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ASIC and IC Design : Design for Test

Product Name: aiSee
Company: AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH

aiSee automatically calculates a customizable layout of graphs specified in GDL (graph description language). This layout is then displayed, and can be printed or interactively explored.

Product Name: Astrée Run-Time Error Analyzer
Company: AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH

Astrée is a static program analyzer that proves the absence of run-time errors (RTE) in safety-critical embedded applications written or automatically generated in C.

Product Name: a³: AbsInt Advanced Analyzer
Company: AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH

a³ is a wrapper application that integrates any number of AbsInt’s tools for static program ana­ly­sis in a single intuitive user interface.

Product Name: TimingExplorer
Company: AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH

TimingExplorer offers a set of parameterizable ECU core models to explore the effects of different ECUs or different ECU configurations on the worst-case execution time performance.

Product Name: ValueAnalyzer
Company: AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH

ValueAnalyzer is a static program analyzer for value analysis. It is particularly useful for verifying the absence of illegal accesses to an embedded software system from within third-party modules provided as object code.

Product Name: DFM-Aware PDK QA Platform
Company: Accelicon Technologies

Like for SPICE models, comprehensive QA and verification of the Process Design Kit (PDK) are also required in order to ensure design success. However, with DFM (Design For Manufacture) considerations, Process Design Kit (PDK) has become more and more complicated, more procedures and tools are involved and efforts of verification are tremendous without automation.

Product Name: Model Builder Program (MBP)
Company: Accelicon Technologies

MBPTM is a one-stop solution that provides both automation and flexibility for device modeling needs. Not only shipped with powerful built-in characterization and modeling capabilities, MBP also provides an open interface for user to customize their own modeling strategy. With the representative of such unique architecture, defined as the Task Tree, user can easily make model extraction process adaptable to specific data and always catch up with the state of the art of modeling methodology.

Product Name: CABGA | CTBGA | CVBGA
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor’s ChipArray® packages are laminate based Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages that are compatible with established SMT mounting processes. The near-chip-size standard outlines offer a broad selection of ball array pitch, count, and body sizes.

Product Name: CASON® (ChipArray SON)
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor's CASON packages are laminate-based products available as QFN / QFP (Quad Flat No-Lead) packages. These packages typically have single row of package terminals around the perimeter of the package body.

Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor's wafer level packaging service meets the industry's growing demand for full turnkey assembly and test solutions for CSP (Chip Scale Package) products. Through the acquisition of Unitive®, Amkor has adopted the CSPnl™ as its standard wafer level package offering.

Product Name: ExposedPad LQFP / TQFP
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

This Amkor developed family of power IC packages significantly increases the thermal efficiency of power constrained standard LQFP and TQFP packages. The ExposedPad LQFP / TQFP can increase heat dissipation by as much as 110% over a standard LQFP / TQFP, thereby expanding the margin of operating parameters.

Product Name: FCmBGA
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor’s FCMBGA is the evolution of the SuperFC® high performance flip chip solution. Capillary underfill (CUF) is replaced by molded underfill (MUF).

Product Name: FusionQuad® (VQFP / HVF-PQFP)
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor’s FusionQuad® represents a breakthrough in leadframe-based plastic packaging through the effective integration of ExposedPad TQFP and MLF® technologies.

Product Name: MicroLeadFrame® (MLF)
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor's MicroLeadFrame® (QFN - Quad Flat No-Lead package) is a near CSP plastic encapsulated package with a copper leadframe substrate. This package uses perimeter lands on the bottom of the package to provide electrical contact to the PWB.

Product Name: PBGA
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor's PBGAs incorporate the most advanced assembly processes and designs for today's and tomorrow's cost/performance applications. This advanced IC package technology allows application and design engineers to optimize innovations while maximizing the performance characteristics of semiconductors.

Product Name: PDIP / SPDIP
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor is committed to continuing to service this long established standard industry package. The Amkor PDIP comes in a wide range of lead counts: from 8 - 48 leads with a lead pitch of 100 mils.

Product Name: PowerSOP® 2 & 3 (PSOP / PSSOP)
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

This Amkor-developed family of power IC packages significantly increases the thermal efficiency of power constrained standard SOIC packages. The PowerSOP (PSOP) improves Theta JA up to 50% over a standard SOIC thereby expanding the margin of operating parameters.

Product Name: PSvfBGA
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

After 3 years of development in package stacking technology and infrastructure, Amkor launched the multiple award winning PSvfBGA (base PoP) platform during the 4th quarter of 2004. The next two years saw many new milestones, from publication of JEDEC mechanical and electrical standards to a range of new customers and applications adopting PoP.

Product Name: SOT-23 / SC-70
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor’s 1.0 mm thick, 5, 6, and 8 lead SOT23 and 5 and 6 lead SC70 packages offer gullwing lead, sub-miniature, SMT performance characteristics. These packages are high-density leadframe (HDLF) strip-assembled in densities up to 400 units per strip and are processed in an integrated line from die attach through tape and reel for maximum cost effectiveness.

Product Name: Stacked CSP
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

The Stacked CSP (S-CSP) family utilizes Amkor's industry leading ChipArray® Ball Grid Array (CABGA) manufacturing capabilities. This broad high volume infrastructure enables the rapid deployment of advances in die stacking technology across multiple products and factories to achieve lowest total cost requirements.

Product Name: SuperFC®
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

Amkor's SuperFC® is THE high performance flip chip solution. Flip chip interconnect utilizes array interconnect of die to substrate as a replacement for conventional wire bonding. This allows the entire die surface to be used for electrical connections to the substrate, exponentially increasing the I / O per unit area vs.

Product Name: TSSOP / MSOP
Company: Amkor Technology, Inc.

With the evolution of smaller, denser, faster and lighter end products, Amkor not only shrunk the SOP by decreasing the lead pitch, but also made it thin - 0.9 mm thin! Amkor invested time and research into assuring quality and reliability with advanced designs, assembly equipment/ processes and materials.

Product Name: Eye-RIS Vision System-on-Chip
Company: AnaFocus

Lince5M is a digital high-speed image sensor designed for excellent performance in a large variety of applications ranging from low-noise high-dynamic range surveillance, to high-speed high-resolution machine vision. Lince5M incorporates a high-speed 5.2Mpxl CMOS active-pixel image sensor providing global electronic shutter and High Dynamic Range (HDR) features.

Product Name: Q-Eye Image Sensor & Processor
Company: AnaFocus

The Q-Eye Image Sensor & Processor is a QCIF resolution CMOS high-speed image sensor-processor able to sense and process on-the-fly images at extreme frame rates. Q-Eye ISP delivers up to 8,000 grey-level and 40,000 binary images per second at full resolution of 144 x 144 pixels. It provides high parallelism between image sensing, pre-processing and readout. It also performs FPN correction. Q-Eye ISP supports partial scanning allowing frame rates over 65,000fps at 144 x 10 pixels.

Product Name: ADvantageDE Version 8
Company: Applied Dynamics International

Version 8 of the ADvantage Framework includes the new Windows-based ADvantageDE simulation and test development environment (DE). The new version of ADvantageDE provides a single development environment for all ADvantage simulation and test targets:

Product Name: ADvantageVI
Company: Applied Dynamics International

ADvantageVI is the point of control and the graphical user interface for all of the run-time activities. The run-time architecture includes extensive features for interacting with, visualizing, and automating simulation and test activities.

Product Name: RC Springprobes™
Company: Ardent Concepts, Inc.

Ardent Concepts Contactors and Interconnect interfaces are based on our proprietary wire form contact, the RC Springprobe™. This new technology is capable of the highest loop through bandwidth of any metal, area array contact element available and is capable of pitches down to .4mm. The RC Springprobe™ is capable of contacting many package and board designs. Test socket designs for tight pitch area array and high-node count requirements are available, and we can help you to design and build your own using RC Springprobe™ technology.

Product Name: RF QFN Test Sockets
Company: Ardent Concepts, Inc.

With RC Spring Probe™ technology, Ardent Concepts has made a quantum leap in testing connectivity. The RC Spring Probe™ architecture is designed to accommodate a variety of applications and package types. Ardent contactors are designed for high-performance over extended cycles for QFN/MLF/DFN and other package types.

Product Name: ScanWorks® Boundary Scan Diagnostic & Repair
Company: Asset Intertech, Inc.

The ScanWorks Boundary Scan Diagnostic & Repair Station has been tailored for applications where the fast isolation of faults and the identification of their causes are of paramount importance. Failed printed circuit boards coming off a manufacturing line or faulty product returned by a customer could be routed to the manufacturer's repair facility.

Product Name: ScanWorks® Boundary Scan Manufacturing Station
Company: Asset Intertech, Inc.

The ScanWorks Boundary Scan Manufacturing Station, companies can ensure a higher level of quality for their products because boundary scan gives them test coverage where physical access is not an option. And the return on investment from ScanWorks is very rapid because boundary-scan tests and programming algorithms developed during research and development can be re-used in manufacturing with no alterations.

Company: Asset Intertech, Inc.

The ScanWorks® Boundary-Scan Programming software offers a complete set of tools for in-system programming (ISP) or in-system configuration (ISC). Programming routines can be developed quickly, saving money, time and resources. And the graphical interface on ScanWorks makes the development, debug and execution of programming routines intuitive and easy.

Company: Asset Intertech, Inc.

The ScanWorks® Boundary-Scan Test (BST) software is part of the ScanWorks Platform for Embedded Instruments. ScanWorks BST offers a complete set of 1149.x tools for debugging, testing, and programming your boards and systems. Model based development saves money, time, and resources. All ScanWorks® tests are GUI driven, allowing you to easily understand, develop, and debug your tests.

Product Name: ScanWorks® Interconnect JTAG Development Station Bundle
Company: Asset Intertech, Inc.

With the ScanWorks Interconnect Development Station you’ll be able to quickly and easily create JTAG or boundary-scan–based tests that verify your board has been assembled correctly. As with all ScanWorks products, the Interconnect Development Station is an easy-to-use, affordable tool that quickly solves your test problems now, but has the power to solve the most difficult test problems later when they arise.

Product Name: AS8506 Battery Stack Monitor/Balancer
Company: austriamicrosystems AG

The AS8506 Cell Monitor and Cell Balancer IC enables Autonomous cell balancing, Simultaneous cell voltage comparison and Simplified readout of cells all in a robust, simple and small solution.The AS8506 features simultaneous cell voltage comparison with upper and lower threshold, active- or optionally passive cell balancing by simultaneous comparison of actual cell voltages with a target cell voltage. Cells which are below target will either cyclically receive charge packages from an isolated DCDC converter or, optionally, cells above target will cyclically be discharged by an external ­resistor through integrated switches in an autonomous way. The device can flexibly be used for battery stacks of 3 up to 7 cells. Together with autonomous monitoring and balancing this significantly reduces data communication compared to existing solutions and improves EMC robustness.

Product Name: Beyond JTAG TAP (Test Access Port) Controller
Company: Beyond Semiconductor

The Beyond Test Access Port (TAP) Controller is a fully IEEE 1149.1-2001 compatible JTAG Test Access Port (TAP) Controller. It is used for development / debugging purposes (Boundary Scan, Memory BIST and Debugging) and is as such an interface between the Boundary Scan / Memory BIST / Beyond Debug Interface Controller (which connects to the Beyond processor(s) and Beyond peripheral interface cores) and external debugger / emulator testing device (commercial or Beyonds).

Product Name: VTU (VLSI Training Unit) Board
Company: BitMapper Integration Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

VTU board provides easy to use development platform, useful to physically verify DSP algorithms or simple digital designs around different FPGA/CPLDs.

Product Name: Encounter Test Architect
Company: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

With its power-aware, unified methodology for specifying, inserting, and verifying full-chip tests, Encounter Test Architect helps logic design teams minimize cost of test.

Product Name: Rhino
Company: CADopia Inc.

Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, or only an idea—Rhino provides the tools to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.

Product Name: Corelis’ ScanExpress
Company: Corelis, Inc.

Corelis’ ScanExpress software offers you a fully integrated development environment that includes Test Program Generation and Execution, In-System Programming, and productivity enhancing utilities.

Product Name: JTAG Analyzers
Company: Corelis, Inc.

Corelis bus analyzers and exercisers offer analysis, test, and debug capabilities for product development, system integration, and manufacturing of digital boards and systems.  All of our bus analyzers are PC-based and come with a Windows based software package.

Product Name: JTAG Testing
Company: Corelis, Inc.

The expertise gained by Corelis in 13 years of active participation in the boundary-scan (JTAG) market enables us to offer an unparalleled array of boundary-scan tools, training, and consulting services to thousands of our customers around the world.

Product Name: FIBEX-Viewer
Company: CRST GmbH

The FIBEX-Viewer is a software tool to display and show car data bases in FIBEX XML format (FIBEX Version 1.1.5, 1.2.0 and 2.0.0) graphically.

Product Name: Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ System
Company: Dialogic

The Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ System is an IP softswitch that provides a smooth migration path from existing TDM voice networks to the Next Generation Network/IP Multimedia Subsystem (NGN/IMS) by enabling the interconnection of a mix of traditional and IP-based voice networks. The ControlSwitch System is built around an advanced modular, programmable, distributed, highly scalable, and high availability architecture with open interfaces to media devices, application servers, and back-office systems.

Product Name: PXI XJLink2
Company: Embedded JTAG Toolsmiths

The PXI XJLink2 modules allow the integration of XJTAG into PXI-based test systems. PXI XJLink2 has one JTAG controller and PXI XJLink2 Duo has two JTAG controllers. Each controller has 4 TAPs, which are configurable for pinout and voltage. PXI XJLink2 modules are easily integrated with LabVIEW™ with a full set of Virtual Instruments (VIs) included.

Product Name: HFWorks
Company: EMWORKS

HFWorks is a fully 3-Dimensional field simulator for RF/Microwave and Wireless applications, based on the powerful finite element method. Currently, it is the only high frequency electromagnetic Add-in to SolidWorks®, the #1 CAD package.

Product Name: ES4001
Company: Esencia Technologies

The es4001 AES core implements the Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael Algorithm FIPS 197) encoder and decoder. The core encrypts and decrypts in blocks of 128 bits. It supports key length of 128, 192 and 256.   

Product Name: SoCDesigner
Company: Eureka Technology, Inc.

SoCDesigner is a free web-based interactive software that allows our customers to customize their SoC designs according to their exact specifications. The SoCDesigner software builds customized SoC by integrating pre-verified modules from our rich repertorie of silicon proven IP cores. Multiple options can be selected from each module to fit the requirements and each module can be enabled or disabled according to needs.

Product Name: onTAP Development
Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

The onTAP Development System includes all of the necessary JTAG software tools you need to develop and run comprehensive and reliable onTAP tests, delivering robust JTAG solutions. With over 2 dozen CAD netlist readers, a built-in netlist merge tool, and ProScan - the graphical boundary scan test debug environment - the onTAP Development system will speed up your project development time, and keep costs under control.

Product Name: onTAP Manufacturing (MTO)
Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

Designed specifically for manufacturing test environments, the onTAP Manufacturing Test Only (MTO) System is the ideal complement to the onTAP Development System.  The MTO restricts access to test development and test files, yet enables users to run any predeveloped onTAP boundary scan / JTAG tests, including memory cluster tests and Flash programming, when activated.

Product Name: onTAP ProScan
Company: Flynn Systems Corp.

ProScan is Flynn Systems’ proprietary, graphical debug environment that increases visibility to your JTAG tests.  ProScan is a standard feature on the Development and MTO systems. The diagnostic messages pinpoint failures, and direct you to the failing pins in the graphical screen.

Product Name: i.MX Applications Processors
Company: Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

Based on ARM® core technology and designed for use in smartphones, wireless PDAs, mobile entertainment and many other mobile wireless applications, Freescale's i.MX family is engineered to offer smart speed—low power consumption with MHz performance to spare, and a high degree of integration to reduce your design time significantly. Board support packages are available for a broad range of popular operating systems.

Product Name: PACSystems* RX7i Controller
Company: GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Inc.

Performance – Delivering on the Demands of Your Most Advanced Applications • Pentium® CPUs for your every need, from Celeron 300Mhz to M Class 1.8Ghz
• VME64 Backplane provides up to four times the bandwidth of existing Series 90*-70 systems
• 10/100 Ethernet built into the CPU, with easy cabling RJ-45 dual ports connected through an auto-sensing switch — no need for additional switches or hubs rack to rack
• Up to 64MB memory for fast execution, storage of the complete program with all documentation (including Excel, Word, PDF and DXF files) — all in one CPU

Product Name: GL9711
Company: Genesys Logic, Inc.

The GL9711 is a 1-lane PCI Express PHY Layer Controller, which is compliant with PCI Express Base Specification rev. 1.0a and Intel's PHY Interface for the PCI Express Architecture rev. 1.0. It integrates one SerDes and the Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) which performs 8b/10b encoding and decoding, elastic buffer and receiver detection, data serialization and deserialization. The SerDes in the GL9711 supports an effective serial interface speed (2.5 Gb/s) of data bandwidth, intended for use in ultrahigh-speed bi-directional data transmission system. The GL9711 can also be externally configured for various parallel bus width which is flexible and suitable for implementation.

Product Name: GigaTest 4040 Precision Probing Platform
Company: GigaTest Labs

The GTL4040 is a very popular system designed for single sided measurements on small and medium sized test boards as well as sockets, connectors and device packages.  

Product Name: GigaTest 4060 Large Area Probing Platform
Company: GigaTest Labs

The GTL4060 is similar in design to the GTL4040 but provides a larger test platform to accommodate medium to large size test boards but still offering the ability to work on smaller boards, sockets, connectors and sub-assemblies.  

Product Name: GigaTest 5050 Rotation Probing Platform
Company: GigaTest Labs

The GTL5050 was designed to address the difficult task of 2 sided probing. Instead of trying to probe with a board mounted vertically. The GTL5050 is constructed in such a way that it is actually 2 probe stations in one. A topside Probe station and a bottom side probe station with the unique ability to rotate the entire probe station 180 degrees allowing quick setup and pre-configuration of the probes and test structures on both the top and bottom. Bottom side adjustments are easily made using Joystick controlled motorized positioners.  

Product Name: GigaTest 9500 Custom Probing Platform
Company: GigaTest Labs

The GTL9500 is designed for those test applications requiring single sided probing on large or multiple test boards.  

Product Name: S7000 DVB-RCS2 Compliant Turbo Code Code Decoder Core
Company: iCODING Technology Incorporated

The S7000 Turbo Code decoder core is a high speed decoder capable of decoding the 16 state parallel concatenated convolutional  Turbo Code specified by the second-generation DVB-RCS2 standard. The decoder  uses multiple parallel MAP decoders to process 4-8 bits per clock cycle with a minimum amount of overhead per iteration.

Product Name: ClockExplorer
Company: ICScape Inc.

ClockExplorer is a comprehensive clock design environment which has major features: ClockAnalyzer is for clock structure analysis and constraint generation. Its functionalities include clock schematic creation, structure analysis, constraint verification, clock constraint generation, and design constraint merging.

Product Name: ICExplorer
Company: ICScape Inc.

ICExplorer is the desired design analysis and optimization platform. Its analysis is accurate and its optimization is vertical thus it provides high QOR

Product Name: RCExplorer
Company: ICScape Inc.

RCExplorer is a parasitic Extraction tool for Early-Stage and Post-Layout Simulation.Timing, signal integrity and power are becoming more challenging in multi-million gate designs, especially at 130nm node and below. RCExplorer can be a cell-level extraction tool for nanometer-scale standard cell designs. RCExplorer can also be transistor-level extraction with interface to 3rd part LVS tool, like Calibre.

Product Name: Eclipse™ Product Family
Company: Intellitech Corp

Intellitech’s Eclipse™ Family of Products is a Complete Solution for Design Debug, In-system Device Configuration and Automated Test Program Development for Complex PCBs and Systems. The Eclipse Family provides design and test engineers with a comprehensive set of tools that they can use to create, validate and apply 1149.1 (JTAG) based system configuration and test suites. All tests can be passed to SystemBIST for embedded test, to Teradyne ICT or to Intellitech manufacturing systems. The Eclipse family has an extensive line of ultra fast hardware and integrated software options for 1149.1 (JTAG) test and configuration.

Product Name: TEST-IP Family
Company: Intellitech Corp

The TEST-IP Family is patent-pending infrastructure Intellectual Property. The IP is embedded into a design to provide a scalable and unified configuration and test methodology, which enables design teams to produce high-quality self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products.

Product Name: JMF606
Company: JMicron Technology Corp.

JMF606 is a single chip, supports SATA III to NAND flash interface. It is native design to provide higher bandwidth for flash memory access. JMF606 can support the maximum read and write speed to drive the limit of flash memory. JMF606 has the best supporting to the latest NAND flash memory, including Toshiba 19nm and Micron 20nm Flash. It also provides the embedded hardware error correction code (ECC), wear leveling, and bad block management technology in this chip. In order to resolve compatibility issue, JMF606 provides the on line firmware upgrade ability.

Product Name: Quality Review
Company: LDRA

The LDRA tool suite automatically determines the complexity and density of your source code. LDRA goes beyond common complexity metrics to determine “essential complexity”, or the section of your code which requires refactoring.

Product Name: Test Verification
Company: LDRA

Test Verification can be used by the Unit Test component to provide coverage metrics for test cases that execute at various levels, including function/method, module/class and component/system levels.

Product Name: SATA (Serial ATA)
Company: LeCroy Corporation

Avalanche™ SATA Protocol Analyzer
The Avalanche SATA analyzer is LeCroy's next generation system that decodes 6Gbps, 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps Serial ATA (SATA) traffic. Avalanche runs the SATASuite™ application. Powerful post-processing reporting and search tools allow users to find errors and their causes very quickly.

Product Name: LPKF CircuitPro
Company: LPKF Laser & Electronics, North America

LPKF CircuitPro will import all data exchange formats, offers extensive editing options and controls the circuit board plotters. In addition the software produces stencils for solder resist masks and assembly prints. LPKF CircuitPro Lite is a simpler version of LPKF CircuitPro for entry level LPKF circuit board plotters.

Product Name: LED Displays
Company: LSI Logic Corporation

Avago Technologies offers a wide selection of LED Displays designed to meet a variety of applications and requirements. With our innovative LED Displays customers can choose products with rich color capabilities, low cost, standard brightness and high ambient light. 

Product Name: TestKompress
Company: Mentor Graphics

As process technologies migrate to sub- 100 nanometer, high quality test is a keyfactor for maintaining low defect rates. The TestKompress® product uses patented Embedded Deterministic Test (EDT™) technology to dramatically reduce the amount of test data required for today’s complex integrated circuits (ICs) while maintaining test quality. With up to a 100X reduction in test data volume and test time, compared to state-of-the-art scan and automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) methodologies, semiconductor manufacturers can dramatically increase the quantity and quality of tests they perform while controlling costs.

Product Name: IP-101 I2C
Company: Micro Computer Control Corporation

The IP-101 I2C Prototyping Board provides an excellent platform for experimenting with the I2C Bus and developing I2C circuits.

Product Name: FLCOS Microdisplays
Company: Micron Technology, Inc.

Based on proprietary FLCOS technology, our Displaytech microdisplay panels and modules offer the most compelling combination of clarity, brightness, and color fidelity for mobile display applications like camera viewfinders, heads-up displays, and pico projectors.

Product Name: MLDesigner
Company: MLDesign Technologies, Inc.

MLDesigner is an integrated platform for modelling and analyzing the architecture, function and performance of high level system designs - either as a standalone system or as a system operating in the context of larger systems and scenarios (i.e., missions).

Product Name: 10 Gigabit Ethernet 10GBase-R PCS Core
Company: MorethanIP

Initially, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) is used by network managers to provide high-speed, local backbone interconnection between large-capacity switches, as it enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Network Service Providers (NSPs) to create very high-speed links at a very low cost, between co-located, carrier-class switches and routers. Now, the technology also allows the construction of MANs and WANs, which connect geographically, dispersed LANs between campuses or points of presence (PoPs). These networks use dark fiber, dark wavelengths, or SONET (synchronous optical network) connections. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) provides compatibility with the installed OC-192 SONET rings for MAN and WAN.

Product Name: DIAdem
Company: National Instruments Corp.

National Instruments DIAdem is software for managing, analyzing, and reporting data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations. NI DIAdem is designed for quick access to large volumes of scattered data, consistent reporting, and data visualization. The DIAdem DataFinder, which is optimized for managing data from multiple sources and different formats, helps you correlate data based on its descriptive attributes - functionality previously reserved for only those with a customized data management system.

Product Name: NI LabVIEW
Company: National Instruments Corp.

NI LabVIEW graphical development has revolutionized the development of scalable test, measurement, and control applications. Regardless of experience, engineers and scientists can rapidly and cost-effectively interface with measurement and control hardware, analyze data, share results, and distribute systems.

Product Name: NI LabWindows™/CVI
Company: National Instruments Corp.

LabWindows/CVI is a proven ANSI C integrated development environment that provides engineers and scientists with a comprehensive set of programming tools for creating test and control applications. LabWindows/CVI combines the longevity and reusability of ANSI C with engineering-specific functionality designed for instrument control, data acquisition, analysis, and user interface development.

Product Name: NI Measurement Studio
Company: National Instruments Corp.

Measurement Studio is an integrated suite of classes and controls for test, measurement, and automation applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2005/.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 6.0. Measurement Studio dramatically reduces application development time by providing Windows Forms, Web Forms, and ActiveX user interface components designed for engineers, advanced scientific analysis, and data acquisition and instrument control assistants optimized for test.

Product Name: NI TestStand
Company: National Instruments Corp.

NI TestStand is a ready-to-run test management environment for automating your test and validation systems. NI TestStand is used to develop, manage and execute sequences, which integrate test modules written in any programming language, and specify sequence flow, reporting, database logging and connectivity to other enterprise systems. NI TestStand is designed to maximize test-code reuse through built-in language adapters and simplify maintenance by using a modular fully customizable test-system framework.

Product Name: System Test Access IEEE 1149 (JTAG)
Company: National Semiconductor

SCANSTA products provide support for a system or card-level IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) bus architecture. The JTAG mux is used for multiplexing and managing multiple JTAG chains, while the embedded master simplifies connecting the JTAG bus to a microprocessor bus.

Product Name: Bill of Material (BOM) Management
Company: Omnify Software

Managing the Bill of Material (BOM) is a key component in managing the definition of a product. An inaccurate or incomplete BOM can cause lost weeks in a schedule and result in wasted production runs.

Product Name: Luna® PCI 7000
Company: SafeNet, Inc.

Luna PCI 7000 is the fastest, most secure, cryptographic PCI accelerator card in the industry, and is widely used by major governments, financial institutions and large enterprises around the world. The PCI -X, and PCI express bus on Luna PCI 7000 easily plugs into the host computer and provides reliable protection for data, applications, and digital identities to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Product Name: Teraptor
Company: SANKHYA Technologies

Teraptor helps in creating the next generation of low power and high performance programmable application specific processors and systems. Teraptor can significantly improve productivity and bring scalability to product development processes. Realize business benefits within weeks of adding Teraptor to your strategy.

Product Name: LAVIS
Company: Shearwater, Inc.

The advent of sub-wavelength process has resulted in the growing tendency of ever larger LSI design data and a more complex design flow. Besides that, considering manufacturing process in design phase, DFM/RET is a demand to improve product quality and reduce time to market. Thus, a versatile standard layout platform that can be utilized throughout the design process is strongly desired.

Product Name: Tester to Tester
Company: Simutest Inc.

Semiconductor production test environment often needs to migrate test programs from one test system to another for capacity and/or obsolescence reasons. The T2T is a conversion program that converts existing test programs from one test system into the test language of the target test system.

Product Name: TP-Builder
Company: Simutest Inc.

The TP-Builder is a custom software framework for automating the process of development of complete test programs for the production test systems for a set of structured digital devices. The TP-builder framework integrates the vector conversion with the parametric DC tests thus creating standardized production test programs in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Product Name: DTS-CommunicationServer
Company: Softing AG

Diagnostics is often the only possibility of reading out ECU details in the Test, Manufacturing and Service areas.

Product Name: EDICblue
Company: Softing AG

Applications in all areas of ECU communication require efficient, easy-to-use and reasonably-priced interfaces to the vehicle electronics. Thanks to its Bluetooth® interface and the new compact housing concept with an integrated diagnostic connector, EDICblue is perfect for use in the Test Drive, Manufacturing and Service sectors.

Product Name: TestCASE1 – Test Automation Software
Company: Softing AG

This solution is used for the systematic and automatic testing of embedded systems in the automotive sector (ECUs, subsystems and vehicles), and helps you to design, realize, run and create intuitive test reports.

Product Name: TestCUBE – The ECU Simulation
Company: Softing AG

An ECU is required as a suitable counterpart to create test sequences as part of a test process. It is often the case that this counterpart is not yet available or no longer available when realizing development testers, with production systems and service testers.

Product Name: PVT+ Package
Company: Solido Design Automation Inc.

The Solido PVT+ package is a complete design debug and verification solution for corner-driven custom IC design. The package of applications provides everything designers need to quickly and comprehensively examine the whole PVT space, to extract the design-specific worst-case PVT corners, to identify PVT variation problems in the design, and to fix PVT variation problems effectively. PVT+ includes Fast PVT technology to minimize the number of simulations while accurately and comprehensively covering the full PVT space.

Product Name: SymTA/S ECU
Company: Symtavision GmbH

Electronic control units (ECUs) typically execute hundreds of software functions and tasks under the control of a real-time operating system (RTOS). Understanding worst-case timing under all relevant conditions is of paramount importance to detect performance bottlenecks, verify deadlines and other timing constraints, and to optimize ECU scheduling.

Product Name: DFT-PRO Plus
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

DFT-PRO Plus ™ offers an integrated DFT solution covering scan synthesis and ATPG, memory Built-In Self-Test (BIST) synthesis and boundaryscan (BSD) synthesis. The corresponding tools generate RTL blocks that fit seamlessly into an existing synthesis flow.

Product Name: TurboBIST-Logic
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

TurboBIST™ family of products from SynTest Technologies, Inc. includes tools for logic (TurboBIST™ - Logic) and memory (TurboBIST™ - Memory) (SRAM, ROM, DRAM and CAM) built-in self-test. These tools synthesize the BIST logic surrounding functional logic and memory blocks, inc

Product Name: TurboBIST-Memory
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

The TurboBIST-Memory family of products from SynTest Technologies, Inc., includes tools for adding highly efficient BIST structures to all types of embedded memories including SRAMs, ROMs, SDRAMs and CAMs.

Product Name: TurboBSD
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

TurboBSD is a high performance boundary scan design suite that makes boundary scan design a fast and straightforward process. It synthesizes boundary scan cells, the TAP controller and instruction registers.

Product Name: TurboCheck
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

SynTest offers two versions of TurboCheck – TurboCheck- RTL™ and TurboCheck-Gate™ – to support different levels of checking throughout the design cycle. With TurboCheck-RTL, designers can very quickly identify testability problems at the earliest stages of the design cycle, even before the often time-consuming logic synthesis process.

Product Name: TurboDFT
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

TurboDFT contains a suite of very useful and powerful DFT integration tools. TurboDFT allows users to automatically integrate and stitch DFT cores, whether they are created using DFT tools from SynTest or other vendors.

Product Name: TurboFault
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

TurboFault™ combines high performance, versatility and accuracy. It is highly competitive with hardware accelerators for classical test fault grading. It supports synchronous and asynchronous designs at the gate level, including tri-state gates, latches, flip-flops, single and multi-port RAMs, complex bus resolution functions, and User Defined Primitives (UDPs).

Product Name: VirtualScan
Company: SynTest Technologies, Inc.

VirtualScan™ is SynTest's solution to combat this increase in test data volume and test cycle volume. With VirtualScan™ an extremely large number of short scan chains within the SOC can be virtually accessed from outside the chip with a limited number of pins assigned as scan pins.

Product Name: Diatem Industrialization station
Company: TEMENTO Systems

DiaTem StudioTM is a cost effective manufacturing test platform dedicated to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) test in a production environment. DiaTem StudioTM is composed of 4 stations, the engineering station, the industrialization station, the production station and the repair and maintenance station.

Product Name: Tensilica Inc.
Company: TES Electronic System Solutions Ltd.

The TS-VCO-60 is a MMIC voltage controlled oscillator intended for use in 60 GHz applications. Differential 100 Ω outputs can directly drive the mixer, without the need for a balun. Wide Modulation Bandwidth of 1 GHz enables the use as a FM modulator. Power consumption of only 72 mW makes it an ideal candidate for battery operated devices. Electrical

Product Name: Digital Virtual Tester
Company: Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (TSSI)

Now you don’t have to wait for the physical device to start testing. DVT harnesses the power of electronic design simulation using powerful software models of the target tester. Design and test engineers can verify the test database with the design model in the simulation environment at their workstation

Product Name: Test Development Series
Company: Test Systems Strategies, Inc. (TSSI)

Built on a legacy of success, TDS significantly reduces engineering time and costs by generating test programs from popular simulator and ATPG/scan tool outputs. That’s why TDS is the tool of choice for semiconductor testing and used by more than 400 of the world’s top electronics firms.

Product Name: RFID Systems
Company: Texas Instruments Inc.

TI is the world's largest integrated supplier in radio frequency identification (RFID), with over 500 million TI-RFid tags, smart labels, and RFID readers manufactured for use in asset tracking, contactless payments and secure ID applications.

Product Name: Wind River Test Management
Company: Tilcon Software (acquired by Wind River)

As device software complexity grows and test cycles shrink, the risk of untested code resulting in defects in the field increases every day.

Product Name: LDPC decoder for 802.11ac/n
Company: TurboBest

The IEEE 802.11ac/n LDPC Decoder Core performs iterative decoding of channel data that has been encoded as described in the IEEE Std 802.11ac and 802.11n standard.

Product Name: AVOProbe
Company: Unique ICs

AVOProbe is a specialized full functional postprocessor for viewing and processing simulation results. With AVOProbe it is very convenient to analyze simulation results, it has friendly interface.

Product Name: vPlan
Company: Valor Computerized Systems, Ltd.(acquired by Mentor Graphics)

vPlan is Valor's next-generation, enterprise-level process engineering solution for electronics assembly. Aimed at manufacturers needing to reduce costs and gain more capacity from current assets, Valor delivers a revolutionary solution for synchronized process engineering in an easy to use package. With vPlan, electronics companies can achieve a quantum leap in efficiency and productivity for their PCB assembly operations, in today’s highly dynamic manufacturing environment.

Product Name: VectorCAST/Ada
Company: Vector Software, Inc.

VectorCAST/Ada is an integrated software test solution that significantly reduces the time, effort, and cost associated with testing Ada software components necessary for validating safety- and mission-critical embedded systems.

Product Name: VectorCAST/Cover
Company: Vector Software, Inc.

VectorCAST/Cover allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your test efforts by identifying which areas of an application were exercised during a test run. VectorCAST/Cover provides a convenient way to analyze the completeness of your system tests, ensuring that applications are not released with untested code. VectorCAST/Cover allows you to analyze any portion of your application, or the entire application at once.

Product Name: VS1000 Developer Board
Company: VLSI Solution Oy

VS1000 Developer Board is an application developing board for VS1000. It features all necessary hardware for writing and testing software on VS1000. The board has headphone, USB and serial port connectors. The board also features an OLED display, a prototyping area and pinheader for measurements and interfacing other boards.

Product Name: XJDeveloper
Company: XJTAG

XJDeveloper is a graphical application that allows you to quickly and easily set up and run tests on your circuit. With XJDeveloper you can reduce your time to market by reusing your test scripts all the way through the product design process and then in manufacturing.

Product Name: XJRunner
Company: XJTAG

XJRunner is the specialised run-time environment for executing XJEase tests. With a range of special features it is particularly aimed at board manufacturers and in-field testing.

Product Name: faultRobust

It provides a set of IPs, tools and methodologies for the detection and correction of faults affecting the different parts of the electronic equipment or SOC. Each fRIP can be stand-alone, protecting a particular component such as CPU, memory system and peripherals, or it can be combined with other fRIPs for a complete solution.

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