OptiCon X-Line 3D
    Company: GÖPEL electronic GmbH

    3D in-line X-ray inspection system for maximum fault coverage using digital tomosynthesis with outstanding inspection speed.

    Product Name: RM9200
    Company: HCC-Embedded

    Atmel’s RM9200® Atmel ARM920T is a 32-bit RISC processor with 16KB instruction and 16KB data cache memories. HCC supports this device by providing advanced storage, communications and bootloader software with high performance and easy integration.

    Product Name: JESD204B PCS IP Core
    Company: HDL design House

    The JESD204B Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) IP Core enables both transmission and reception of data via a configurable number of Lanes to the SerDes interface, while guaranteeing data alignment and frame synchronization. The IP Core is responsible for frame generation, encoding, and scrambling for data transmission, as well as decoding, frame recovery, lane alignment and descrambling on data reception. HIP 600 is fully compatible with the JEDEC JESD204B specification.

    Product Name: HEXit
    Company: hse-electronics GmbH

    Checks the placement of memory, program code and data, the address distribution and looks for multiple use of addresses. The results will be graphically displayed so a quick overview is guaranteed. The content of each address can be displayed by different colours each (byte -or word orientated),

    Product Name: HY5PS561621AFP
    Company: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

    Read and write accesses to the DDR2 SDRAM are burst oriented; accesses start at a selected location and continue for a burst length of four or eight in a programmed sequence. Accesses begin with the registration of an Active command, which is then followed by a Read or Write command. The address bits registered coincident with the active command are used to select the bank and row to be accessed (BA0-BA1 select the bank; A0-A12 select the row).

    Product Name: S6 - Flash Memory Controller
    Company: Hyperstone GmbH

    The Hyperstone S6 Flash Memory Controller together with provided application and flash specific firmware offers an easy-to-use turnkey platform for high reliability and performance flash solutions compliant to MMC4.2 and SD 2.0 interfaces.

    Product Name: Fusiv® Vx185
    Company: Ikanos Communications

    Ikanos’ Fusiv® Vx185 and Vx183 chipsets are high performance G.Vector-compliant communications processors designed specifically for the next-generation of services gateways.

    Product Name: Ikanos Velocity™
    Company: Ikanos Communications

    The Ikanos Velocity family of low-power, full-featured broadband A/VDSL access chipsets provide up to 100 Mbps symmetric bandwidth and operate at an unprecedented sub 1 Watt (W) per port power consumption. Both chipsets support 8a/b/c/d, 12a/b, 17a and 30a VDSL2 profiles as well as ADSL2+, ADSL2 and ADSL standards.

    Product Name: DEV - Virtual Platform Development and Simulation
    Company: Imperas, Inc.

    The Imperas Developer products consist of tools, models and infrastructure components critical for the high quality, rapid development and verification of embedded software, utilizing virtual platforms. The Developer products provide the necessary capabilities to develop platforms, including software simulation capability to execute embedded code on the platforms.

    Product Name: M*SDK - Advanced Multicore Software Development Kit
    Company: Imperas, Inc.

    The focus of the Imperas products is to save engineering time in the development of embedded software, primarily achieved by making the engineering process significantly more efficient through the use of high-performance simulation and automated, powerful tooling.

    Company: Impinj Inc.

    At Impinj, we define accurate, reliable, and adaptable solutions as systems of integrity. A system of integrity produces the consistently reliable data demanded as the foundation of any business system. To meet this requirement, high-performance RFID tag chips and RFID readers are a given, but RFID antennas play an equally important role. Reader antennas with characteristics optimized for end-user applications enable the entire RFID system and play a critical role in ensuring that the system operates dependably and accurately.

    Company: Impinj Inc.

    Application environments are dynamic. Everything from RF interference, tag quantity, and ambient RF noise to building materials near an RFID installation affect system performance. Most users configure their RFID readers for worst case scenarios, often compromising best performance in the process.

    Company: Impinj Inc.

    Impinj built upon four years of intensive research and development, and successful pharmaceutical industry high-volume deployments to create STP. As the only platform optimized for large scale, RFID encoding, Impinj STP provides the building blocks for retail brand owners, consumer product manufacturers, service bureaus, packaging suppliers, and solution providers to deliver complete source tagging solutions.

    Product Name: CoValidator™ HDL Test Bench Generator
    Company: Impulse Accelerated Technologies

    CoValidator generates HDL compatible with all IEEE-compliant VHDL simulators, and also generates scripts for popular HDL simulators, allowing you to generate HDL test benches and launch simulation with just a few keystrokes. Catch errors before place-and-route, saving hours, days or even weeks of development time. Generate an HDL test bench, data files, and simulator scripts for hardware validation and hardware/software equivalency checking.

    Product Name: ICLys
    Company: InfiniScale®

    Advanced technology nodes Process variability becomes the key challenge for analog IC designers to easily reach targeted specifications while controlling design cycle time and production yields. Designer needs to run thousands or more Monte Carlo simulations. Fast Monte Carlo becomes necessary but unfortunately not sufficient!

    Product Name: Ingenuity Engine
    Company: Ingenuus Software Inc.

    The Ingenuity Engine powers the Process Orchestrator. It acts behind the scenes to bring together all the necessary components that make the Process Orchestrator so powerful.

    Product Name: Process Modeling
    Company: Ingenuus Software Inc.

    The Ingenuity Engine brings together all the tools needed to define and map a process. It also includes the tool to create business rules, and modify end user screens. Unlike other BPM products, when you create a process in Ingenuus, you are actually creating a new application.

    Product Name: cChicoPlus
    Company: Innovative Integration

    ChicoPlus is loaded with I/O features that make the card ideal for a large variety of jobs. Each ChicoPlus may host two OMNIBUS I/O modules, which offer multichannel analog and digital I/O suitable for the most demanding applications.

    Product Name: Serial I/O
    Company: Innovative Integration

    The Serial I/O module is an open-platform for implementing custom digital interfaces and hardware-assisted processing between the DSP on the host board (Modular or Solomente Series DSP board) and external hardware.

    Product Name: AETHER-2.5GS OC-3/12/48 ADM
    Company: INTEC Systems, Inc.

    The AETHER-2.5GS is a single-chip implementation of an STS-48/STM-16 LTE/MSTE, with additional capabilities to support grooming, configuration and performance monitoring functions.  This “single device solution” complies with SONET/SDH standards and specifications, including ANSI T1.105, Bellcore GR-253-CORE, ITU-T G.707 and G.783.

    Product Name: RDS-2.5GS Development System Board
    Company: INTEC Systems, Inc.

    The RDS-2.5GS (see Figure 1) serves as a “fast track” developing tool for designers to achieve a much shorter design cycle in implementing Next Generation Equipment using SONET/SDH transport.  At the center of the system is the AETHER-2.5GS single-chip implementation of an OC-3/12/48 Add-Drop Multiplex, with additional capabilities to support bandwidth grooming, configuration and Path Layer performance monitoring functions.

    Company: Intercept Technology Inc.

    These products enable corporations to automate seamless flows for design verification, drawing generation, and contract manufacturing output generation. Intercept's multi-faceted Design Automation products unite powerful innovations in global design technology to provide a flexible strategy for cycle time and cost reduction. All products are supported on HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows 2000/XP platforms.

    Product Name: IC-SER-PCId

    IC-SER-PCId is powered by a MPC8270, being part of the PowerQUICCII processor family. This embedded processor couples a 603e core with a RISC communication processor and three Fast Ethernet controllers.

    Product Name: Vega HEVC
    Company: Interra Systems, Inc.

    Vega HEVC is the most in-depth and reliable file-based media analyzer that brings complex HEVC information in simple visuals. The analyzer makes analysis of the coded information easy, intuitive, and comprehensive. Vega HEVC features includes complete parsing and decoding, frame by frame navigation, analytical graphs, H.264 and HEVC encoding comparison, powerful reporting, and error messages at all structural levels. Vega HEVC leverages industry-proven Interra technologies and multi-core processing to deliver efficient, high-performance analysis.

    Product Name: System on Chip
    Company: Intrinsix Corp.

    "Integrated circuit density doubles every eighteen months." Moore's Law To overcome the challenges and realize the opportunities presented by Moore's Law, the industry is focusing its attention on the emerging Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC) design methodology which incorporates pre-designed components (virtual components), also called SoC Intellectual Property (SoC-IP).

    Product Name: SimDE™ IBIS Validator Release 201210
    Company: IO Methodology Inc.

    I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) is the professionally respected behavioral model format for High-Speed Signal Integrity simulations. It is the ALL-IN-ONE standard modeling format with fast simulation, interoperability and IP protection for SI Analysis.

    Product Name: SimDE™ MODEL V4.2 Release 201309
    Company: IO Methodology Inc.

    Simulation is becoming increasingly important for High-Speed system designs. It can help optimize your design performance, reduce your design cycle, lower your prototype cost and accelerate your design to the market. Electrical I/O modeling is the starting point for your advanced chip and system simulations. It enables faster and more accurate simulations.

    Product Name: MSP1-PON Core IEEE 802.1ae (MACsec) Security Processor Core
    Company: IP Cores, Inc.

    Implementation of the new LAN security standard IEEE 802.1ae (MACsec) requires the NIST standard AES cipher in the GCM mode for encryption and message authentication, as well as header parsing and formatting operations on the transmitted and received packets. The MSP1-PON core is tuned for Passive Optics Networks (PON) IEEE 802.1ae applications at the data rates of 10-100 Gbps.

    Product Name: Ultra-Compact Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, FIPS-197) Core
    Company: IP Cores, Inc.

    The AES core implements Rijndael cipher encoding and decoding in compliance with the NIST Advanced Encryption Standard. It processes 128-bit data blocks with 128-bit key (a 256-bit key version is available).

    Product Name: J1 - Dolby Digital/AC-3/MPEG Audio Decoding Core
    Company: Jacobs Pineda, Inc.

    The J1 is a core cell design of an application specific signal processor which performs both Dolby Digital/AC-3 and MPEG audio decompression in a single design. The J1 is capable of decoding all AC-3 bitstreams with full support for bitstreams encoded with 5.1 channels and data rates of up to 640kb/s. The J1 downmixing capability produces stereo output in either normal or Pro-Logic compatible modes, making it ideal for DVD and set-top applications.

    Product Name: J5 - 3-D Audio Processor
    Company: Jacobs Pineda, Inc.

    The J5 is a core cell design of an application specific signal processor which performs both Trusurround(TM) and SRS® 3-D audio virtualization processing in a single design. The 3-D processing allows users to enjoy benefits of a multi-channel sound source with only two reporduction channels.  For Dolby Digital® (AC-3) sources, the J5 accepts full 6-channel PCM inputs and performs the 3-D processing to produce output Left/Right signals.  Similarly, for decoded ProLogic(TM) sources, the J5 accepts a 4-channel PCM input (L,C,R,S) and produces the same stereo output.

    Product Name: JDA1 - Multi-rate Audio DAC/PLL Core
    Company: Jacobs Pineda, Inc.

    The JDA1 is a digital-to-analog converter core cell suitable for all high quality audio and multimedia applications. The JDA1 accepts 24-bit PCM input at one of four selectable standard audio sample rates to produces stereo analog outputs. The JDA1 internally generates the audio sample clocks from a single 27MHz clock input, which would typically be derived from the 27MHz video/STC frequency available in MPEG based systems.

    Product Name: Architectural Modeling App
    Company: Jasper Design Automation, Inc.

    Architects and designers specify high-level functions or whole protocols that become the basis for the design implementations. Such specifications are often represented in natural language documents, waveform diagrams, and transition tables that capture the relationship between inputs, outputs, and state transitions of the protocol. Often, however, the specs themselves are complex and can be riddled with errors and inconsistencies because it is very difficult to verify the global interaction between the individual specifications and requirements.

    Product Name: Design Coverage Verification App
    Company: Jasper Design Automation, Inc.

    For years, formal users have struggled for ways to report their progress to simulation-centric managers. While the discovery rate of critical bugs is obviously a helpful metric, the bug rate itself is a very coarse measurement that doesn’t express the true value of the results obtained from fully proven or bounded proofs. Formal tool users themselves could also benefit from formal-specific coverage metrics to protect against the potential over-constraint problem and eliminate false confidence in design correctness, as well as have an empirical measurement of the ROI of their formal verification effort.

    Product Name: Intelligent Proof Kits and Verification IP
    Company: Jasper Design Automation, Inc.

    The Jasper Intelligent Proof Kits and Verification IP solutions enable SoC design teams to accelerate verification by quickly and exhaustively certifying standard protocols such as the latest AMBA 4 (AXI 4, ACE, API, APB) PCIe, DDR, LPDDR, OCP, etc.  The Jasper generated protocol related properties allow early exploration and verification of protocol specification and are optimized for formal.  They also plug seamlessly into the simulation environment.The solutions can be used seamlessly with the JasperGold Formal Property Verification App to formally prove the embedded properties, thereby exhaustively verifying that the design meets the protocol specification. Intelligent Proof Kits eliminate the need to manually write properties, which require in-depth understanding of the protocol specification.

    Product Name: X-Propagation Verification App
    Company: Jasper Design Automation, Inc.

    The semantics of ‘X’ are language and tool dependent. In RTL design, ‘X’ tells the synthesis tool that it doesn't matter whether a 0 or 1 is assigned during logic optimization and in verification (i.e. ‘X’ is a “don’t care”). But in simulation, ‘X’ tells the simulator that a signal value is “unknown”. This mismatch in semantics and incomplete test vectors in simulation can hide bugs that are likely to show up in silicon no matter how careful you are about considering “X optimism” or “X pessimism”.

    Product Name: Circuit design
    Company: Jedat Inc.

    Circuit design environment for simulation, layout design and LVS verification.
    • Integrated design and verification environment for circuit entry, simulation execution control and waveform measurement
    • 2D array instance definition corresponding to FPD specific circuit
    • Parametric definition of parasitic wire effective model and back annotation I/F
    • Supports shortcut keys and stroke commands

    Product Name: USB Host Stack
    Company: Jungo Ltd

    Deployed in numerous devices across a wide spectrum of industries, USBware Host software is the world’s most mature and extensive embedded USB host stack. Jungo’s extensive experience and leadership in embedded connectivity technologies make this product the choice of the world’s top chipset vendors and consumer electronics device manufacturers. USBware Host enables the use of multiple USB classes on a wide variety of embedded hardware platforms and its modular design facilitates the seamless introduction of USB host functionality to any current and future product.

    Product Name: Archer AIM
    Company: KLA-Tencor Corp.

    Archer AIM targets new standards for lithography process control equipment for 65-nm and beyond. An industry first, Archer AIM leverages a new grating-style technology to significantly reduce the measurement uncertainty associated with traditional overlay metrology for sub-100-nm design rules.

    Product Name: eDR-52xx Series
    Company: KLA-Tencor Corp.

    KLA-Tencor’s eDR-52xx wafer defect review systems capture high resolution images of wafer defects detected by inspection tools. These images enable defect classification, helping chipmakers to identify systematic defect sources and resolve yield issues. The latest addition to the eDR-52xx series, the eDR-5210S e-beam wafer defect review system, introduces reticle defect review (RDR) and critical point inspection (CPI) modes, furthering the platform’s ability to identify systematic defects from various sources.

    Product Name: GAL20RA10
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    The GAL20RA10 combines a high performance CMOS process with electrically erasable (E2) floating gate technology to provide the highest speed performance available in the PLD market. Lattice Semiconductor’s E2CMOS circuitry achieves power levels as low as 75mA typical ICC which represents a substantial savings in power when compared to bipolar counterparts.

    Product Name: ispGAL22V10AV/B/C
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    The ispGAL22V10A is manufactured using Lattice Semiconductor’s advanced E2CMOS process, which combines CMOS with Electrically Erasable (E2) floating gate technology. With an advanced E2 low-power cell and full CMOS logic approach, the ispGAL22V10A family offers fast pin-to-pin speeds, while simultaneously delivering low standby power without requiring any “turbo bits” or other traditional power management schemes.

    Product Name: ispGDX
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    Architecture: 80 x 80 to 160 x 160 programmable switch matrix
    Basic cell type: Combinatorial/ latched/ registered I/O with individual three-state and polarity control
    Programmability: I/O cells, ISP
    Max. Circuit Density (gates/bits of RAM): n/a

    Product Name: ispXPLD 5000MX
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    The ispXPLDTM 5000MX family represents a new class of devices from Lattice Semiconductor called eXpanded Programmable Logic Devices (XPLDs). These devices are built around a new building block, the Multi-Function Block (MFB). These blocks can be individually configured as SuperWIDETM (136-input) logic, single- or dual-port memory, FIFO, or CAM depending on the users' application.

    Product Name: LatticeXP2
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    The LatticeXP2 devices combine a Look-up Table (LUT) based FPGA fabric with Flash Non-volatile cells in an architecture referred to as flexiFLASH. The flexiFLASH approach provides benefits such as instant-on, small footprint, on chip storage with FlashBAK embedded block memories and Serial TAG memory and design security.

    Product Name: Mach4 CPLDs
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    The MACH ® 4 family from Lattice offers an exceptionally flexible architecture and delivers a superior Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) solution of easy-to-use silicon products and software tools. The overall benefits for users are a guaranteed and predictable CPLD solution, faster time-to-market, greater flexibility and lower cost. The MACH 4 devices offer densities ranging from 32 to 256 macrocells with 100% utilization and 100% pin-out retention. The MACH 4 family offer 5-V (M4-xxx) and 3.3-V (M4LV-xxx) operation.

    Product Name: MachXO
    Company: Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

    The MachXO family of crossover programmable logic devices (PLDs) combines CPLD and FPGA attributes together to optimally serve applications such as bus bridging, bus interface and control that traditionally were implemented in CPLDs or low capacity FPGAs.

    Product Name: LayED
    Company: LayTools

    LayED is a powerful all-angles graphics editor especially developed for the layout of complex integrated circuits, including analog, digital, and mixed-signal designs.

    Product Name: LaySIM
    Company: LayTools

    One piece of software that an IC development software suite cannot do without is a simulator. With present day technologies, however, there are certain characteristics that are vital for such a tool. It must fully support the latest model formats, it should allow composite analog and digital net-lists to run ('gates' and transistors in the same net-list), it should converge reliably, and it should be able to provide straightforward approaches to analyses of such aspects as jitter and power consumption.

    Product Name: LayVER
    Company: LayTools

    LayVER is a sophisticated and comprehensive layout verification package that provides a complete set of tools to validate IC designs of any size and complexity. It offers database layer operations, provides spacing, intersection, extension, and sizing checks, as well as device and node extraction, with net-list comparison all under the same umbrella. With these features, design rule checks (drc), layout to schematic comparison (lvs) and parameter extraction (lpe) can be efficiently performed.

    Product Name: Design Review
    Company: LDRA

    A vitally important aspect of software development is reflected by the edict: “the software should work as expected.” LDRA’s Design Review widens the scope of the static analysis provided by Code Review and Quality Review to include an analysis of the as-built design of the source code.

    Product Name: LDRArules® - Programming Standards Checker
    Company: LDRA

    LDRArules incorporates next-generation reporting capabilities to show code quality, fault detection and avoidance measures. Users have the ability to quickly and easily view results in call graphs, flow graphs and code review reports in an easy-to-read, intuitive format. LDRArules enhances collaboration and communication across all members of the development team through an easy-to-use graphical user interface and sophisticated reporting mechanisms.

    Product Name: Wi2U
    Company: lesswire AG

    The Wi2U car hotspot is a UMTS to WLAN router enabling a reliable and secure internet connection for end user devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops in vehicles.

    Product Name: CCSTEST: Library Verification and Correlation
    Company: Library Technologies, Inc.

    CcsTest is a suite of tools which are used for verifying the accuracy of of an existing Liberty library. They are part of SolutionWare. They can be automatically executed by makelib ccstests
    which carries out all intermediate steps for all the corners and library cells. The tool suite was originally designed to test Current Source Models like CCS and ECSM.

    Product Name: YieldOpt: Process Variation Analysis
    Company: Library Technologies, Inc.

    YieldOpt addresses the issue of variation of process and its impact on the timing aspects of the chip design. Process variation is becoming more and more significant with each new process generation. A single sigma parameter was thought to be sufficient to summarize the variation of previous generations of processes, the variation for new generations may require tens of new independent random variables to characterize the variations on the same die, same wafer, and different lots. Coupled with supply voltage sensitivity, and new temperature effects, it becomes quite a challenge to find proper process and environmental conditions for design and timing analysis.

    Product Name: C166
    Company: Logic Technology BV

    The MDK-ARM is a complete software development environment for Cortex™-M, Cortex-R4, ARM7™ and ARM9™ processor-based devices. MDK-ARM is specifically designed for microcontroller applications, it is easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding embedded applications.

    Product Name: CMX-CANopen
    Company: Logic Technology BV

    The company’s core business is to develop and support real-time, multi-tasking operating systems (RTOS), TCP/IP stacks, Flash File Systems, USB stacks and a CANopen stack for a wide variety of 8-bit,16-bit, and 32-bit microcomputers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors.

    Product Name: LPKF ProtoLaser S
    Company: LPKF Laser & Electronics, North America

    Getting your hands on prototype PCBs quickly is a crucial advantage in electronics development. This is what the new LPKF ProtoLaser S is all about. The laser system opens up a new dimension in in-house prototyping: it transfers the layout onto the PCB with unprecedented speed and precision – easily and with no chemicals.

    Product Name: LC15-TR03 - Serial ATA PHY
    Company: LSI Design and Integration Corporation (LDIC)

    LC15-TR03 is a stand-alone Serial ATA physical layer that is designed based on SATA standard.  This PHY is a 1.5Gbps transceiver that provides very high-speed data transmission.

    Product Name: LD7005 - Spindle/VCM Controller & Driver for 1", 1.8" & 2.5"
    Company: LSI Design and Integration Corporation (LDIC)

    LD7005 is a CMOS monolithic device that integrates spindle and VCM controllers as well as power stages into one chip. The device operates from 3.3V or 5V power supply. LD7005 is designed for a small-form-factor hard disk drive application.

    Product Name: LD7015 - Spindle/VCM Controller & Driver for 1", 1.8" & 2.5"
    Company: LSI Design and Integration Corporation (LDIC)

    LD7015 is a CMOS monolithic device that integrates spindle and VCM controllers as well as power stages into one chip. The device operates from 3.3V power supply. LD7015 is designed for a small-form-factor hard disk drive applications.

    Product Name: ASIC/ASSP Solutions
    Company: LSI Logic Corporation

    Avago Technologies has a long-standing history of providing innovative ASIC/ASSP solutions for the wired communications market. Avago has a proven track record in providing complex, high-performance ASIC/ASSP solutions with unrivaled channel density and best-in-class SerDes performance.

    Product Name: Printed Circuit Board Design | Printed Circuit Board Layout Design
    Company: MakeMyCircuitBoard

    An electronic circuit, however dandy it may be, is incomplete without an effective printed circuit board design. After designing a circuit and verifying its functionality, the next step is to design a printed circuit board on which the circuit can be implemented and tested using actual components. Some designers find this as an extension of their ongoing design process, while others may find it to be quite a cumbersome process. For a few masters of the craft, what fascinates them more than the complexity of the printed circuit board design is their artistic nature. Many companies hire their own expert printed circuit board designers.

    Product Name: LAYVER
    Company: MATRICuS Inc.

    LAYVER is a sophisticated and comprehensive layout verification package that provides a complete set of tools to validate IC designs of any size and complexity. It offers database layer operations, spacing, intersection, extension, and sizing checks, as well as circuit extraction, and net-list comparison all under the same umbrella.  

    Product Name: EM3DS 10
    Company: MEM Research

    EM3DS (Electromagnetic 3D Solver) is a novel, full-featured, frequency-domain full-wave simulaton tool tailored to efficiently accomplish the analysis of quasi-planar structures- specifically planar structures over complex substrates, where the finite conductors' thickness and the dielectric discontinuities are accounted for with no compromise – thus, rendering EM3DS a full 3D tool.

    Product Name: eFPGA Core®
    Company: Menta

    Menta’s eFPGA Core® technology is domain-specific. So every customer will have different ratio among FPGA parameters, like number of logic elements, I/O pads, dedicated blocks, etc.

    Product Name: ADiT
    Company: Mentor Graphics

    ADiT™ is an advanced fast-SPICE simulation tool specializing in analog and mixed-signal (AMS) transistor-level applications. It delivers accurate, reliable results 10X to 100X faster than traditional SPICE techniques for circuits with millions of transistors and devices.

    Product Name: Calibre nmLVS
    Company: Mentor Graphics

    Calibre® LVS, the market-leading layout vs. schematic physical verification tool, is tightly linked with both Calibre DRC and Calibre xRC to deliver production-proven device extraction for both physical verification and parasitic extraction. Calibre LVS performs a vital function as a member of a complete IC verification tool suite by providing device and connectivity comparisons between the IC layout and the schematic. Calibre's hierarchical processing engine runs Calibre LVS in tandem with Calibre DRC and Calibre xRC, supplying data for modifying the IC design to achieve superior functionality and reliability.

    Product Name: Calibre xRC
    Company: Mentor Graphics

    Delivers unparalleled performance on ASIC, memory, analog, SoC designs, etc. with no trade-off in accuracy. Single rule file can drive DRC, LVS, and Calibre xRC functionality. Reads LVS data structures to integrate parasitic information with intentional circuit elements. Model-based engine calculates intrinsic and coupling capacitances for all nets using the same high degree of accuracy.

    Product Name: ICX
    Company: Mentor Graphics

    Mentor Graphics® ICX family of products provides an advanced design and verification environment for even the toughest high-speed challenges. The Interconnect Synthesis (IS) approach of integrating physical design with electrical verification provides a single environment for rules entry, what-if design exploration, timing-driven placement, electrically-driven routing and system verification.

    Product Name: Mixer Products
    Company: Mercury Systems, Inc.

    Mercury Systems' family of Frequency Conversion Products features a complete product line of mixers, frequency doublers and IQ modulators ranging in frequencies from 0.01 GHz to 26.5 GHz. Our series of mixer designs covers all microwave frequency bands from communication to ultra-broadband, for military applications with wide section of IF bands and input power levels. 

    Product Name: µC/GUI
    Company: Micriµm Technologies Corporation

    µC/GUI provides a flexible graphical user interface for any embedded application that requires a graphical display. µC/GUI allows the software engineer to provide fantastic user interfaces to its product using a graphical LCD display.

    Product Name: μC/USB Host
    Company: Micriµm Technologies Corporation

    μC/USB Host is a real-time USB Host software stack designed for embedded systems equipped with a USB Host or OTG controller. It includes many class drivers (MSC, HID and CDC ACM). The stack requires a Kernel.

    Product Name: MegaCell Compiler (MCC)
    Company: Micro Magic, Inc.

    The MegaCell Compiler (MCC) makes building all types of regular structures such as SRAMs, CAMs, DRAMs, Register Files, FIFOs, ROMs, PLAs, and even pad rings, fast and easy. The MegaCell Compiler is so fast that any size repetitive structure can be built in the comparable time it takes to load the data from the disk. Mere seconds for even multi-Mbit SRAMs.

    Product Name: ML7C960A VME Slave Controller
    Company: Millogic

    The ML7C960 provides control for the Cypress CY7C964 VME Datapath chips. Millogic also provides the ML7C964, a pin compatible replacement device for the CY7C964 chips. The ML7C960 together with the ML7C964 provide a complete VME slave interface solution.

    Product Name: ML7C964A VMEbus Slave
    Company: Millogic

    The ML7C964 is a VME interface component, pin-compatible with the now-discontinued Cypress CY7C964. The ML7C960 VME controller in concert with ML7C964 interface chips provides a simple VME interface solution.

    Product Name: RTM-Break-out Card (for Keystone II family of EVMs)
    Company: Mistral Software Inc

    The Rear-transition Module – Break-out Card (RTM-BOC) from Mistral is an eight layer plug-in module for the Keystone II family of EVMs starting with the TCIEVMK2X and the EVMK2H EVMs showcasing the Multicore DSP+ARM KeyStone II System-on-Chips from Texas Instruments. The TCIEVMK2X and EVMK2HX are double wide AMC form factor cards which provide Hyperlink, AIF2 and XFI interfaces over the AMC.4 μTCA connector.

    Product Name: 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet MAC Core
    Company: MorethanIP

    The 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet MAC Core is designed to comply with the IEEE802.3ba Specification. The Core can  be used in either NIC (Network Interface Card) or Ethernet Switching applications. A set of configuration registers is available to dynamically set the Core to terminate and form MAC frames (NIC application) or to pass MAC frames without modification to the User application or to the Ethernet line (Switching application). When used in NIC or Switching applications, the Core provides support for IEEE managed objects, IETF MIB-II and RMON for management applications (e.g. SNMP).

    Product Name: FEA - Feasibility Optimization
    Company: MunEDA-ChipMD

    FEA enables the circuit designer to automatically optimize the operating point of its design to fulfil all electrical/geometrical constraints. A feasible design represents a first step towards successful circuit optimization.

    Product Name: MMA - Deterministic Mismatch Analysis
    Company: MunEDA-ChipMD

    MMA identifies and analyses mismatch-relevant transistor pairs on selected circuit performances. The variance of these local variations will be analyzed based on dependencies of device pair geometries.

    Product Name: MyChip Station
    Company: MyCAD, Inc.

    MyChip Station is a sophisticated physical design system, which can turn a Windows based personal computer into a powerful engineering workstation.

    It integrates physical layout, verification and translation tools. Using MyChip Station, custom layout will be more accelerated with easy-to use polygon layout feature, highest accuracy verification and compatibility with other tools in a hierarchical design environment.

    Product Name: MyProtor
    Company: MyCAD, Inc.

    MyProtor is a FPGA and ASIC prototype systems. There are various kinds of prototype systems in MyProtor: MP1100X / MP3100X.

    Product Name: Library Creation Platform
    Company: Nangate Inc.

    NanGate Library Platform™, a comprehensive tool set that enables efficient creation and validation of large numbers of digital cell variants.

    Product Name: NanGate Products
    Company: Nangate Inc.

    The NanGate solution includes a complete standard cell development platform (Library Creation Platform™), off the shelf enhanced cell library IP (MegaLibrary™), a revolutionary new class of EDA solution (Design Optimizer™) that optimize digital CMOS ICs to levels previously only achievable with extensive manual efforts and very large design teams.   To complete the offering, NanGate Professional Services can provide variety of services for design and library optimization.

    Product Name: Microwave Office 2010
    Company: National Instruments (Formerly AWR Corporation)

    Nonlinear behavioral modeling support for Agilent's X-parameters®, Mesuro's Cardiff model, and more. Significant improvements to the tuner including a user defined step and max and min values that are remembered. Linear stability analysis including normalized determinant function and stability envelope measurement. Connectivity tracer for identifying nets and locating short or open circuits visually.

    Product Name: NI Multisim
    Company: National Instruments Corp.

    The National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group equips design engineers, educators, and students with powerful and innovative circuit design technology. Educators and students can take advantage of easy-to-use teaching tools to overcome the traditional hurdles in electronics education. Professional engineers can improve productivity with intuitive capture tools, interactive simulation, board layout, and design validation.

    Product Name: LPC microcontrollers
    Company: NXP Semiconductors

    The best designers know it takes new ideas to make things faster, more connected and more efficient. It begins with a strong foundation, built using the right hardware and software tools. With their unprecedented performance, optimized connectivity, and design support you can count on, NXP LPC microcontrollers provide that foundation. They simplify design-in while also sparking the imagination, letting developers push their designs, challenge their creativity and find fresh ways to stand out. It's time to discover what thousands of engineers already know: designing with NXP’s LPC microcontrollers makes all the difference.

    Product Name: Change/ECO Management
    Company: Omnify Software

    For product manufacturers, managing change is central to creating a successful product and company. Many argue that it is not problems in functionality or implementation that keep them from meeting schedules, it is the challenge of keeping all players on new product development teams in sync on the current state of the product definition.

    Product Name: 360 DV-Inspect
    Company: OneSpin Solutions GmbH

    360 DV-Inspect provides the most in-depth, automated static analysis of any tool available, and is an indispensible side-arm for any RTL designer. DV-Inspect is used to rapidly eliminate errors prior to verification or synthesis, delivering a fully automated, simple use-model. The RTL code is targeted using multiple techniques to achieve a rigorous and exhaustive analysis. Formal engines provide more rigorous verification than that available through other techniques, such as standard linting. Assertion synthesis is leveraged to generate comprehensive structural test sets and coverage analysis, further improving quality. A debug tool with simulation trace generator makes understanding issues easy.

    Product Name: 360 DV-Verify
    Company: OneSpin Solutions GmbH

    OneSpin 360 DV-Verify is the only unified coverage-driven assertion-based verification solution available today. The combination of a fully functional, high-performance formal property analyzer with a unique assertion coverage evaluator eliminates the guesswork from quality assertion generation. DV-Verify is designed to augment existing verification environments, enabling the discovery of elusive bugs hard-to-find in simulation-only environments, while maximizing coverage.

    Product Name: ApplicationTracker
    Company: Open iT, Inc.

    OpeniT ApplicationTracker monitors activity levels of all applications on Windows, Unix and Linux platforms, independent of licensing method, without using wrappers.

    Product Name: LicenseAnalyzer: License Monitoring Software
    Company: Open iT, Inc.

    Create and easily share customized, live Excel dashboards with Open iT Analysis Server, in our new Enterprise version. Drag and drop to display the desired elements to create a customized software usage analysis dashboard. With one click, refresh the dashboard with new usage data.

    Product Name: StorageAnalyzer
    Company: Open iT, Inc.

    StorageAnalyzer is data storage management software that monitors files, file systems, disks and backups and reports on these resources allowing you to optimize storage resources and enabling accurate billing for storage services.

    Product Name: SystemAnalyzer
    Company: Open iT, Inc.

    By measuring CPU, memory and I/O usage for each application and user, for a variety of system-wide IT functions, you can improve and optimize your IT resources.

    Product Name: UsageAnalyzer
    Company: Open iT, Inc.

    Meter activity levels of users/hosts and applications.Track keyboard and mouse activities and see inefficient computer user patterns. Use data gathered in reports to eliminate repetitive strain injuries and increase user proficiency. See how to customize user training and assign best practices to improve worker efficiency and health.   Evaluate software usability before purchasing, by analyzing user habits.

    Product Name: OPTEK Precision Transport Systems
    Company: Operations Technology, Inc.

    Operations Technology is now offering its field-tested, Precision Transport Systems to Original Equipment Manufacturers. No other company offers the speed, accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and ergonomics that are inherent to these systems. There are five 'standard' sizes available and any of these can be optimized for a particular customer's requirements using OTI's in-house design and fabrication capabilities. The following is a more detailed listing of the system's configuration and capabilities.

    Product Name: Vacuum Lamination - DPL-24
    Company: Operations Technology, Inc.

    Vacuum Lamination of high-tech products has seen explosive growth in the last decade. Until now no system offered the level of vacuum, coupled with the use of positive pressure, that the DPL-24 Differential Pressure Laminator provides.

    Product Name: Arche
    Company: Orora Design Technologies, Inc.

    Arche platform automates the process of simulator-based characterization and electrical rule checking for custom integrated circuits, including analog, custom digital, memory, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

    Product Name: PALM80251
    Company: Palmchip Corp.

    The 80251 core executes the instruction in a single clock cycle, and is an instruction set compatible implementation of the MCS-251 family. It’s about 3.19 times faster on average then the MCS-251 family. The Dhrystone v2.1 benchmark score is 0.258 DMIPS/MHz. The PALM80251 has a total addressable memory of 16Mbytes of which 16Kbytes is implemented as on–chip program memory, 1KBytes of on-chip data RAM, and the rest as external memory which can be used as RAM or ROM.

    Product Name: Digital Electronic PCB
    Company: PCBSourcing Co. Ltd.

    The age of digital electronics has come to be one of the most significant developments in the history of society. Digital electronics are sophisticated devices capable of sending information via electronic signals from one point to another point.Information is transmitted from one circuit to another by using electric currents.

    Product Name: Single Sided PCB
    Company: PCBSourcing Co. Ltd.

    The Single-Sided PCB is the most basic printed circuit board and track is only available on one side of the insulating substrate. The side containing the circuit pattern is called the solder side while the other side is called the component side.

    Product Name: Talon™ Model 2706: Recording System
    Company: Pentek Inc.

    A multiband recording & playback system for recording and reproducing high-bandwidth signals. The Model 2706 uses 16-bit, 200 MHz A/D converters & provides sustained recording rates up to 1600 MB/sec in four-channel configuration.    

    Company: Perception Software

    When it’s your challenge to figure out why a customer is experiencing a technical issue, and the best way to resolve it, the first thing you need to do is get your hands on all the relevant information that’s available to assess what’s happening. And you need to do it without wasting your time or the customer’s while you try to figure out where to find the data you need. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll ever know about all the sources of data that are out there, or that you’ll be able to get access to them even if you do.

    Product Name: Genie-Ethernet
    Company: PERFECTUS Technology, Inc

    Genie-Ethernet VIP is an Open verification methodology (OVM) implementation of IEEE Standard 802.3

    Product Name: Genie-ONFi (Open NAND Flash Interface)
    Company: PERFECTUS Technology, Inc

    Genie ONFi Verification IP is based on OVM 2.0 and fully compliant to ONFi 2.1 Revision specifications. It is a complete verification suite that helps designers to verify a NAND Flash Device. The VIP can behave as an ONFi Host and Transfer Command, Address and Data to NAND Flash Device according to the configuration.

    Product Name: Genie-PCIe
    Company: PERFECTUS Technology, Inc

    Genie-PCIe is a system verilog implementation of the PCI Express (PCIE) Standards.

    Product Name: Genie-SSU (SUPER SPEED USB 3.0)
    Company: PERFECTUS Technology, Inc

    GENIE SSU VIP is compliant to Super Speed USB3.0 specifications . It is a complete verification suite that helps designer to verify a USB 3.0 based designs . The VIP can behave as a host ( or a downstream port entity ) or it can behave as a device (or an upstream port entity ) based on the configuration of the VIP.

    Product Name: SAS Verification IP
    Company: PERFECTUS Technology, Inc

    The SAS VIP has a Genie-SAS™ verification engine that wraps around the “Design Under Test” (DUT) to simplify test development and accelerate debug of Serial Attached SCSI protocol based designs. It provides a complete framework to quickly develop self-checking, comprehensive tests for SAS-based initiator, target, or expander devices.  

    Product Name: SATA Verification IP
    Company: PERFECTUS Technology, Inc

    Perfectus has created a many-tiered product offering specifically aimed at delivering Serial ATA controller designs to market faster, with reduced effort and higher quality. These products are designed to solve the problem that absorbs the largest resources, time, and has the highest risk of a design – the verification effort. The SATA VIP has a Genie-SATA™ verification engine that wraps around the “Design Under Test” (DUT) to provide a complete framework to quickly develop self-checking, comprehensive tests for SATA-based Host and Target.

    Product Name: 8051
    Company: Phyton, Inc.

    CodeMaster-52 is a configurable set of software and hardware tools for developing 8051 applications under control of one easy-to-use integrated development environment (see the diagram above). A full configuration includes a C compiler of your choice, macro assembler, software simulator and either an in-circuit emulator or on-chip (JTAG) debugger. The matrix below displays all CodeMaster-52 kits available for ordering.

    Product Name: 80C196
    Company: Phyton, Inc.

    Project-96 is a tool set that includes hardware and software tools for developing applications based on the 80196 microcontrollers under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). You can select only those tools that you need and order the Project-96 configuration that fits your needs and your budget.

    Product Name: ARM
    Company: Phyton, Inc.

    The CodeMaster-ARM toolset include a friendly and easy-to-use integrated development environment, highly optimised Phyton CMC C compiler, software simulator, JTAG/SWD debugger-emulator, target boards and other components.

    Product Name: ChipProg-481
    Company: Phyton, Inc.

    Extremely fast! Programs and verifies programming of 1Gb NAND flash memory device for 23 s! Targeted at working with large density NAND and NOR flash memory devices. See the speed comparison between different programmers.

    Product Name: PIC
    Company: Phyton, Inc.

    Project-MC is a toolset that includes hardware and software tools for developing applications based on the PIC microcontrollers under control of one integrated development environment. A full package includes PASM-MC macro assembler, PDS-MC software debugger/simulator, PICE-MC in-circuit emulator integrated under control of the Project-MC IDE. The IDE with an embedded editor, project manager and PASM-MC macro assembler is a common part of either Project package. This tool set provides a complete development cycle, from editing source texts, to getting debugged code, and "burning" it into a target microcontroller or memory device by one of the Phiton programmer (chip burner). Popular third parties' compilers can also be bundled with the Phyton's tools.

    Product Name: RSC4x
    Company: Phyton, Inc.

    Project-SE is a set of hardware and software tools for developing applications based on the RSC-4x microcontrollers and VR Stamps produced by Sensory, Inc. Aworking under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). A full package includes MCA-SE macro assembler, PDS-SE software debugger/simulator, MCC-SE C compiler and PICE-SE in-circuit emulator integrated under control of one integrated development environment (IDE). Phyton also offers a few device programmers so this toolset provides a complete development cycle - from editing source texts, to getting debugged code and "burning" it into a memory device. The tools shown inside the "Project-SE IDE" green box above is a public domain product that can be downloaded at no charge from this website.

    Product Name: Triton Builder
    Company: Poseidon Design Systems, Inc.,

    Triton Builder is a design automation tool that synthesizes application specific hardware accelerators. With the use of Triton Builder, system designers obtain dramatic performance improvements to processor-based platforms.

    Product Name: Triton Tuner
    Company: Poseidon Design Systems, Inc.,

    The Triton Tuner is a system level design environment which enables designers to quickly analyze their architecture and modify their system for optimal performance. Most systems consist of processors, caches, memories, buses, peripherals, function blocks, and software algorithms. It is critical for the architecture to support the efficient flow of data between the blocks to meet the performance requirements of the system.

    Product Name: Management Information System
    Company: Programming Research, Inc.

    MIS gives engineering teams and managers access to historical analysis data, trends, statistics, and metrics that reflect the continued quality of your code base. With its coupling to many commercial Source Repositories and Version Control Systems, MIS additionally provides built-in legacy mode functionality. Using the industry leading capabilities of QA·C and QA·C++ MIS offers a unique window into the progress of your software projects.

    Product Name: Structure101 Architectural Analysis
    Company: Programming Research, Inc.

    Structure101 uniquely exposes complexity at all levels of the code-base, and lets teams develop simpler code-bases with defined architectures, so they get more done in less time.Structure101 is the first tool to make meaningful structural analysis and control possible for code-bases written in C and C++. As a Jolt-award winner in 2009, it continues to lead and innovate in this important space of software development.

    Product Name: Web Based Monitoring Platform
    Company: Pultronics Inc.

    Pultronics developed an enterprise-level Wireless Monitoring Platform and resulting solutions used for real time or near real time tracking and monitoring of critical assets, inventory or personnel.

    Product Name: Wireless Tag Reader - Reader, model TR-434A
    Company: Pultronics Inc.

    TR-434-A intelligent, networked UHF Tag Reader, part of Pultronics Wireless Temperature Monitoring System is built for fixed position sensing in temperature controlled environment (refrigerators, server rooms, laboratories, warehouses) and/or to monitor assets moving through a supply chain.

    Product Name: Wireless InSite EM Propagation Software
    Company: Remcom EM Simulation Software

    Remcom’s Wireless InSite is site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis and design of wireless communication systems.  It provides efficient and accurate predictions of propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path environments.  Applications range from military defense to commercial communications, including wireless links, antenna orientation and coverage, jammer effectiveness, and interference from multiple transmitters.  The latest release features XStream® GPU Acceleration and a more powerful ray engine to allow for shorter run times.  And when used with the Real Time Module, Wireless InSite can return path loss results in under a millisecond.

    Product Name: XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software
    Company: Remcom EM Simulation Software

    XFdtd® is a 3D electromagnetic simulation solver that provides engineers with powerful tools to shorten development time and release products to market sooner.  Applications include:
    • Antenna design and placement
    • Biomedical applications, including MRI coil tuning, implantables, and EM field exposure
    • SAR validation
    • EMI/EMC testing
    • Microwave devices
    • Radar and scattering, including automotive radar and ground penetrating radar
    • Signal integrity
    With XStream® GPU Acceleration for both CPUs and GPU clusters, calculations finish in minutes as compared to hours.  In addition, Unlimited Memory Support enables simulation of massive problems exceeding billions of cells.  XFdtd reduces bottlenecks via other unique time-saving features including parameterization, scripting, and advanced meshing techniques. 

    Product Name:
    Company: Rogers Corporation

    Rogers is the first choice for in products requiring technologically superior gasketing and sealing… because we understand the dynamics of your industry and give you the competitive edge.

    Product Name: PORON® 4701-30
    Company: Rogers Corporation

    Very soft, easily compressed for use where flexibility is a key requirement.  Standard available  thickness range from 0.021"

    Product Name: Power Distribution Systems
    Company: Rogers Corporation

    Laminated busbars are three dimensional constructions enabling electrical distribution of current in power electronic modules. They are utilized in traction propulsion systems for rail applications, wind and solar inverters, industrial frequency inverters, large UPS systems or power supplies and other applications requiring the distribution of electrical power.

    Product Name: FlowTracer™
    Company: Runtime Design Automation

    FlowTracer™ is versatile and powerful infrastructure software (with built-in job scheduling) for design flow development, management, and parallel execution.  Any engineer, programmer, or IT professional who is used to implementing and managing flows with scripts or GNU Make will find FlowTracer™ a superior solution. Through its visualization and troubleshooting capabilities, complex design flows can be easily understood, maintained, and expanded.  In conjunction with its job scheduling capabilities, parallelism within a flow is automatically identified, resulting in optimal execution with potentially dramatic speedup.

    Product Name: MYK-41 DES ASIC
    Company: SafeNet, Inc.

    A radiation-hardened VLSI chip for embedment applications, the MYK-41 VLSI encrypts or decrypts using the DES algorithm.

    Product Name: DNA Detection & Synthesis
    Company: SemQuest, Inc.

    Contains 1000’s of pixels in a large die. each pixel contains 100’s of transistors. Each pixel
    can detect voltages and currents as well as drive voltages and currents. CMOS, Low noise,
    Low systematic noise

    Product Name: MEMS Circuits
    Company: SemQuest, Inc.

    Each pixel drives a micro mirror using electro-static forces. Pixels have analog range of motion for high dynamic range performance. 6mm x 9mm & 11.2mm x 14.2mm, High voltage CMOS, complex driver pixel.

    Product Name: X-Ray Imaging
    Company: SemQuest, Inc.

    Detector chips fall into the category of imagers for cameras (CCD or CMOS), Infrared cameras, optical disk read heads, or X-Ray imaging for medical, astronomy, or baggage scanning systems. Typically photons are collected by a detector, while these chips perform the amplification and readout functions. In visible wavelength or near infra-red imaging, the detectors are integrated directly onto the silicon chip.

    Product Name: OptimizePI Applications
    Company: SIGRITY, Inc.

    OptimizePI enables design teams to balance decoupling capacitor (decap) cost and performance for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and IC packages. Decap costs savings of 15% to 50% are typical. High performance is analytically assured for the power delivery system (PDS) at both a system and component level. OptimizePI is built on proven Sigrity hybrid electromagnetic circuit analysis technology in combination with our unique optimization engine to quickly pinpoint the best possible decap selections and placement locations.

    Product Name: JTAG Design Automation Tools
    Company: SiliconAid Solutions, Inc.

    SiliconAid Solutions' SAJE suite of tools can be used as individual point tools in an existing flow or used in concert to supply a front to back solution. With the addition of JTDTM in 2008 and the introduction of P1687 solution awaiting IEEE ratification, SiliconAid is leading the way to new levels of leveraging JTAG. We are also forming key partnerships to allow our technology to be leveraged into the board test area. Bridging yet another gap between design, ATE, and board test worlds. Our unique technology is protected under US Patent.

    Product Name: iW1689
    Company: Simple Silicon Inc. ( acquired by iWatt, Inc.)

    • Primary-side feedback eliminates opto-isolators and simplifies design
    • Multi-mode operation for highest overall efficiency
    • ±4% typical output voltage regulation
    • No external compensation components required

    Product Name: ATE-Ready
    Company: Simutest Inc.

    Simutest announces the ATE-Ready. The ATE-Ready is a pattern conversion and verification software that accepts functional test vectors in the VCD/EVCD or tabular format as inputs and generates cyclized test vectors in the industry standard test vector formats such as WGL or STIL. The ATE-Ready software has built-in capability to analyze the input test vectors against the tester capabilities and restrictions to ensure that the generated WGL or STIL files are compatible with the target ATE. In addition, the ATE-Ready software also provides capability to playback the cyclized vectors in the Verilog simulation to validate that the generated WGL or STIL files meet the design intent.

    Product Name: SiliconDebug
    Company: Simutest Inc.

    The SiliconDebug is a software product that maps the ATE captured data log of silicon failures into the design environment. For graphical viewing of silicon failures, the ATE-debug software generates a VCD file. User has flexibility to select the signals and time intervals for display. E.g. the VCD file may contain waveforms for all device pins or waveforms for only the failing pins or waveforms for the selected pins during the fail time interval(s). Additionally, the compare module of the SiliconDebug software compares and reports the differences between the source simulation patterns with silicon captured patterns or ATE stored patterns in a text report file.

    Product Name: Simcompare
    Company: Simutest Inc.

    Simcompare is a test vector comparison program that can be used by the design and test engineers to:
    • Compare Simulation / ATPG test vectors with ATE test vectors.
    • Compare best and worst case or pre/post layout Simulations.
    • Compare test vectors between two testers for the same design

    Product Name: Analog/Power
    Company: SMIC

    SMIC offers a trench MOSFET process in a wide voltage range from 20V-100V, covering a wide range of applications, including lithium batteries, notebook computers, mobile phones, electric bikes and others. The 0.18μm trench process has entered volume production with significantly reduced die size.

    Product Name: Mature Logic 0.35μm, 0.18μm, 0.13/0.11μm, 90nm
    Company: SMIC

    SMIC has multiple 90nm products in mass production at our 300mm facilities. With in-depth experience in process development, SMIC has made 90nm a vital technology node available to our customers worldwide. Our 90nm process technology uses copper interconnect, low-k material to produce high-performance devices. SMIC's 90nm production at our state-of-the-art 300mm facilities ensures cost optimization, providing our customers with additional resources for further technology enhancements. This 90nm technology fulfills the ever-stringent requirements of power, performance, and integration for applications such as wireless handsets, digital TVs, set-top-boxes, mobile TVs, PMPs, wireless LANs and PC chipsets. Furthermore, this technology can be customized to accommodate various design requirements including high speed, low power, mixed signal, RF, and to provide embedded/SOI solutions.

    Product Name: Non-Volatile Memory
    Company: SMIC

    SMIC delivers cost-competitive embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies with proven manufacturing capability.

    SMIC offers a broad range of embedded NVM technologies with a comprehensive IP portfolio to support smart card, MCU and SoC applications. This embedded NVM IP provides outstanding program and erase performance, low power consumption with superior reliability and data retention.

    Product Name: PCI Express® PHYs
    Company: Snowbush IP (Rambus acquires Snowbush IP)

    The Snowbush low power, high-performance PCI Express (PCIe) PHYs shorten development time and risk associated with SoC designs for high-performance computing, and supports the PCI Express 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 specifications, and incorporates the industry-standard PIPE interface. Snowbush IP offers a complete PCIe PHY and Controller solution that has been silicon-proven with more processes and foundries than any other IP vendor. The solution lowers the risk and time associated with integrating IP from different vendors. Additionally, interoperability with any PIPE-compliant PCI Express controller is supported.

    Product Name: SATA/SAS PHYs
    Company: Snowbush IP (Rambus acquires Snowbush IP)

    Snowbush IP SATA PHYs are designed for easy integration into SoC designs for storage applications in process geometries ranging from 130nm down to 40nm. The PHYs can be provided together with Snowbush SATA Device or Host controller as part of a complete, and fully integrated, SATA solution to minimize design effort and risk. The PHYs are compliant with Serial ATA 2.6 specification and the newly released 6G PHY Working Group Specification Revisions for Gen3i. Since they also support the SAPIS interface, they can easily be integrated with third party controllers when required.

    Product Name: CoverAll™
    Company: Solid Oak Technologies

    The CoverAll™ product is a series of modules and libraries which allows design engineers to graphically capture Design Intent and Verification engineers to capture Verification Intent in easily created and modified flow and timing diagrams. CoverAll™ automatically converts the diagrams into assertions, path covers and sequences for use in Assertion Based Verification with industry standard formal verification and simulation tools.

    Product Name: Sonnet Lite
    Company: Sonnet Software, Inc.

    Sonnet Lite™ is a free feature-limited version of Sonnet's professional Sonnet Suites, which provides EM analysis to thousands of companies across the globe. Many major manufacturers of high-frequency components and boards depend on Sonnet to analyze their predominantly planar high-frequency designs from 1 MHz through several THz. You can download it right now - it's

    Product Name: GENX
    Company: Space Codesign

    SpaceStudio helps users create virtual platforms very quickly by dragging and dropping components from an existing library. These system configurations containing processors, busses, and peripherals can be exported to (e.g.) Xilinx FPGA design and implementation tools, to realize initial prototypes, or first to final silicon.

    Company: Space Codesign

    SpaceStudio offers you access to functional-level design, at high levels of ESL abstraction, through Elix, an easy-to-use validation framework for creating C-language executable specifications of your embedded application.

    Product Name: Certitude Functional Qualification System
    Company: SpringSoft, Inc. (Acquired by Synopsys)

    The CertitudeTM Functional Qualification System is the only solution that removes the uncertainty of the effectiveness of your verification environment. It identifies verification weaknesses that allow bugs to go undetected and lead to functional problems, ASIC re-spins, and delays to market. The Certitude system does this with unique automation technology that:

        * Objectively measures the quality of the verification environment
        * Identifies verification holes that could hide design bugs

    Product Name: Siloti Visibility Automation System
    Company: SpringSoft, Inc. (Acquired by Synopsys)

    The Siloti™ Visibility Automation System transforms your verification methodology by eliminating the overhead associated with recording data for all the signals in a design. Unique automation technology in the Siloti system provides you full visibility of internal signals for complex IC and system-on-chip (SoC) designs

    Product Name: Verdi Automated Debug System
    Company: SpringSoft, Inc. (Acquired by Synopsys)

    Novas’ award winning Verdi™ Automated Debug System automates time-consuming processes of tracing causes and effects of digital designs over time. Verdi’s powerful behavior analysis engines and visualization capabilities allow viewing of information in both structural and time domains at the same time.  Verdi’s automating technology cuts debug time in half.

    Product Name: EVP6472 - FX30
    Company: Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd.

    The platform comprises of the following:
    • Dual 500MHz C6472 DSPs
    • Virtex-5 FXT FPGA
    • Stand alone
    • USB2.0
    • Micro SD card slot
    • RS232
    • Power supply

    Product Name: Takumi D3A™
    Company: Takumi Technology Corporation

    Takumi D3A™ is aimed at improving mask yield, simplifying mask defect disposition and reducing mask costs. Note that it takes as input either design layout (with criticality data)  or post-OPC layout. Of course, more is possible; Takumi D3A can load multiple files simultaneously. Plus, it handles both GDSII and OASIS physical layout.

    Product Name: Takumi Enhance-LO™
    Company: Takumi Technology Corporation

    Takumi Enhance-LO™ improves yield by automatically optimizing a layout against a set of preferred rules, as well as layout-related, yield-loss mechanisms—lithography and random particle issues! The only alternative to Takumi Enhance is manual repair of these layout issues—an impractical alternative!

    Product Name: Takumi Enhance-RO™
    Company: Takumi Technology Corporation

    Takumi Enhance-RO™ improves the quality of a layout by automating the process of enforcing foundry-specified recommended rules. The only alternative to Takumi Enhance-RO™ is manual enforcement of those rules on layout—an impractical alternative!

    Product Name: Takumi HSF™
    Company: Takumi Technology Corporation

    Takumi HSF is designed to isolate and remove fatal hotspots on a given layout including full-chip layout.

    Product Name: CAM350
    Company: Technical Systems Integrators, Inc.

    CAM350XL combines CAM350 and BluePrint PCB to unite all PCB post processing tasks, including: DRC/DFF analysis with Netlist compare, paste and solder mask generation, Gerber file creation, NC drill and mill creation, assembly panel arrays definition, PCB documentation, and ECO automation.

    Product Name: IDM3000 Intelligent Servo Drive
    Company: TECHNOSOFT

    IDM3000 is a high-performance digital servo drive with embedded intelligence, based on the latest DSP controller technology. This drive can be used to control higher-power (up to 3000 W) brushless, induction, linear and DC motors.

    Product Name: AFG3000 Arbitrary
    Company: Tektronix, Inc

    Today's designs are often complex, demanding a variety of stimulus signals during test. With 12 standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability, and signal impairment options, the AFG3000 Series Arbitrary / Function Generator supports a wide range of application needs with one instrument. Best-in-class performance ensures signals are accurately reproduced. A large display and 25 shortcut keys make the AFG3000 Series Arbitrary / Function Generator both easy to learn and easy to use.

    Product Name: BERTScope Bit Error Rate Tester
    Company: Tektronix, Inc

    The BERTScope™ Bit Error Rate Tester Series provides a new approach to signal integrity measurements of serial data systems. Perform bit error ratio detection more quickly, accurately, and thoroughly by bridging eye diagram analysis with BER pattern generation. The BERTScope™ Bit Error Rate Tester Series enables you to easily isolate problematic bit and pattern sequences, then analyze further with seven types of advanced error analysis that deliver unprecedented statistical measurement depth.

    Product Name: Oscilloscope
    Company: Tektronix, Inc

    8 out of 10 engineers around the world trust Tektronix to help them debug and test tomorrow's designs faster. With the broadest portfolio of digital oscilloscopes available, the richest set of product features, the most extensive analysis capability and our award-winning service and support, Tektronix has the right oscilloscope to meet your need.

    Product Name: Instrument Control Toolbox 2.9
    Company: The MathWorks, Inc.

    The Instrument Control Toolbox™ lets you communicate with instruments, such as oscilloscopes, function generators, and analytical instruments, directly from MATLAB®.

    Product Name: IEEE1394 Bus Driver for Windows
    Company: Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH

    Microsoft Windows operating systems include a bus driver and various class drivers to support the IEEE1394 high performance serial bus. However, current driver support is limited to controllers and devices that are compliant to the 1394a standard. The features introduced with the 1394b standard cannot be used in Windows based applications and device drivers. Furthermore, there are some known stability issues that cause problems in industrial and professional applications with high reliability demands. Thesycon’s alternative 1394 bus driver provides a solution to these problems. It replaces the Microsoft driver and exposes a compatible programming interface to upper layers. In-box class drivers and existing custom device drivers will continue to work.

    Product Name: IEEE1394 Device Driver Toolkit for Windows
    Company: Thesycon Systemsoftware & Consulting GmbH

    The IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus (also known as FireWire or i.Link™) is supported in all current Windows operating systems. Windows provides a bus driver and device drivers for various IEEE1394 OHCI compliant host controllers (e.g. from Texas Instruments / TI, VIA, RICOH or NEC). The Windows 1394 driver stack exports a programming interface which is available in kernel mode only. Win32 applications running in user mode are not able to access this interface.

    Product Name: CMOS Camera AHB Interface
    Company: Think Silicon Ltd

  • AHB2.0 master inteface for direct transfers to memory
  • AHB2.0 slave inteface for register programming
  • CMOS sensor. True Color Resolution: 1024x768 (Bayer pattern: 2048x1536)
  • Supports Single 32-bit transactions or bursts
  • Image data pushed on a predefined memory space
  • Supports color (bayer pattern) sensors with parallel data output in slave or master mode
  • Product Name: ThinkLCD Display Controller
    Company: Think Silicon Ltd

    The ThinkLCD Display controller is an AMBA AHB module that can drive a VGA or LCD TFT screen. It can be easily programmed with X11 Modeline timing to support any resolution as long as timing can be met in target technology. 24,16 and 8 bit colour modes are supported as well as arbitrary number of hardware overlay cursors/sprites

    Product Name: ACC: Asynchronous Circuit Compiler
    Company: Tiempo

    ACC (Asynchronous Circuit Compiler) is the first synthesis tool which automatically generates asynchronous and delay-insensitive circuits from a model written in a standard hardware description language.

    Product Name: Design Services
    Company: Tiempo

    We can offer several design services: IP customization: Our IPs are fully packaged and delivered with asynchronous to synchronous interfaces enabling a seamless integration into existing SoC architectures. Additionally, it is possible to customize our IPs to match specificities of your design such as interfaces, additional functionalities, custom instruction set for TAM16 etc.

    Product Name: COMSys
    Company: TQ-Group

    The COM Express mainboard MB-COME-1 in combination with a standard COM Express module forms a very compact hardware kit that can be used for a freely scalable embedded PC platform thanks to its modular design. Because of this – with uniform interfaces and mechanical dimensions – the PC system can be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the application. The many extension options and storage media that can be added offer a high level of flexibility and allow functionalities and performance to be extended easily, quickly and inexpensively. Typical uses are found in embedded server applications, PC systems for automation, visualisation and monitoring and all applications that place high demands on quality, durability and long-term availability.

    Product Name: Embedded module TQM5200
    Company: TQ-Group

    The embedded TQM5200 module is based on the MPC5200 Power Architecture processor by Freescale. With 760 MIPS at a clock frequency of 400 MHz, the MPC5200 achieves a performance class that can handle a wide range of applications. It comes with up to six serial interfaces (PSC1 to PSC6). These can be used for numerous different synchronous and asynchronous protocols.

    Product Name: Hardware kit for system integration TQK5200
    Company: TQ-Group

    The hardware kits, consisting of a mainboard and module, allow cost-efficient and fast integration with complete devices and system solutions. Numerous predefined display solutions with different diagonals and resolutions are available for visualization.

    Product Name: IPC-104-Atom
    Company: TQ-Group

    The IPC-104-ATOM consisting of a single board computer and a display unit enables a cost-effective and simple project implementation. For visualisation and control a 10,4’’ touch display with SVGA is available. The front is IP65 qualified. The device is suitable to be integrated directly in a multiplicity of controls and applications and is therefore the basis for a system solution which is rapidly realizable. The IPC-104-Atom ist fitted with the 1,66 GHz Intel®Atom™ N270. Due to the mechanical characteristics the system may be used in industrial environmens.

    Product Name: irSys®
    Company: TQ-Group

    The spectrometer irSys® is based on the well known principle of scanning grating spectrometers with electrostatic driven micromechanical scanning mirror.

    Product Name: Assertain-ABV
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    Assertain is an innovative environment dedicated to measuring the completeness of the verification of digital SoC designs, in order to secure a faster and safer path to verification closure.

    Product Name: Assertain-HDL
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    Assertain HDL, the entry level of the Assertain product line, has been specially developed for design and verification engineers who need the best-in-class code coverage solution combined with test suite optimization capabilities and an extensive RTL analyzer.

    Product Name: VN-Check
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    VN-Check is a configurable HDL rule checker that analyzes a Verilog or VHDL design to provide clear, concise reports on problematic areas. Unlike basic rule checkers, VN-Check's rules can be configured at a very fine grain to match the design flow requirements.

    Product Name: VN-Control
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    an application-specific test automation tool that provides automatic test generation from a high-level template and automatic response checking for target applications.

    Product Name: VN-Cover
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    VN-Cover is a code and Finite State Machine coverage tool that identifies any unverified parts of a simulated HDL design. VN-Cover includes the most comprehensive set of metrics of the industry, among which line, statement, branch, condition, path, toggle, triggering, signal trace and FSM state, arc and path.

    Product Name: VN-Cover Emulator
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    VN-Cover Emulator enables engineers to obtain coverage on their SoCs in a hardware-accelerated environment and reach a level of confidence similar to that achieved using VN-Cover with software simulators. Using VN-Cover Emulator speeds up the overall verification task by providing better visibility on what has been covered, what is left, and when to stop verification.

    Product Name: VN-Optimize
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    -Optimize is a Test Suite Analysis and Optimization solution that: Dramatically cuts regression testing time by finding the optimal set of tests for the entire design, or selected instances or modules

    Product Name: VN-Spec
    Company: TransEDA Systems Ltd

    VN-Spec is a Specification Coverage and Impact Analysis solution that links design and verification flows to initial specification documents. VN-Spec brings a solid methodology for requirement management to project teams that need to get a more thorough vision of their SoC flow.

    Product Name: High-Definition Video High Speed Interconnect Solution
    Company: TranSwitch Corporation

    TranSwitch is your one-stop-shop for High Speed Interconnects for full-rate 3D video and 4Kx2K displays. Our patented HDP™ technology, developed for High Definition Television (HDTV) and 3-Dimensional Television (3D-TV), is the most advanced IP core technology in the industry. Capable of supporting both HDMI™ 1.4 and DisplayPort™ 1.1 standards with only one connector, HDP™ provides “one port and two solutions.”

    Product Name: SystemBase
    Company: Trenz Electronic GmbH

    Embedded Device Server designed by the company SystemBase are small ARM based modules supporting RS232, 422 and 485 interfaces at 921.6 Kbps.

    Product Name: Electric Vehicle Safety Unit
    Company: TTTech Computertechnik AG

    With the increasing electrification of the drive train, new components are playing a more and more important role in system safety. The control of the torque generated by the electric motor is – also in case of failure – of crucial importance, due to the typical lack of a possibility to interrupt the power flow mechanically.

    Product Name: HY-TTC 200 - Safety Controller
    Company: TTTech Computertechnik AG

    HY-TTC 200 is a proved-and-tested safety control unit for the development of prototypes and limited-lot production. It features a powerful Freescale CPU, as well as a number of configurable in- and outputs, among them three digital 15 A outputs, which can be operated simultaneously. All inputs and outputs of the HY-TTC 200 are over-voltage and short-circuit protected. In addition, internal security measures allow the identification of overload and short circuits at the outputs.

    Product Name: HY-TTC 60 - Modular Electronic Control System
    Company: TTTech Computertechnik AG

    HY-TTC 60, a variant of the HY-TTC 50 control device family, offers exceptional flexibility. The compact IP67 metal housing, made of die-cast aluminum, is also suitable for demanding environmental conditions such as humidity, vibration, temperature fluctuation, and mechanical pressure.

    Product Name: TTXUniversal Control Unit - Multi-Purpose ECU
    Company: TTTech Computertechnik AG

    TTXUniversal Control Unit is a high-performance, stacked-board expansion system for distributed hard real-time systems, which conforms to the FlexRay specifications.

    Product Name: CMMB LDPC decoder
    Company: TurboBest

    China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB) LDPC decoder

    Compliant with CMMB specifications, block size of 9216 bits, code rates 1/2 and 3/4.
    Frame by frame programmability of code rate and number of iterations.
    Syndrome based LDPC iteration stopping and indication.
    ASIC and FPGA proven.
    Throughput of 50Mbps on FPGA platform.
    Low power design.

    Product Name: DVB-S2 LDPC decoder
    Company: TurboBest

    Supports CCM, VCM, ACM modes.
    Supports 64Kbit and 16Kbit frames.
    0.1dB to 0.5dB coding gain improvement versus the standard reference.
    Frame by frame programmability of code rate, modulation, block size, number of iterations.
    Syndrome based LDPC iteration stopping and indication.
    Includes internal demodulator and standard interleaver.
    Relative low area.
    Low power design.
    fits both FPGA and ASIC technologies.

    Product Name: IEEE802.3an LDPC decoder
    Company: TurboBest

    The IEEE 802.3an LDPC Decoder core performs iterative decoding of channel data that has been encoded as described in the IEEE 802.3an standard.
    The high throughput required from the decoder and the specific structure of the IEEE802.3an LDPC code require unique solutions in order to facilitate an efficient high throughput, low complexity and low power decoder core.
    TurboBest's IEEE802.3an LDPC decoder core is based on a proprietary algorithmic solution accompanied by a specifically tailored decoder architecture for the IEEE802.3an LDPC code. These provide a very efficient, low complexity and low power decoder core supporting the required high throughput.

    Product Name: LDPC decoder for 802.16e - WiMAX
    Company: TurboBest

    LDPC decoder for 802.16e - WiMAX

    The IEEE 802.16e LDPC Decoder Core performs iterative decoding of channel data that has been encoded as described in the IEEE Std 802.16e standard.
    Through parallel processing with parameterizable number of PUs the decoder is capable of achieving ANY desired throughput (for example: throughput of 80 Mbit/sec with 6 Pus at 200 MHz clock frequency at lowest rate - 1/2).
    The LDPC codes is preferable over CTC codes for several reasons:
    1. Low complexity, results in small silicon area of only 125 Kgates for 1 PU decoder. It is comparable even
        to the inferior CC decoder.
    2. LDPC codes are patent-free making them a perfect candidate for high volumes low price communication chips.
    3. The LDPC has a clear advantage over CTC enabling to encoding codeword length up to 2304 bits
        compared to 960 bits in the CTC. The performance is 0.75 dB in favor of the LDPC in maximal FEC block
        transmission conditions.

    Product Name: Advanced Professional Kit
    Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

    Advanced Computer Diagnostics for the Professional
    The Advanced Professional Kit is Ultra-X's top of line testing package. Combining the most comprehensive set of hardware and software test tools available, the Advanced Professional Kit contains everything technicians could possibly dream of to test Servers, Desktops, Workstations, Notebook & other x86 compatible mobile devices.

    Product Name: QuickCAST Mobile
    Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

    QuickCAST Mobile is a fully independent dedicated mini-server designed to assist in the deployent of Ultra-X tools in a pre-operating system (Pre-O/S) diagnostic environment. Deployment time is complete within a matter of seconds allowing for simultaneous deployments (multicasting) to hundreds of machines. With QuickCAST Mobile in your company’s hands, servicing any PC Desktop, Laptop, Netbook or Server becomes effortless.

    Product Name: QuickPOST PCI
    Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

    The QuickPOST PCI uses the latest decoding technology, follows established BIOS standards, and supports the complete PCI specifications to greatly reduce or eliminate the guesswork involved in troubleshooting systems that fail to boot. A must have for any PC Technician.

    Product Name: QuickTech Legacy
    Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

    QuickTech Legacy (QT) is a powerful yet easy to use diagnostic utility that allows you to quickly and accurately troubleshoot failures in a PC's major components. QuickTech Personal is a test tool for small office or home use for quick system troubleshooting. It is ideal for determining a course of action to take in resolving a problem. For example, you may have a simple hardware problem that can be repaired without calling a professional technician or taking your system in to your local shop. You can save yourself a lot of money in unnecessary repair cost and reduce system down time.

    Product Name: QuickTech Pro USB
    Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

    Assuring quality, stability and reliability of newly built, serviced or upgraded PCs are primary concerns for any System Builder, PC Refirbisher and Service Technician. QuickTech PRO USB offers the most accurate and reliable results available enhancing both efficiency and confidence.

    Product Name: Self-BOOT Diagnostics
    Company: Ultra-X Benelux B.V

    QuickTech Professional, Ultra-X's professional-level PC diagnostic software program, is designed to meet the rigorous testing needs of system developers and integrators, OEM's, technicians, MIS professionals, and end users who want to quickly and accurately test and troubleshoot core system components, functions and peripherals.

    Product Name: VT18AD10B10
    Company: V-Trans Microelectronics Inc.

    This Analog -to-Digital converter IP has a monolithic differential pipelined architecture with output error correction logic providing 10 bits conversion accuracy from 10 up to 110 Mhz sampling frequency. It is designed for industry standard 0.18um 1P6M CMOS technology supplied at 3.3V.

    Product Name: VT18DCXO
    Company: V-Trans Microelectronics Inc.

    The V-Trans VT18DCXO crystal oscillator cell provides a low phase-noise output, with a low frequency variation over temperature. Oscillation frequency can be digitally adjusted ( +/- 100ppm) In power-down mode, the oscillator is bypassed. An external clock signal can be applied to “xin” pin.

    Product Name: VT18VDAC
    Company: V-Trans Microelectronics Inc.

    This IP is composed of a triple channel 10-bits 240 MS/s DAC, designed for industry standard 0.18um 1P6M CMOS technology supplied at 3.3V.

    Each independent DAC uses a segmented current steering architecture, combined with improved twodimensional centroid switching scheme, to achieve simultaneously high update rates, at least 10-bit of intrinsic static accuracy, and a very good dynamic characteristics.

    Product Name: VT40LVD106
    Company: V-Trans Microelectronics Inc.

    V-Trans ‘s FPD Link Receiver Macro is based on National Semiconductor openLDI specification v0.95 dated May 13th 1999 that allow the transfer of digital display data between a display source and a display device.

    Product Name: VT65LVD104
    Company: V-Trans Microelectronics Inc.

    V-Trans 's FPD Link Receiver Macro is based on National Semiconductor openLDI specification v0.95 dated May 13th 1999 that allow the transfer of digital display data between a display source and a display device.

    Product Name: DFM - Design Verification
    Company: Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd.(acquired by Mentor Graphics)

    Enterprise is DFM software for OEMs and PCB designers, and much, much more. It's actually a unique, virtual manufacturing system, which enables OEMs to simulate the entire production process, from design to manufacture to assembly, concurrently with the design process. With Enterprise, designs are optimized for excellence using a physical design model of the PCB assembly - revision spins are practically eliminated, and you benefit from faster times to market and improved product quality

    Product Name: MC/DC for VectorCAST
    Company: Vector Software, Inc.

    Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC/DC) provides two levels of verification for conditional expressions. The first level, named MC/DC Branches, tracks each subcondition in an expression to verify that is has been tested with both True and False values. The second level, named Equivalence Pairs, verifies if each subcondition can affect the value of the condition. This is done by generating a truth table for the expression, and then finding a pair of rows in the table that will generate a different result when all values except the tested value remain constant. During execution, if both rows have been executed, then the test proves that, by changing the only tested value, the condition's value changes.

    Product Name: VectorCAST/RSP
    Company: Vector Software, Inc.

    The principle of automated testing should be at the forefront of any attempt to create test software. Real-time embedded code is often tested with a series of test programs, each testing a separate feature. The problem with this method is most of these programs only test what the programmers are changing. What about interactions between unrelated code due to sharing of resources?

    Product Name: HDL Component Software
    Company: Verific Design Automation Inc.

    Verific Design Automation software offers a number of packages, all written in platform independent C++.

    Product Name: Verilog Netlist Only Parser
    Company: Verific Design Automation Inc.

    Verific's Verilog Netlist Only Parser reads a Verilog structural netlist directly into Verific's hierarchical database. It does not create any intermediate parse tree or other persistent data structure. The Verilog Netlist Only Parser can be of great use to EDA applications that do not (yet) require RTL support. As with all Verific's software, the product is shipped as C++ source code and backed with a rigorous support and maintenance program.

    Product Name: ARM Cores
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    VeriSilicon has licensed a range of ARM® processors, including the ARM7TDMI® processor, the ARM922TTM processor and the ARM926EJ-STM processor to expand its product portfolio and enable the development of advanced SoC systems that meet the rapidly evolving requirements of digital consumer devices.

    Product Name: V.Blox IP Libraries
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    VeriSilicon's V.Blox IP Library of industry proven semiconductor IP includes a comprehensive selection of commonly required functional "building blocks" that offer ease of integration and verification - providing further reliability, risk reduction and time-to-market advantages in the development of complex SoC's and ASICs.

    Product Name: V.Library Foundry Libraries
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    VeriSilicon's V.Libs Foundry Libraries (V.Libs) include a wide range of foundry specific semiconductor IP. V.Libs are optimized for different performance criteria (power, performance, area) and include the following IP types: standard cell libraries, I/O cell libraries and memory compilers. To date, more than 500 customers worldwide have downloaded a V.Libs for a wide range and complexity of designs, such as multi-million gates SoCs (embedding ARM7 designs, 32-bit MCU designs), and have achieved "first silicon success" with volume production.

    Product Name: VSI407US
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    The VSI407US is a low-cost, low-power voice processor in an ultra-thin package that delivers the perfect mix of high performance and small footprint necessary in Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) applications such as cell phones, PDAs and other handheld devices.

    Product Name: VZ.AudioHD
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Over the last few years, the push for high definition multimedia devices has been pretty clear.  Initially, this category has been dominated by the success in the HDTV space, fueled by dramatic price reduction of flat panel displays, but several other products are now beginning to make traction in the market place.  Next generation DVD players, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, constitute a fast-growing portion of this space and according to the Santa Clara Consulting Group, will represent a $4 B market by 2010.  These devices also present enormous design challenges when compared to existing DVD players.  For example, audio performance requirements have increased several-fold to support new high-quality audio standards as well as complex use cases encompassing a large number of different audio technologies. To address these requirements, the fully integrated VZ.AudioHD platform includes a wide assortment of pre-optimized high-end audio software modules, high-performance ZSP800 processor, and system software framework.

    Product Name: ZSP200
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    The VeriSilicon ZSP200 is a fully synthesizable, low cost DSP core that can be easily integrated into and programmed in your system-on-a-chip design. The ZSP200 DSP core enables optimal cost and power saving in applications where a microprocessor cannot deliver the DSP performance required. ZSP200 is available with AMBA master/slave interfaces and a range of supporting peripherals for audio and voice applications. Whether you choose the soft macro or hard macro version, the ZSP200 is ideally suited to help you get your product to market quickly.

    Product Name: ZSPneo
    Company: VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.

    ZSPneo is a new breed of processor that combines the capabilities of the DSP and the MCU on a single core. It is ideal for cost sensitive applications that require control processing performance above the existing 8-bit microcontrollers, but cannot tolerate the unnecessary cost of the 32-bit microcontrollers.

    Product Name: Incisive® Enterprise Specman Elite®
    Company: Verisity Design, Inc. (Acquired by Cadence)

    Cadence® Incisive® Enterprise Specman Elite® Testbench uses executable specifications and designer-specified constraints to automate testbench generation, while simultaneously detecting misrepresentations of the specification. Its automated data and assertion checking speeds debug, while its functional coverage analysis capability drives verification using the Plan-to-Closure Methodology.

    Product Name: Magic Triangle
    Company: Verum Software B.V.

    ASD:Suite is a software design (CAD) platform based upon Verum’s patented Analytical Software Design (ASD) technology. It ushers in the next phase of software design automation because it gives designers the power to eliminate all behavioural defects from complex programs.

    Product Name: VinRZ5110
    Company: VinChip Systems

    VinRZ5110 is a low power, high performance 32-bit processor solution targeting embedded applications where low power and system cost are of utmost importance. It is based on Harvard architecture, with single cycle memory access and multiple enhanced features as described below.

    Product Name: Multi-Instrument Series

    Both softkey and hardkey are remotely upgradable. An upgrade activation code will be sent to you if an upgrade package is purchased.  If you have a hardkey, a hardkey upgrade package file will be sent to you to re-initialize your hardkey .

    Product Name: DDR3 SDRAM
    Company: Virtium Technology, Inc.

    The industrial DDR3 memory generation allows the data I/O speed to be eight times the memory clock speed because of its eight deep pre-fetch buffer feature. This enables the DDR3 memory to maintain transfer data at rates up to PC17000 when using a memory speed of 266 MHz. Virtium offers DDR3 SDRAMs in a wide range of form factors and features including SODIMM, MicroDIMM, ECC SODIMM, SORDIMM, VLP RDIMM, Mini-DIMM, and LR-DIMM.

    Product Name: EDWin - Electronic Design for Windows
    Company: Visionics

    The growing demands of users laid the foundation for development of an advanced version of EDWin, known as EDWin32.

    This package incorporates all the advantageous features of the earlier versions of EDWin (Upgrade path to EDWin 32 is EDWin ver. 1.70).
    In addition to this, EDWin32 provides better zoom precision and accuracy, owing to its 32 bit application format. Operations may be carried out with greater speed and reliability.

    Product Name: EDWin - Electronic Design for Windows
    Company: Visionics

    EDWin - Electronic Design for Windows is one of our first, and the best (we like to think), system, running completely under Windows 3.1, or higher (no problems noted under Windows95 or Windows NT) It,like the EE Designer III/The Professional (running under MS-DOS), features almost everything you´ll ever need to get your design jobs done in the most efficient way.

    Product Name: EE Designer III
    Company: Visionics

    The EE Designer, followed by the EE Designer II and finally the EE Designer III were our first major "hits" in the EDA CAD industry, all of them winning international acclaim, not least in the USA, where many major high-tech companies use the EE Designer III today. Unfortunately, the EE Designer III has been subject to major Software Piracy and counterfeiting in Germany and in the USA over the last few years. You will find further information about this on our Piracy Page Please read it!

    Product Name: W65C265S 16–bit Microcontroller
    Company: Western Design Center, Inc.

    The WDC W65C265S microcomputer is a complete fully static 16-bit computer fabricated on a single chip
    using a Hi-Rel low power CMOS process. The W65C265S complements an established and growing line of
    W65C products and has a wide range of microcomputer applications.

    Product Name: Character
    Company: WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.

    Winstar offers a wide range of standard character LCD modules to fit for customers applications. Character modules display formats are available from 8x2 through to 40x4. These LCD and LCM modules can be used on industrial and consumer’s application such as entrance guard’s equipment, telegram, car and home audio, game and toy....etc.

    Product Name: Chinese
    Company: WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.

    Many of Winstar’s Graphic LCD modules support Chinese fonts and self-defined characters.. These graphic modules have wide operating voltage and low power consumption suitable for battery power portable device. It includes Chinese simple fonts and Chinese complex fonts. The series are graphic and character mix modes display.

    Product Name: COG
    Company: WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.

    Winstar COG (chip-on-glass) LCD modules provides resolution sizes of 128x64 to 320x240 pixels as well as an option of 16x2 character COG LCM. The COG package offers high quality with the benefits of light weight, and low power consumption. Also, it is available to add a connection board for each item to change the interface from FPC to pins or cables.

    Product Name: Graphic
    Company: WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.

    Winstar Liquid crystal display offers a low current high-resolution solution. We have an extensive range of graphics LCD modules with various backlight and LCD type combinations. Winstar’s LCM can be used on instrument and industry machinery equipment as well as electrical home appliances, consumer electronic.

    Product Name: TAB
    Company: WINSTAR Display Co., Ltd.

    Winstar compact TAB (Tape Automatic Bonding) LCD modules with resolution 128x64 pixel to 320x240 pixel. These TAB LCD modules are offered with and without a backlight. Winstar TAB product lines are ultra thin and light and low power consumption which are great for handheld instruments, cell phones, PDAs, etc.

    Product Name: TE2440-II
    Company: Witech Co., Ltd

    TE2440-II is an updated version of TE2440, a Witech ARM9 development board based on the Samsung S3C2440A with full featured MMU (Memory Management Unit).

    Product Name: License Activation Center
    Company: X-Formation

    License Activation Center (LAC) is a SaaS solution that provides centralized license management for ISVs and on-demand access to software for customers. LAC drives revenue and cuts operational costs by simplifying and automating license creation and delivery, while providing business intelligence through integrated reporting and tracking of entitlements.

    Product Name: License Statistics
    Company: X-Formation

    License Statistics is a web-based license monitoring tool that supports over 10 license managers, including LM-X, FlexNet, and Reprise License Manager (RLM).

    Product Name: LM-X License Manager
    Company: X-Formation

    LM-X License Manager enables ISVs to easily license their software and maximize revenue by quickly adapting to changing markets and customer needs.

    Product Name: Artix-7
    Company: XILINX

    Artix™-7 FPGAs deliver the lowest power and lowest cost to address high-volume markets. This family is one of three product families built on a common 28nm architecture designed for maximum power efficiency and offers over two times the capacity, 30% higher performance, 50% lower power consumption -- and logic up to 350K logic cell density at lower price points than Spartan®-6 FPGAs. The Artix-7 family establishes a new standard for best cost for higher speed interfaces, including memories and transceivers. Artix-7 FPGAs further reduce system cost with the smallest footprint packages, leveraging wire bond chip-scale BGA technology.

    Product Name: Kintex-7
    Company: XILINX

    Kintex™-7 FPGAs establish a new category of FPGAs with high-end performance at less than half the price. The Kintex-7 family is one of three product families built on a common 28nm architecture designed for maximum power efficiency and delivers a 2x price-performance improvement while consuming 50% less power compared to previous generation FPGAs. Kintex-7 FPGAs offer high-density logic, high-performance serial connectivity, memory, and DSP, plus Agile Mixed Signal all to enable higher system-level performance and the next level of integration. These capabilities allow for continued innovation and differentiation in designs at volume price points.

    Product Name: XJLink / XJLink2
    Company: XJTAG

    XJLink and XJLink2 are small, portable, USB hardware devices that provide a high speed interface (480Mbps) to the JTAG chain on a circuit board. The small, lightweight design means the XJLink or XJLink2 can easily be moved to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Advanced features, like their programmable JTAG signal pin position, switchable power supply and auto signal skew, make it easy to connect to a wide range of circuit boards. Simple to install and use due to the USB plug-and-play ability.

    Product Name: logiBMP
    Company: Xylon

    The logiBMP is 2.5D graphics accelerator from Xylon logicBRICKSTM IP library, optimized for Xilinx FPGAs and designed to speed up graphics operations with bitmaps. This IP core significantly speeds up GUI rendering. The logiBMP supports very complex bitmap operations like texture renderings, picture filtering, up and down scaling, and bitmap rotating. The core is fully embedded into Xilinx Platfrom Studio and EDK tools, and its integration with on-chip CoreConnect PLB and OPB busses is very simple. Parametrizable VHDL design allows tuning of slice consumption and features set through an easy-to-use GUI interface. The logiBMP enables perspective correct texture renderings of 2.5D graphics scenes. The IP core can be easily integrated with other logicBRICKS, i.e. logiCVC Compact Multilayered Video Controller and the logiBITBLT 2D graphics accelerator to support smooth graphics transition and animations.

    Product Name: logiCVC-ML
    Company: Xylon

    The logiCVC-ML IP core is an advanced display graphics controller that enables an easy video and graphics integration into embedded systems with the Xilinx FPGAs. It can be used as a standalone graphics IP core, or as a part of larger graphics systems along other Xylon logicBRICKS(TM) IP cores. The logiCVC-ML is a real plug-and-play IP core, supported by the Xilinx Platform Studio and the EDK integrated software solution, and designers familiar with these tools can immediately start designing. The IP's size and features can be easily adjusted through IP drag and drop EDK interface. The logiCVC-ML comes ready-to-use and with the rich set of deliverables including SW driver, documentation and an example design. This mature and proven IP core works with a broad offer of third-party graphics design tools allowing for design of very advanced GUI embedded systems.  For quick evaluation and developments Xylon offers the low-cost logiTAP Platform for Embedded GUI developments. Higher resolutions are available on request.

    Product Name: logiVIEW
    Company: Xylon

    The logiVIEW Perspective Transformation and Lens Correction Image Processor IP core for video and imaging applications using single or multiple camera imagers removes fish eye distortions caused by extreme wide-angle field of view (FOV) lenses, makes perspective corrections to the captured video and stitches multiple corrected video inputs in a resulting single image for the LCD display. The logiVIEW corrects multiple 30 fps or higher frame rate video inputs in real-time. The provided calibration software, with the included preview option, speeds up IP adoptions to different camera imagers and camera system setups.

    Product Name: logiWIN
    Company: Xylon

    The logiWIN IP core accepts a streaming video input, decodes it and converts into the RGB format. The input video can be real-time scaled, de-interlaced, cropped and positioned on the video display. Captured and processed video must be displayed by a graphics controller IP, i.e. the Xylon logiCVC-ML Compact Multilayer Video Controller. The logiWIN integrates high-quality anti-aliasing algorithm that guarantees high picture quality without visible artifacts. The core is fully embedded into Xilinx Platform Studio and EDK tools, and its usage does not require skills beyond general Xilinx tools knowledge. Parametrizable VHDL design allows tuning of slice consumption and features set through an easy-to-use GUI interface. Instantiations of multiple logiWIN IPs enable processing of multiple video inputs within a single Xilinx FPGA device.

    Product Name: eXCite
    Company: Y Explorations, Inc.

    eXCite takes ISO/ANSI-C and synthesizes it to Verilog or VHDL RTL suitable for input to FPGA or ASIC logic synthesis tools.

    Product Name: Parasitic Extraction Tools
    Company: Zeni EDA

    In deep sub-micron technology, interconnect parasitic effects of layout are having more and more influence on the performance of circuit designs. Zeni PE provides layout engineers the capability to perform highly accurate parasitic capacitance, resistance and inductance extraction on full-chip layouts, selected area, or a single net.

    Product Name: eZ80Acclaim Plus!
    Company: Zilog, Inc.

    The eZ80F91 Mini Enet Module, a member of Zilog’s eZ80AcclaimPlus! family, is a compact, high performance Ethernet module specially designed for the rapid development and deployment of embedded systems requiring remote control and Internet/Intranet connectivity. This expandable module is powered by the eZ80F91 Ethernet controller, featuring a power-efficient, high-speed, optimized pipeline architecture.

    Product Name: eZ80Acclaim Plus!
    Company: Zilog, Inc.

    The eZ80F91 Mini Enet Module, a member of Zilog's eZ80AcclaimPlus! family, is a compact, high performance Ethernet module specially designed for the rapid development and deployment of embedded systems requiring remote control and Internet/Intranet connectivity. This expandable module is powered by the eZ80F91 Ethernet controller, featuring a power-efficient, high-speed, optimized pipeline architecture.

    Product Name: Intrusion Detection
    Company: Zilog, Inc.

    Zilog offers a Bundled ZMOTION Intrusion Detection Option for security-related motion detection applications that combines a ZMOTION MCU with a selection of three lenses and pyroelectric sensors, plus API settings for optimal lens performance.

    Product Name: Z16FMC MCU
    Company: Zilog, Inc.

    The Z16FMC Series of Motor Control MCUs features Zilog's ZNEO® CPU, which boasts a highly-optimized instruction set that achieves higher performance per clock cycle with less code space and lower overhead than competing architectures.

    Product Name: Z8 Encore!
    Company: Zilog, Inc.

    Zilog’s Z8 Encore! F0830 Series of MCUs is the first in a line of Zilog microcontroller products based on the 8-bit eZ8 CPU and offering Flash in-circuit programming capability that allows for faster development time and program changes in the field.

    Product Name: ASI4U/ASI4U-E
    Company: ZMD America, Inc.

    ASI4U/ASI4U-E is a new generation CMOS integrated circuit for ASI networks. The low-level field bus AS-I (Actuator Sensor Interface) was designed for easy, safe and cost-effective interconnection of sensors, actuators and switches. It transports both power and data over the same two-wire unshielded cable.

    Product Name: A²SI-Lite
    Company: ZMD America, Inc.

    A²SI-Lite (A²SI-L14/A²SI-L16) is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit certified for AS-I (Actuator Sensor-interface) networks. AS-I networks are intended for industrial automation. This integrated circuit is dedicated to be used as simplified interface IC for key control panels, simple sensors and small actuators.

    Product Name: ZADCS0882/0842/0822
    Company: ZMD America, Inc.

    The ZMDI ZADC0882 / ZADCS0842 / ZADCS0822 are 8-Bit low power analog-to-digital (A/D) converters with up to 300ksps conversion rate. The converter is based on successive-approximation- register architecture.
    All converters have an 8-channel input multiplexer and a highbandwidth a track/hold circuit. All analog inputs are software confi gurable as eight / four / two single ended or four / two / one differential analog input channels as well as for unipolar or bipolar output coding.

    Product Name: ZADCS1082/1042/1022
    Company: ZMD America, Inc.

    The ZMDI ZADC1082 / ZADCS1042 / ZADCS1022 are 10-Bit low power analog-to-digital (A/D) converters with up to 250ksps conversion rate. The converter is based on successive-approximation-register architecture.
    All converters have an 8-channel input multiplexer and a highbandwidth a track/hold circuit. All analog inputs are software confi gurable as eight / four / two single ended or four / two / one differential analog input channels as well as for unipolar or bipolar output coding.

    Product Name: ZADCS146/ZADCS147
    Company: ZMD America, Inc.

    The ZMDI ZADC146 and ZADC147 are 12-Bit analog-to-digital (A/D) converters with up to 200ksps conversion rate. The converter is based on successive-approximation-register architecture.
    Both have an 8-channel input multiplexer and a high-bandwidth track/hold circuit. All analog inputs are software confi gurable as eight single ended or four differential analog input channels as well as for unipolar or bipolar output coding.

    Product Name: DS-2 (e-PLM)
    Company: Zuken

    Zuken’s Engineering Data- and Lifecycle Management Solution, DS-2 offers the latest PLMready and workflow support within the enterprise/global electrical and electronics engineering world. Today our customers are demanding capabilities to support them in designing anywhere and building/manufacturing anywhere (DAMA) in order to take advantage of regional time zones, material and engineering costs.

    Product Name: E³.series
    Company: Zuken

    E³.series is Zuken’s completely Windows®-based, modular electrical CAD software for the design, documentation and simulation of electro technical, pneumatic and hydraulic applications, cabinet layout, as well as for wire harness design.

    Product Name: E³.WireWorks
    Company: Zuken

    E³.WireWorks is a Windows-based, modular, scalable and easy-to-learn system for engineering design of wiring, harnesses, cable assemblies, control panels, hydraulics and pneumatics. Together with SolidWorks Premium Routing tools, E³.WireWorks is a complete solution for the design engineer from design concept through physical realization and manufacturing output. E³.WireWorks is designed to work out-of-the-box with SolidWorks Premium Routing and SolidWorks PDM Enterprise.

    Downstream : Solutuions for Post processing PCB Designs

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